How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 11

The Rebound Girl

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2011 on CBS

Episode Recap

Barney and Ted are drunkenly commiserating about the fact that it is too bad they aren't gay, because they want to have a life, without relationships, but with kids and the rest,and this leads to them deciding to try to be "bro-parents". Ted says they should wait until they sober up and talk about it more the next day.The next day theyboth decidethat it was a great idea, and they need to discuss logistics. Barney starts to mention nannies, and how they need a few, because he intends on sleeping with one, then both, then the third as well... and how the kid should have a pet cobra. Ted starts to realize that different parenting styles and goals might make this a little more difficult then they originally imagined, and has doubts. Then,Barney shows up Thanksgiving morning with a baby. Ted asks where he got the baby, and is terribly concerned that they are in WAY over their heads, and then they go outside, and a crowd of beautiful women come up to them to ooh and aah over the cute baby.

Meanwhile, Lily and Marshall decide to put her grandparents' house (that they gave to them) on the market. When they show up at the house, they think it is beautiful and perfect for raising a family. When they go back to their apartment, it seems so much smaller and makes them want to move even more. Robin shows up and they tell her that they are having Thanksgiving at their house there, and then they are staying there. Robin is aghast, and tries to demonstrate how much room they actually have, and knocks over a lamp. They decide to let the universe give them a sign as to sell their home, or the apartment, and a man shows up wanting to possibly purchase their apartment.

Robin, Marshall and Lily arrive at their house to start dinner, and Robin says she is locking herself in the bathroom until they agree to stay in the city. They both shrug and Marshall says, "Good thing we have three bathrooms." After a bit, Marshall knocks on the bathroom window, and asks Robin if she is okay, and offers her some food. She mentions that she needs them more than they know, and she doesn't want them to move. Barney and Ted show up with their baby girl "Hurricane Mosby-Stinson" and discuss things, and then Barney's brother, (James) and his husband (Tom) show up for dinner and to take their daughter, Sadie, back from Barney. Barney leaves to go talk to Robin (To which he has to go outside to the window) James goes to talk to Ted. James says that he and his best friend were going to adopt a child together and try everything Ted and Barney arewanting to do, but he is now so glad that he never did, because once he met Tom and decided to be a parent with him, everything was perfect, and he wouldn't have had that otherwise.

Cut to Barney discussing with Robin things about them, it is clear he still loves her, but he just talks, and she just talks, and they talk about kids and Barney says, could you imagine, me, a parent?, and Robin blurts out, "I'm pregnant."

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