How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 11

The Platinum Rule

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 10, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Ted's upcoming date with his doctor leads the gang to give him their own examples of why dating someone you already see regularly is a bad idea. Marshall and Lily want a couple to be friends with. Barney's last venture endangers the group's hangout.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Barney has a new rule

    We have seen Barney explain his rules with relationships and it only takes minutes to explain, This time it takes the whole episode. I think the producers did a good job with this episode. You get to see Barney with Wendy the waitress, Marshall and Lilly with a new couple that moved in, and Robin with co-anchor. I liked how all the stories are interwoven nicely together. There may have been blips with the timeline but overall story was good. You get to see how Robin at times want to be in a realtionship likes her co-worker, but doesn't want it getting too fast. I think all the stories were equally good. The only bad part was Ted getting kind of douchey with his hair. It was still kind of funny. The ending was pretty good because it got you excited for future episodes. (Yes you get to see the story with Stella)moreless
  • Barney tells the gang about The Platinum Rule

    "The Platinum Rule" is a great How I Met Your Mother episode. I love how Ted says that he's getting his tattoo removed and he mentions asking out the doctor and everyone disapproves of it. I love how he uses Marshall and Lily getting too close to a neighbouring couple, Robin dating a fellow news anchor, and himself trying to sleep with Wendy the waitress, as examples of The Platinum Rule. I give this episode a 9.5/10moreless
  • A classic episode that lets one realize that real sit-coms are still alive and kicking!

    This is a classic episode in the Seinfeld vein of tv comedy. The platinum rule is dead-on and well thought out, with each tenet of the rule flashed on screen in a possible nod to Frasier. This show has been a favorite of mine since it came on, but it has been in a way a take it or leave it show, that I could have survived if they did not renew. This episode changes that passive indifference and reveals "How I Met Your Mother" to be an important part of today's tv diorama. The fallout from this episode is clear: this show is a must-add to your tivo list!moreless
  • Barney goes through 'The Platinum Rule' - why you should never date someone you have to see regularly, and the whole crew uses examples from their past to convince Ted not to date the lady removing his tattoo.moreless

    Easily the strongest episode of this season, comparable in hilarity to 'How I Met Everyone Else'. It seems like when Bays and Thomas try to make a new story to add to the narrative they fall over badly, but when making up stories to fill in the gaps, they are positively brilliant. The writing this season has been of a terrible standard, but it's episodes like these that make HIMYM worth watching.

    What I enjoyed most was the fact that Barney was the real driver of the episode - I think Neil Patrick Harris is the only actor out of them with the gravitas to do that. Using the recurring chain of events and the identical reactions of Barney, Robin and Lily and Marshall as a couple was not only incredibly hilarious but very intelligent. From the Barney parts, he was back to his usual chauvinistic, insensitive best in his dealings with Wendy the Waitress. Especially the line, 'she's gullible and I'm bored, we're a perfect match'. The way he dumps her is also pure gold. The way he slapped the burger out of Marshall's hand like it was a bomb going off was a real highlight.

    Kurt 'The Iron Man' Irons proved anything but an iron man with his neediness and sensitivity. Robin's line of 'if he was missing teeth I would have already hit that' was a classic. Cobie Smulders better have a good sense of humour, because the amount of Canada bashing on that show is incredible - and perhaps justified too. What the writers really haven't explored are the secondary faux pas that occurs by being married. Buying that house together is probably the only new ground that they've managed to look at with Lily and Marshall as a couple, but it was good to see them go through new territory with 'dating' other couples to do grown-up kind of things. The obsession married couples have with charades is something that really needed to be examined. You usually need to be drunk to enjoy charades. I don't know if this part was added in purposely or slipped in because this was the last episode for a while, but the line from Ted 'that was it with Stacey - for now' maybe hinting at something else in the future. The writers have stopped trying to drop Barney and Robin hints, and maybe they're focusing back on the actual plot of the series - finding the mother.

    The best part of the episode for me is seeing the dichotomy between Barney and Ted. Barney with all his rules, and how he thinks he has life worked out as opposed to Ted who believes in romantic ideals such as fate and random chance. Even though Barney is so outrageous, he is probably far more representative of everyone else in his attitude to life, and Ted is a real dreamer, who lives his life hoping to find the right woman. The writers hadn't explored enough of that this season, possibly because they thought they were on a roll from last season and tried to keep it going. But what made the first season strong amongst its weak episodes was the continual storyline of Ted looking for love, and his hopeless romanticism. If HIMYM doesn't want to be canceled, it needs to re-examine this in the post-Robin context and I'm sure they can get some stronger episodes out.moreless
  • Fantastic episode!

