How I Met Your Mother

Season 6 Episode 22

The Perfect Cocktail

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 02, 2011 on CBS

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  • What Drink are you?

    Even before Ted wanted to meet a women who would be his wife, he wanted to contribute the the skyline of New York. When he finally has a chance after many trial and error he needs to have an old building (The Arcadian). Initially he doesn't want to (after meeting Zoey) but goes through it after he realizes she is married. When they get together (after Zoey divorces The Captain) they are still on the same side about the building. To avoid any conflict they simply don't talk about it. Similar to Barney and Robin and Marshall and Lilly in season 1 before they broke up. To make things better or worse Ted takes Zoey to the Arcadian to try to get her to stop the protest but if she stays Ted will help her. It's too risky for Ted. I have said this before but why didn't Ted use the original design he came up with?

    After leaving GNB, Marshall wanting to make things right and also to have a job agrees to help Zoey. This causes a huge rift in the relationship between Barney and Marshall. Lilly and Robin try to mediate this with alcohol. This storyline would've been better if I wasn't straight edge. At the same time I realize that alcohol has an effect on people. The different effects that each kind of drink has on not only the guys but the girls as well is pretty amusing.

    Looking back this was not my favorite episode but it was something I still enjoyed.
  • The return of the cockamouse.


    "The Perfect Cocktail" is a great How I Met Your Mother episode. It was so much better than "Hopeless". Ted and Zoey were started to get annoying previously to this episode, but I really loved them in this episode. I love how they stopped fighting when Zoey revealed that the Arcadian means more to her than just being an old building. I love the return of cockamouse! It was so funny with Robin and Lily giving Barney and Marshall drinks to try and get them to make up. I give this episode a 8.5/10.

  • funny episode

    i understand what all are saying but i did think this episode was funny, love the lily and robin they do work together, i found it funny that once again that lily refers to wanting robin in a sexual way(she make referance to this in all the seasons), but yes overall good, i do think that marshall and barneys fall out was funny and also the fact that they get drunk and there are differant emotions then at the end it made no differance as they drank beer and that made the begining of the night point less x xxxxx
  • Basically a pointless episode, in all honesty.

    This episode quite frankly served no purpose whatsoever, in terms of the developing storyline. The whole thing with the 7000 different varieties of drinks was quite purposefless and I didn't see any point of it.

    There were a few funny scenes, but they were outnumbered by much less enjoyable moments. The whole episode was quite dull, and both storylines that we witnessesd were not particularly significant or interesting.

    I definitely think you can go with out watching this one. I dont' recommend, this episode, but for big HIMYM fans, it might be sorta OK. I'm expecting much more next week. Hopefully the last two episodes of this season will be better.
  • The Perfect Cocktail...

    This week's How I Met Your Mother continued the theme of adding little in the way of progressive story whilst remaining thoroughly unfunny. "The Perfect Cocktail" essentially revolves around the guy's stance on the demolition of The Arcadian, whilst the girls talk about the the varying reactions that the group members have to alcohol in all its forms.

    When Marshall is rejected in an interview for an environmental law firm job, he takes to helping Zoey protect The Arcadian from destruction. Barney, angered by this betrayal, begins an all out war between himself and Marshall of escalating pranks. Meanwhile, Robin and Lilly have to deal with a girl at the bar who wants to steal their seating booth. After they're all kicked out of the bar, the girls begin their drinking revelations when trying to decide which alcoholic beverage to give to the guys to get them to reconcile.There is essentially a series of cut in scenes for several minutes in which we get to see the varying reactions of everyone to their vices, providing the only real funny moments in the episode (Ted beat-boxing was particularly entertaining). Ted and Zoey then head off for a romantic getaway when, breaking their rule about not talking about it, Ted snaps and demands a resolution to The Arcadian problem once and for all. Taking Zoey to the run down hotel and proposing a challenge; that if she can last one night in the infested hell-hole, he will join her fight to save it; Ted learns the real reason behind his girlfriend's ambition to save the building. Having lived in the hotel many years before, Zoey wants to hold on to that part of her childhood by keeping the building standing. When exchanging I love you's, the couple are then interrupted by a throwback all the way to season one of the show; the Cockamouse. A fairly neat addition to the episode for a long time fan of the show, but a random one at that. Ultimately, even though they leave before the night is through, Ted joins with Zoey whilst Barney and Marshall continue their feud after an alcohol fueled evening.

    As I said before, "The Perfect Cocktail" was essentially just an episode for episode's sake. Whilst, yes, there was some form of progression with Ted siding with Zoey's cause after all this time, the backwards step that Marshall has taken in basically remaining unemployed made the episode just a bit redundant in the long-term arc of the show. It was fine for twenty minutes of mindless viewing, but nothing more than that.
  • 622

    And we're back to season 5 mediocrity. How long are they going to drag out this Arcadian story line? We've had this hanging over our heads for what... an entire season? And yet it's still not over.

    The past couple of episodes have just seemed all too familiar what with Ted & Zoey arguing over the same thing time and time again. I did manage to laugh a few times, but other than that, this episode didn't have much too offer.

    I liked the Cockamouse reference. And even though Robin & Lilly's actions were a little far-fetched, I liked knowing what drink affected everyone and how. There some jokes though that just fell flat though: from the beat box thing to the very weak cold opening. Just an average episode of HIMYM.