How I Met Your Mother

Season 1 Episode 10

The Pineapple Incident

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 28, 2005 on CBS

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  • One of the best sitcom episodes ever

    Drunk episodes are very common in a lot of sitcoms, and it's not hard to see why. However most are carbon copies of each other where the drunken character goes through a myriad of hilarious situations told in past tense the next day piecing together what he had done.

    In the hands of the brilliant writing crew of How I Met Your Mother it's rejuvenated.

    The beginning sets up some small tidbit set ups that'll be used later on, such as Carl being a vampire and the girl that Barney tried getting at whose number he got.

    Ted's night starts unfolding as each new character, originally believing to have tucked him in at night, finds out later that he managed to make his way back to the bar. This had done a great job of revealing some fabrications of some characters, like Barney who faked the number to prove his point.

    And one by one we see the set ups ignite like fireworks on the fourth of July while replanting new ones. Like Ted presumably calling Robin to go back to his place, and then finding out it's another girl instead.

    The premise behind the episode, not thinking, was utilized greatly here and portrayed nicely. He drank a crap load of shots and it earned him an easy lay, and it's the first time he's ever admitted his feelings for Robin since the pilot.

    Simply the best How I Met Your Mother episode yet.
  • One of the best episodes of the series!

    That's how comedy should be! A good joke about every 20 seconds (no kidding!), great acting (especially "drunk" Josh Radnor), and some really rememberable moments. The pineapple and vampire running gags were awesome and bartender Carl had also a hilarious minor role. Actually, this episode is better than the already excellent pilot - there's just one teenie-weenie flaw: Robin's date with a hundred-millionaire? That was somehow unfitting, but nevertheless I see this episode as one of the all-time best of How I Met Your Mother.
  • Amazing

    Absolutely one of the best episodes ever. Everybody was awesome. Obviously Ted was in this episode the best.
  • Pineapple

    How I Met Your Mother has many mysteries (like who is the mother) and this episode was one of them. It's one of my favorites and think there is a connection to the mother. (more on this later) Even though at this point the relationship between Ted and Robin was dead, I think this episode rekindled that. I liked the role of Trudy. (She played Winnie in Wonder Years) I really liked how this episode was set up. When you think it's one thing. it ends being another. When future Ted was explaining what happened, it's a common theme that happens in the show, Ted not remembering what happened over 20 years ago. Drunk Ted is funny (vomit free since 93).

    Speaking of the pineapple, I think somehow, someway the mother gave it to Ted but since he was drunk, and no one told him, he didn't remember.
  • Ted gets drunk.

    Those are the three words that best describes this episode. In an episode that is similar the movie "The Hangover"; except made prior to the film, Ted asks for help trying to figure out what happened last night. This is after he wakes up with a sprained ankle, a burned jacket, a girl in his bed, and a random pineapple on his nightstand. The sprained ankle comes from him falling off a table at the bar. Barney deliberately burns his jacket. The girl in his bed, the gang suspects at first, is Robin, but they later figure out it's just a random girl from the bar named Trudy. And the pineapple, well... they never figure out where that came from, but apparently it was delicious. Plenty of other things happen like Ted calling Robin multiple times, who went out on a date that night. He also is disappointed to hear he puked, which ends his "vomit-free since '93" streak, until Trudy reassures him that he in fact did not throw up. He's pleased with that at least. In the end, he wants to make Robin jealous by showing Tracy but she escapes out the fire exit. Robin thinks Ted's just hallucinating but in the end it comes out to be one of my favorite episodes of Season 1. I'm sure many others share the same opinion as well.
  • Ted wakes up to a girl beside him and a pineapple on the nightstand

    "The Pineapple Incident" is a great How I Met Your Mother episode. I love how Ted wakes up to girl beside him and he has no idea who she's is. So the gang tries to trace back the story of how she ended up there. I love drunk Ted. He's so much fun. I love his karaoke. I love how everyone thinks Robin is in his bed, but then Robin calls, which means she's not in the bed. I love how Trudy wakes up and explains her side of the story and then escape through the fire escape. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • Awesome.

