How I Met Your Mother

Season 8 Episode 2

The Pre-Nup

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2012 on CBS

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  • Very funny!

    This episode was actually quite a funny one! That line in the pre-nup "your parents may stay as long as they like... provided they arrive in an urn" has got to be one of my favourite lines ever! It was just amazing!

    I loved some of the things in that pre-nup but there were definitely some realy weird moments throughout the episode which I wasn't too fond of.

    But all up, given the low quality of some of the episodes of late, this was actually as good as it gets!
  • "You know, it's big comedy, but you also really care about these characters."

    And you do. Even though the show is about how Ted met the mother, it is not this that makes the show, it's everything else. And I think this episode really brought that out in some ways, especially towards the end with Marshall's confession to Lily.

    Robin turning herself on by winking to herself just cracked me up, and Klaus just about killed me in this episode. It was good that Quinn and Barney broke it off on good terms, and just that bit at the end with Robin and Barney - even though it was a bit cliched with the "not this time" prenup line, it was fitting and it did make me smile. Also loved how Victoria and Nick just fitted right in - they didn't feel forced or like strangers at all. All around a great episode.
  • Well, that was quick

    (Spoilers ahead).

    This episode gives us another indication that the end is near. For a while it seemed like nothing too monumental was happening but it cleared a lot of bounds.

    First off, given that the premiere started with right where the last season left off, in May, we had to do the traditional skipping of the summer, which old Ted covers by saying there were no good stories from the Summer of Love, where for the first time throughout the course of the show, everyone is in a relationship and happy. But how boring is that, so off to the Autumn of Breakups!

    At the urging of Artillery Arthur (who still doesn;t remember poor Marshall, despite the fact he sabotaged his attempts to get a job a year before) Barney gives Quinn an incredibly thorough and not-a-chance-at-happening pre-nup. Quinn talks to the girls and she responds with a pre-nup of her own. This brings out problems in everyone else's relationships: Jilted Klaus is staying with Ted and Victoria, Marshall thinks Lily doesn;t trust him not to accidentally hurt the baby, and Nick doesn't like that Robin watches TV while they;re having sex. Arthur helps them work through their problems and everything works out (Robin likes watching herself on TV while having sex, including winking at herself on TV) and Quinn and Barney realize they ultimately do not trust each other and break up.

    I was a little surprised how quick that came about. I mean, it;s not as quick if you think they spent all summer together, and that girl has a new show, but when they said it was the autumn of breakups, they weren;t messing around with the first one out of the gate on the first of October. I liked Quinn and I was one of the few who was rooting for her to be Barney;s wife but it was not meant to be, she is free to strip in peace.

    With Ted and Victoria, there were a few questions. First, is she living with him? They only just got back together after being apart for roughly seven years and they;re already living together? That was glossed over, confusing, and will make their inevitable breakup all the more awkward. And wtf is up with her hair? She's working the short bob Robin had last year, and it doesn;t look flattering on either of them.

    As for the Klaus part, it;s hard to tell who to feel bad for and who to be mad at. Ted should be nice to Klaus, becuase he stole his girl, but he was bailing on said girl anyway, so should we just say everyone is at fault here and call it square?

    For that matter, they;re not covering Robin;s relationship very much either. This is the guy who was her secret crush, yet we don;t know how they met again, started going out, and wouldn;t he think she used to be engaged to Ted?

    The big reveal in this episode though was a little ways down the road Barney is talking about his wedding but isn;t doing a pre-nup this time. Robin comes in and the two giddily go to lunch. That really shows the show is moving right along with the story and that the story is coming to a close.

    Admittedly, not that strong of an episode, but it got us closer to the Big Picture in one episode than sometimes an entire season would cover, and that;s good enough for this week.
  • Inevitable

    But also necessary. As per the plot, it was common knowledge this split would be happening. Ted/Victoria and Robin/Nick were too new things to be the ones taken down by the "autumn of breakups," but the fact that's plural means that at least one, if not both, of those couples is going to be done by December.

    Comedy was kept up, though. Loved the bits like Nick's 42-inch comment and the insanity of Marshall's family. So far, this season is keeping up its ability to cheer me up regardless of the kind of day I've had, which is great for a comedy.
  • Better

    The show has been absolutely awful these last seasons, but this episode was actually an improvement. I do have to say that I hate the way they ended the episode. It just gets tireing when they always skip ahead the last (or first) minute of every episode. But other than that, it was a good episode. It had some very good and funny (and old-school HIMYM-) scenes, which I have really missed.
  • The Pre Nup

    Outside of guest star Bob Odenkirk's character there really was nothing funny about the episode, but what I did like was the story they crafted. While the concepts in these prenups were outrageous, it was a true hard-hitting commentary on how couples either have to love the craziness of their partners or they will grow apart.

    Maybe they rushed the end of Barney and Quinn a bit, a character played well by Becki Newton, but there was also a surplus of people on the show right now. There was 9 people in the room during the Afterschool Special style speeches, and that's just too much. Get back to the core cast.

    But a solid episode here.
  • The only good idea

    Is the way how they broke up Barney and Quinn.