How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 11

The Rebound Girl

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2011 on CBS

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  • OH. MAH. GOD.(If you don't want to spoil the biggest bomb dropped in HIMYM history, don't keep reading).


    (Spoilers ahead.)

    After last week's more serious eppy, this episode was more light. Ted and Barney decide they want to have a family with each other and call it "bro-parenting". This is hysterical as they try and figure out how many nannies they would need and Barney wanting to have a pet cobra, but the next day Ted feels they were being silly... when Barney shows up with a baby.

    Meanwhile, Robin is trying to talk Lily and Marshall out of moving to Long Island and locks herself in the bathroom of their Long Island house. Marshall comes round to the window and asks why she;s acting like this and she tells him she needs them more than he thinks.

    Barney's brother and his family show up and reveal the baby Barney has is theirs and Ted and Barney decide to wait for the real thing.

    Which might be sooner than we think as Barney goes to see Robin and Robin tells him she's pregnant.

    Uh huh. Robin. Preggo. With Barney's child.

    While I think it could be awesome for Lily and Robin to have kids at the same time, I'm not sure if I like that it's Barney's child, because I like him with Nora, and I'm pretty sure in saying that having a kid with Robin kills any chance he slightly has with Nora.

    Now we have to wait another week to find out anymore, but... wow.