    After Ted overdoes it during a night out on the town, his friends help him to put together the pieces of his antics the next morning. With the encouragement of his friends, Ted decides to let his hair down for a change and ends up having a fun and adventure-filled evening. However, now the problem is that he can't quite recall everything that transpired over the course of the evening and now he must rely on his friends to fill him in on the night's misadventures. I love this show it's just too Awesome. I love the scene at the start, I love the way they think the bartender is a vampire. I love the way Barney is so forward, 'are you going to put out'. I love the way Barney and Ted, hilarious, there scenes are always the best. I love the way Barney, Lily and Marshall are saying 'drink, drink, drink', Hilarious. I love the whole storyline, the way they have to tell Ted what happened. Drunk Ted is hilarious! I love the phone conversation with Ted and Robin. Ted is hilarious, singing to Robin. Wow. Barney is hot in that tub. I love the way Ted comes back to Barney. I love the way everyone is shocked about somebody is in Ted's bed. I love the scene with the phone conversation with Carl, talking about what happened to him. Ted goes back to the bar again. I love the way Ted is the whole way through the episode. I love the way the girl in teh bed is Robin, and Barney wants a high five, hilarious. The fact that it's not even Robin. I love the way Marshall wants to know about the pineapple. I love the scene with Ted and Robin. I love the ending.
  • Ted gets loaded!

    Best episode ever. Drunk Ted is so funny, not that regular Ted isn't funny but drunk Ted is hilarious. He has so many great lines. for example "I'm glad that someone appreciates the fact that I am doing and not thinking, now I don't think I won't not go to the bathroom." "How easy do you think it would be to sneak into the zoo? I need to see some penguins like right now." "hello Robin its Ted. Hi Ted. Hello Robin its Ted." so funny. I also love Marshall's obsession with the pineaple, "dammit Trudy what about the pineaple! My favorite episode of the series
  • this is most likely my favorite episode of the first season, this is by far the funniest of the first season

    this is most likely my favorite episode of the first season, this is by far the funniest of the first season. It shows no originality in the fact that Ted get drunk, but he wakes up with a pineapple, that shows the most originality thought up so far. Everything in this episode goes together, either from Robin getting a rich date to Ted singing Cheap Trick's "voices" this is an episode that will always show me why How I Met Your Mother is my favorite show that will ever hit sitcom prime time television, now I'm going to go watch this episode and laugh at everything i have already laughed at, because it is still funny
  • The best episode in the series.

    Ha! This episode was pretty random (What's with the pineapple?!), but really fun and overall a brilliant episode.

    After getting totally (and hileriously) drunk at the bar, Ted wakes up the next morning with a mysterious woman in his bed. With abosolutely no recollection of the night before, he relies on his friends to help him discover exactly what happened during his many visits to the bar the night before. This was the first time the show really experimented with the fast-paced style of cross-cutting and telling the story in fragmented chunks which has become a staple of the show, especially in the second series.

    More episodes like this please!
  • The pineapple incident... Mystery remains unsolved..

    Robin: (Shaking pineapple's leaf) Hi Trudy, nice to meet you. (Turning to Ted), you're right...she is shy. Carl the Bartender: (to Lily and Marshall) If he pukes, you're cleaning it up.
    Ted: I haven't puked since high school. I'm vomit-free since '93! Ted: You lit me on FIRE!? (to Barney who lit Ted's coat on fire for calling Robin again)

    Robin: He's a hundred millionaire! Why do you always round up? Lily: I think my soul just threw up a little bit. What an excellent episode! From the beginning to the end, I enjoyed it very much! How the missing memories came back was great. Ted gets drunk and finishes the night with a pineapple next to his bed.Ted calls Robin and sings to her on the phone and he keeps calling her all night, so Barney lits him on fire. Later Ted snucks out of his bed again, asks Carl if he is a vampire:D, and gets the number of a girl named Trudy. He calls her by mistake, while he tries to call Robin and they sleep together. But in the end, all Ted has is the mysterious pineapple and his friends to eat it with.
  • Unique, but true to form.

    For anyone who has ever been embarrassed by alcohol, "The Pineapple Incident" (most likely coined by Marshall) is positively nerve-wracking and embarrassing to watch, but it's another great example of how this series captures the lives of a group of friends like this one. The unusual storytelling (that Ted actually recalls very little of the evening) allows the plot to play out in a unique way that still manages to be exemplary of the series. Plus, it was great to see Ted live a little--and his antics are delightfully true to life. I only wish we had been given at least a clue about the pineapple....
  • I was laughing so hard, I was crying.

    This episode is so creative in the timing and writing. After seeing episode after episode of Ted over thinking every situation, it was awesome to see drunk Ted, and the repercussions. As usual Barnie, Lily, and Marshall was at the top of their game. Favorite Quotes:
    Barney: "It's like what is he going to do next? I don't know but I want to find out"

    Marshall: Ted you do tend to over think, maybe you should over drink"

    Ted: "Robin, did I ever tell you that I am vomit free since '93?"
    Robin: Well I am on a, wow did you say since '93. That is impressive"
    Ted: "Robin you are a great woman, and a great reporter. You should be on 60 minutes. You should be one of the minutes!"
  • Drunk Ted.