    This episode was fantastic, as everything worked in it! :) The time-switches where the friends uses examples from different mistakes to convince Ted that dating the doctor is a really bad idear was hilarious. You would think they would learn from eachother's mistakes, but apparently not... :)

    Barney is just hilarious with all his rules, and this one really topped the cake. Imagine having an 8 step-rule for dating someone that you have to see every day... :) Somehow I wonder, if you put all the things together that has happened to Robin on the air, it's surprising she's still on television... ;)moreless
Kristen Schaal

Kristen Schaal

Laura Girard

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John Sloan

John Sloan

Michael Girard

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Hayes MacArthur

Hayes MacArthur

Curt "The Ironman" Irons

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Bob Saget

Bob Saget

Voice of Ted, 2030

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Charlene Amoia


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • During a flashback scene from 2005, Barney uses his iPhone, which was not released until 2007.

    • When Lily and Marshall try to sneak out of the house and almost get caught by Laura and Michael (the new neighbors) they run back to the apartment just by opening the door without using any key, but when Ted shows up a few seconds later he is not able to open the door because he forgot his keys.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Barney: Ted, you've heard of the Golden Rule, right? Love thy neighbor?
      Ted: Uh, actually, it's "do unto others as you you would have them do unto you". It's from the... Bible.
      Barney: Dammit, Ted. I've worked up this whole thing, where the Golden Rule is "Love thy neighbor! So, just... Okay?!

    • Robin: (on the outcome of Barney's relationship with Wendy the Waitress) Wait a second. You've been sitting here, pretending to be the expert on all of this but the truth is that there was no real fallout from your breakup at all?
      Barney: Yet...
      Robin: You're an idiot.

    • Barney: (having received a free plate of nachos with the gang) Come on, guys! Free nachos! (seeing no reaction from the gang) What?!
      Ted: (along with Marshall, either chanting or speaking like one's "conscience") We like this bar!
      Marshall: Don't kill the bar, dude.
      Ted: Hey, we love this bar.
      Marshall: Dude...
      Ted: This bar is like home to us.
      Marshall: Don't kill the bar.
      Lily: (intervening) You're killing the bar!

    • Marshall: God, we are such idiots!
      Barney: Yeah.
      Lily: Every time we step out the door they're out there waiting for us! Sometimes we send Ted out as a scout, nobody's out there. We go out a second later, there they are!
      Marshall: It's freaking supernatural. Are they ghosts? Can only we see them?

    • Barney: What rule is there that I can't date a waitress at my favorite bar?
      Lily: I don't know, I'd expect you to have one.
      Robin: Yeah, with a catchy name.

    • Lily: We're not gonna date them, we're just gonna be friends with them.
      Barney: That's the couple's version of dating.
      Robin: And you've got the couples version of the hots for them. You wanna have brunch with them, you wanna go to Pottery Barn with them, you wanna go antiquing with them, don't you? Oh, yeah, you wanna antique the crap out of them.

    • Ted: This is New York City. We don't talk to the neighbors: we say hello as we pass them in the hall; we call the police when we haven't seen them for a while, and there's a weird smell coming from their apartment; and that's it.

    • Barney: Put a bell around my neck, and scratch my belly, kids, for I am just a docile house cat now. Meow.

    • (In 2005)
      Barney: (on dating Wendy the Waitress) Yeah, well... I think it'll be okay.
      (Flash forward to 2006)
      Barney: And it was a huge mistake.
      Marshall: (on befriending the neighbors) Yeah, well... I think it'll be okay.
      (Flash forward to 2007)
      Lily: And it was a huge mistake.
      Robin: (on dating a co-worker) Yeah, well... I think it'll be okay.
      (Flash forward to 2008)
      Robin: And it was a huge mistake.
      Ted: (on dating his dermatologist) Yeah, well... I think it'll be okay.

    • Ted: Yeah, I don't have for time for this. I'm out the door as soon as I'm finished with my hair.
      Barney: Good, then we have a solid half hour.

    • Barney: (to Ted) Dude, don't poop where you eat!

    • Barney: Ted, look at the facts. I dump her, and she says, "no hard feelings." She's a psycho, what other explanation is there?!

    • Robin: We can split a cab to work together, we always have a standing lunch date, and last night, at the hockey game, Curt got us into the locker room and I met Mason Raymond. (gang looks clueless) Left wing for the Vancouver Canucks!
      Barney: What's the opposite of name-dropping?

    • Barney: (on Wendy) She's gullible, I'm bored. We're perfect for each other.

    • Ted: (flashes his tramp-stamp) Say goodbye, kids, 'cause it won't be around much longer.
      Lily: Oh, but Ted, if you get rid of the butterfly how's everyone gonna know you're a stripper from Reno with daddy issues?

  • NOTES (2)

    • The German episode title is "Die Platin-Regel", and the Italian title is "La regola di platino", both exact translations. The French title is "Pas d'exception à la règle", meaning "No Exception to the Rule".

    • International Airdates: Australia: May 22, 2008 on Network 7; Czech Republic: October 5, 2010 on Prima COOL