How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 2

The Naked Truth

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 19, 2011 on CBS

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  • Xcvbb

  • a glitch

    there's a glitch in this episode.. when marshall first gets his BEERCULES in the "Other Views" tab on the right side of the screen u can c 2 videos which were actually supposed to be added until marshal goes to Pete Durkenson to talk him into removing the first videos!

    apart from this.. awesome episode!! HIMYM rocks \m/
  • Some great moment, and some not so great moments.

    Well I did really enjoy Barney's storyline when it came to Nora. I was definitely impressed by that storyline, and that was my favourite part of thi s episode.

    Robin was also quite great in this episode! She was definitely really funny!

    As for Ted, the two dats thing was absolutely tragic. Dreadful storyline, and I can't believe that they acan't come up with something better.

    Also , Marshall's storylinew was not very creative. It was funny, yes, but not particularly great.

    Lily's two comments: "Well that could be anyone" were priceless! I haven't LLOLed that much in a while! Hilarious stuff!
  • The Return of Cupcakes! (Spoilers)


    Ok, this episode started off just ok for me. I was expecting it to be a conclusion to the previous episode, but it wasn't.

    Ted was trying to jump back into the dating scene, which i wasn't aware he had left, but what do I know. So by doing this he meets 2 women and begins dating them both, but he soon struggles to choose which one to take to the Architects Ball. He decides to take Robin, and while there runs into Victoria from season 1.

    I was so excited when I saw her. She and him were perfect together and they were always the couple i thought should have worked out. I know this wasn't really a review just a recap of how happy i am shes back!

  • I didn't think it could be better than the premiere episode but it is. The cast and crew are on a roll this season and now after watching this episode i expect much more.


    This episode started the day after the wedding and Marshall was hungover. This episode has three main things Ted dating again, Marshall having a problem he needs to fix before his new boss sees it and doesnt give him the job, and Barney trying to get a date with Nora and while he is at it reveals all his lies that got girls sleeping with him all these year (all of them were funny but some of them cannot be believed). One of the funniest things was a gave called Edwardfortyhands and i really wanted to know how to win and lose in this game because it looks fun so much fun please writers just tell us please. This episode deserves a 20 out of 10 but 10 is the height thing in this site so its a shame icannotput a 20 here.

  • Just a Note I think !!! U should read it !!!


    I think Barney is Marryin' Robin !! And I happen to believe that for a certain reason which is :At the end of the 1st part of the premiere we see lilly callin' ted cuz the bride needs him so unless Ted became really good friends with Nora she Would probably call someone else that's why I'm sure that Barney is marrying Robin !!! If u agree just like this note !!! xoxo !!!

  • A review of both episodes. First Part - 10/10 Second Part - 8-10 Final Result 9/10


    Fantastic Premiere! Loved everything, it felt so different and nice to have the cast at a wedding rather than sitting in the McLaren pub booth. Colours Props everything!


    -Damn Barney for answering his phone after the dance, tore me apart!

    -So hard not to be happy for Marshall and Lilly such a heartwarming story.

    -I loved the Finland reference for Ted crying, so funny.

    -Robin Scherbacksy! (wish i knew how to spell her last name)

    Negatives: none

    Second Episode.

    Very slow episode but picked up towards the end, and the Victoria surprise was really special; i think she was the best character to introduce back to the show - other than Stan from that text messaging episode in season 4 haha!

    Anyways i found the Barney plot with Nora really funny -

    "i got bitten by apoisonoussnake, please suck the poison out"


    "i got bitten by apoisonous moon snake, please suck the moon poison out


    I love Marshall's new boss!

    Negative: The Bercurles part and Marshalls freind - Peter i think; very boring plot, just made me cringe and let down the episode hence only an 8.

    Welcome back Victoria

    PLLLLLLLLLLEASEEE BARNEY tell me Robin is the 'right tie' for you. AMAZING DANCE SCENE

  • 701/702


    Decided to review both episodes of How I Met Your Mother here in this episode, only because there are a lot of things to talk about and I would like to talk about all of those things in this one review. The hinting of Barney & Robin was great, especially that well-choreographed dance.

    The return of Victoria was fantastic and really unexpected. Now I'm sure everyone will complain about this saying: "we know she's not the mother, so why bother?" but I really enjoyed her stay on How I Met Your Mother, and will have to say she was one of Ted's best girlfriends.

    Nora was good, but I suspect everyone will hate her because everyone wants Barney & Robin together, but Nora just has this charm about her and either couple, I would be fine with, to be honest. Lilly announcing her pregnancy was another big stepping stone. I have a feeling I'm really going to enjoy this season.

  • Amazing episode (spoilers!).


    I actually held my breath when Robin and Barney just finished dancing and Robin said "Barney, I...". And I almost threw the computer on the floor when he answered the damn phone!
    I can't wait until the next episode, hopefully Barney will understand that Robin is the one.

    Btw, I'm so happy for Lily and Marshall! Finally things are working out for them.