    Oh my gosh, HIMYM is getting better by the episode. This episode definitely did have a bit of a weak start, and I guess I got my wish: The writers aren't focusing so much on Ted's love life. SO they can focus on amazing plots like these. This reminded me of The Hangover, the situations are identical. Ted turns his brain off for a night and takes 5 shots, he ends up getting drunk. He wakes up the next episode with a pineapple, a sprained ankle, and a girl in his bed. Again, like I said before, this show has an amazing talent at tying there plots together like bows. We learn what happened to Ted, person by person, scene by scene. The journey there was hysterical, counting on the fact that this was probably one of the funniest episodes I have seen. Even with all the comedy and craziness, the writers managed to squeeze in a plot about Robin/Ted, and it looks like Ted is having problems moving on from robin, since he drunk dialed her many times, I liked how Robin felt the need to confront the situation for what it is, head on. I felt kind of bad for Trudy though, the girl Ted really slept with. An amazing hilarious episode.
  • A little cliche, but a good episode!

    The concept behind this episode was not a very unique and innovative one, but it was well-executed. Many shjows have had the character 'wake up' with a random stranger after a night they don't remember, but 'How I Met Your Mother' made this concept its own.

    The episode was very funny, and I found myself laughing right throughout it. Neil Partrick Harris was as sensational as ever, and I really enjoyed that!

    Definitely a great episode, and I think that the early stages of this show have been amazing! Keep it up, How I Met Your Mother, and I look forward to more fascinating shows in the future!
  • The first classic episode of the series!

    There is no doubt in my mind that this will go down as a series classic and a sitcom classic in general. Just when you think How I Met Your Mother can’t possibly get any funnier it pulls out yet another stop and does just that. In what is one of the most praised episodes of the series to this point, Ted get very drunk which causes him to act out of character. As we slowly learn the details of his drunken evening we are met with great jokes and many laughs along the way. In the end some small progress is made in Ted and Robin’s relationship, but nothing significant. This episode is so well acted and written that it is a must-see for any fan of comedy. Check this out, you will not regret it. Highly recommended.
  • What can be said about "The Pineapple Incident"? Read my review.

    This episode is brilliant. Its told backwards in sequence like quite a few episodes are. The best part is not only that each character adds a bit more to the story, its that each part they add is just as hilarious as the part before it. Drunk Ted is so much fun to watch, and his interaction with Barney is priceless. I really enjoy seeing the character of Carl being fleshed out a bit more, and Marshall's vampire theory is one of the best things to come out of this series. The only complaint I have about this episode is that it confirms we'll never see Trudy again, and I quite liked her. This is my favorite episode, and thats hard to pick, because this show is golden.
  • Barney makes Ted do shots, and Ted ends up getting drunk... need I say more?

    This is probably the best episode of all the series, well, for all I know. It has Ted bragging about his "super brain", but is proved not-so-super after five shots and gets drunk, and when Ted wakes up in the morning and finds a pineapple and a woman in his bed (with no idea how they got there), I couldn't have laughed more! If there was a classification for "histerical", you'd see that one posted. As a well-written comedy, the story also blinds in with mystery and the act of stupidity. The episode also shows each main character with a story of their own, like Barney's "shots theory", Marshall's believing of of the bartender being a vampire, as well as the first main role of Carl, the bartender.
  • A Night with drunk Ted could not be better.

    This is definitely my favorite episode of the series. It was hilarious from beginning to end. Ted's drunken escapade was one for the ages. Just could not be any better. I love how the girl who played Winnie Cooper from the Wonder Years was in it also. The way the story moved along being told from different points of view was just great. The pineapple really just sealed it for me. It was hilarious how Marshall just obsessed over it. And Barney sleeping in the tub? Just vintage Barney. And of course my favorite line, "I drank all five b*tch."
  • dude, its a classic!

    "Dammit Trudy, what about the pineapple?"

    I honestly love this episode! Ted wakes with a killer hangover and no memory of the night before, including why there is a woman lying next to him. As his friends show up they each fill in a piece of the puzzle...who is the woman? how did he get like this? and everyones (or at least Marshall's) burning question, whats up with the pineapple? This episode is completely unpredictable (like the rest of the shows), but totally worth it.
    This episode also has many quotable lines, such as Ted's memorable slogan "Vomit free since '93".
  • AMAZING!!!

