How I Met Your Mother

Season 5 Episode 14

The Perfect Week

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 2010 on CBS

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  • Far from perfect, but still quite enjoyable

    There were some good ideas in the script of this episode like Jim Nantz interviewing Barney as the whole concept for the episode, but most of it was done not that well. The "Cook Pu" jokes really started to annoy me after a while and they focused on the same toothbrush thing too much. There were some cool parts in it and most of the jokes were quite good, but they can do better. I liked the concept more than in some of the earlier episodes of this season and it's surely no bad episode, but with this nice idea of sleeping with 7 women in 7 days without getting rejected once they totally could have made more out of it.
  • Perfect episode

    No. Far from it but better then the last few. Everyone has different ways of dealing with stress. Even Barney does stress. No it wasn't about a women but it did have a factor. Barney's way is imagining that Jim Nantz is interviewing him. As he has done with football his work was incredible. He was himself and that's he needed to be. Barney's way of dealing with stress is not surprising considering who he thinks his father is. But it's still funny. It turns out that Barney is stressed due to him possibility of losing his job. He attempts a perfect week where he gets one girl in each day without rejection. On anyone else, it would be a little sick even weird but Barney makes it work. I do kind of wish in the past when he attempted it, you would've seen something from the playbook. His miscues on previous attempts was amusing. On a side note I wonder if any guy has attempted this or even been successful. But back to the episode. Barney's attempt had others cheering him on. The Cook Pu (here) never got old. It was right up there with Swarley. Another complaint about this episode you never saw Robin's guy. Based on his description he seems a cross between the naked man guy, that science fiction guy from season 1 and Captain Sweatpants from Big Bang Theory. Also why did Robin want him to cal. Still suffering from a guy. Barney? Don? Somewhat surprising Lilly doesn't put the stop she usually would for Barney. It does help that Barney could've lost his job and she does care for him. When she does realize how important this is to him, she does help Barney with girl number 7. Marshall's announcer voice and his Phil Ruzzuto were nice. The couples story with Lilly and Marshall had it's moments and showed how far they were at making couple friends although they should've done it sooner. Sharing a toothbrush was funny but sick. Nick Swisher did his best but baseball is more his game. I also liked how Robin would be if a Vancouver Canuk walked in the bar.

    So yes Barney was successful. Considering how Barney is at getting women his success at the perfect week was a tad surprising. (Intervention episode from season 4) It was funny when future Ted asked if he was a bad dad to this kids. The only other complaint that it had a bit of the season 5 stunk. However it was nice see an episode focused on Barney.
  • Barney attempts a "perfect week".


    "Perfect Week" is an awesome How I Met Your Mother episode. I love the beginning of this episode and Barney is being interviewed, but it's really part of his imagination. I love how he's explaining his attempt at a "perfect week". I love how the rest of the gang are having a terrible week. Robin went on a bad date and feels hurt that he didn't call her back. Ted thinking "Cook Pu" was a fake name was such a sad plot. Marshall and Lily freak out another couple when they find out Lily and Marshall use the same tooth brush. I love when we find out that both Ted and Robin have used that same tooth brush. Anyways, I love how Barney is really nervous that he might lose his job, so it's getting harder and harder for him to have a "perfect week". I love how Barney gets his perfect week and that he gets to keep his job. I give this episode a 10/10.

  • Interesting concept,... poorly done!

    I loved the idea of BVarney's 'Perfect Week'! It was a great concept for an episode of HIMYM, so that was this episode's biggest plus side!

    Nextly, I thought that they executed this stryline quite poorly. They didn't make it as interesting s they could have, because they focussed more on the other characters and not enough on Barney's goal. It was nice to see, but a bit too much of the others, in my opinion.

    Oerall, it was quite funny so I would recommend it, but it doesn't shape up well against most episodes in the past. Still, ana amazing show, and I can't wait until I see some more episodes!
  • To cover the fact that he might be getting fired, Barney goes for a Perfect Week (bedding seven women in seven nights). Everyone else witnesses this and comments while Barney runs a replayed version with Jim Nance in his mind. Very clever premise!

    A pretty entertaining episode even though they always seem to get a little carried away. "Perfect Week!" "Perfect Game!" I guess baseball season is coming and the plots will be flying along those lines. The sports bits were really thick here. Jim Nance, Nick Swisher, The Yankees, The Vancouver Canucks, baseball, and hockey. That line from Robin about her panties and hockey was funny. Then Swisher saying the bit about baseballs great, but what about hockey! Robin, "I live just upstairs!"

    Cook Pu! Really... Boy Ted really blew that one up, didn't he. Not just once, but a number of times. Also Robin's date went from being a dud to being her dream man in the space of seven days just because he didn't call her. Those of you in the dating world take note. Finally, the toothbrush bit! Yuck... Marshall, Lily, Ted, and Robin were all using the same toothbrush for quite a while! So Barney has a "perfect week" and doesn't get fired after all. The firing was such an after thought anyways. Entertaining and funny in places. I think they need to do another teaching themed episode so we can finally meet Ted's wife to be. It may be time. Thanks for reading...
  • The perfect episode.

    I didn't think this episode was much in the beginning but the angle they took with this episode was simply amazing. Barney is nervous about something so he imagines a sports caster interviewing him on the last week he had, and hilarity ensues. It's in a baseball game format when Barney bets he can sleep with 7 girls in seven days, no rejections or he has to start over. Meanwhile Lilly finds out that he might be getting fired which is why he's doing what he's doing. Marshall and Lilly think they have found the perfect couple until they reveal something a bit disturbing about themselves. They share a toothbrush, which becomes a running gag in the episode especially when they realize that Ted used the toothbrush as well, and Robin used it frequently when she was dating Ted. Robin goes on a date with a guy named Dale, who is a total nerd and she is planning to reject him when he calls, until he doesn't end up calling which is making her want him more & more. Ted has a student that he accidentally made fun of named Cook Poo, it all leads down to Cook Poo dropping out of his classroom, and that's the firs student that's ever dropped his class. The group makes fun of her name throughout the whole episode every time Cook Poo is mentioned. The group making fun of the name got old real fast, but the end made up for it, when Ted accidentally makes fun of her name again while she is at the bar. I love how this episode all revolved the sports caster, someone in Barney's imagination. And it all revolves around Barney's job being on the line. The group keeps jinxing Barney's chances with his last night with his seventh girl, in the end, they all work together to get Barney his 7th girl. He ends up getting her in the end, and Marshall makes "The Perfect Week" hats. In the end, Barney doesn't get fired. Development? No. Hilarity? Yes. A hysterical episode, all plots shined.