    This episode is a great example of a night on the town that everyone wants to have. I know that as soon as I get the chance I'm \\\"shutting down this super-brain\\\" in a bar with my buddies and I hope the stories I have are half as amazing as that one. Ted is encouraged to drink more and think less and ends up waking up the next morning with a girl in his bed and a pineapple on his night stand. The episode is flashbacks of the night as he pieces together what happened since he remembers nothing after his 5th straight shot of dragon. They never do figure out where the pineapple came from but everyone wants to know, including me!
  • Silly in a good way that is. This is one of the 3 or 4 I've seen because I'm just getting into it. But this is probably the funniest I'll see for a while.

    My four favorite words about this episode:


    Great material...

    This episode was the most insane I've ever seen. It was funny, it was smart and it was creative. For a second I thought i was watching 'Friends'(please don't hurt me....) A perfect example of what true comedy is...

    9.7 out of 10
  • The first episode I've ever seen, and it was great.

    When this show first came out, I didn't think it would be very good. I never bothered to watch it. I saw this episode as a re-run, and it was pretty funny. If the other episodes are as good as this, I may watch it on a regular basis.

    It didn't take me too long to figure out who the different players were. This was a pretty funny episode, as we retraced what happened to Ted after a night of drinking with Barney.

    In the late 80s/early 90s I remember watching Neil Patrick Harris in 'Doogie Howser, M.D.' and Danica McKellar in 'The Wonder Years', and it was great to see them again, even if Danica just happens to be a one time special guest.
  • This episode is LEGENDARY, well-written and funny

    With this episode the show has acheived a new high. I think it's wonderful, well-written and the mystery we find everywhere is awesome. Ted's adventure is very funny and 'til the end is almost impossible to find out what happened and why. And Barney, of course, reached his standard level of AWESOMENESS cracking me up almost with every line (the best was his pickup line: Daddy's home). I think this episode was exactly what I was looking for in the show: an original and unpredictable comedy. So if you wonder about watching this one, well, do it! and, of course, SUIT UP!
  • Amazing episode

    This episode was simply amazing. How often do you see suspense and a bit of mystery tied into a romantic comedy series? Not only that, but it tied in so well and the plot flowed perfectly. This episode had me interested from start to finish.

    The writers for this show are absolutely brilliant. If you think this show is some type of chick flick type show, it's not. How I Met Your Mother reminds me of Seinfeld in a weird way, Barney is definetly the Kramer of this group.

    The show is similar as it's not really about anything. No real plot building or huge story line, just a bunch of episodes that are very entertaining and fun to watch.

  • This episode surprised me. I thought it might be a mediocre episode filled with immature drunken jokes based on the teaser commercials. But I was impressed with the plot composition and the high quality of intelligent humor I have grown to expect from H

    "The Pineapple Incident" proved to be a great episode with an intricately woven plot of comedic mysteries that resulted from Ted's night of overindulging in shots at McLaren's (HIMYM's standard gathering bar).

    There was significant time spent on Ted examining his feelings for Robin, which as a charter viewer of HIMYM, I am dying to see that relationship further unveiled.

    Barney was in top form with his encouragement towards Ted to let loose and engage his single male inhibitions. Marshall and Lily were great as the curious investigators trying to discover what happened to Ted after they "put him to bed" for the first time (including how the pineapple ended up on Ted's nightstand).

    Overall, although I initially cringed at the idea of an episode featuring my favorite group of young professionals acting like drunken college kids, this episode proved to be one of my favorites of the first season.
  • One of the best episodes so far....

    This is one of the best episodes so far, this show just keeps getting better and better and I cant wait for the next one.

    It al starts when they get free drinks from the bartender, nobody wants to drink them and ted gets pushed into drinking al 5 of the shots.

    The next morning he wakes up with a woman in his bed and no memory of what happened.

    I found it hilarious when ted wasn't thinking and started making the phonecalls.
  • Barney gets Ted to stop thinking by take 5 shots in a row. The rest of the episode is Ted retracing his steps from tid bits of information from his friends.

    I thought this episode was great, and hilarious. Ted gets piss-faced drunk and acts a fool. He blacks out and finds himself in bed w/ a girl (a brunette who's faced down) and a pineapple on his night stand. (hence the title). The rest of the episode is recapped from people who saw him that night. From Ted kareoking, to calling Robin time after time with idiot blabber, it was hilarious. For awhle we think it's Robin in the bed. But then we learn that the girl in Ted's bed is some random girl from the bar, Trudy. This episode was truly the highlight of the season so far. GREAT episode.