How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 11

The Rebound Girl

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2011 on CBS

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  • The HIMYM I Fell In Love With

    I have sadly been wondering this season what has happened to the show I loved? The everyday humor that we can all relate to isn't there any more. Anywho, fast-forward to the latest episode, "The Rebound Girl." The humor I'd been missing was back! This was definitely one of the best episodes thus far this season, and with the major let down of the "Slutty Pumpkin" story line, some good old fashioned HIMYM humor was much needed. Loved the "shrinking apartment" twist to why Lilly and Marshall needed to move to suburbia: classic HIMYM humor.

    Bro-parents...really? While the humor was there, I did have mixed feelings on that story line. Ted and Barney do hang out with each other enough that seeing them "in a relationship" was quite humorous, and an unexpected twist to the story. If "narrator Ted" didn't constantly remind the audience "we were out of our minds" I would have put it right into the "unbelievable humor" category that recent episodes have been drowning in. It's definitely a Ted thing to do, but the Barney we've come to love seems to becoming more and more domesticated (remind you of lady's man Joey from Friends at all?). The writers were able to still bring into play the Barney we know, with Ted realizing Barney probably isn't the best parent for children, so hopefully all is not lost yet.

    Biggest shocker of the episode? Robin's pregnant! Um...what?! With everyone now being pregnant how much longer can the show really go on as a young-adult comedy? It seems to be quickly moving towards a family comedy and that's not what I signed onto when I first got hooked to the show. Baby and pregnancy humor only goes so far. Remember when Rachel got pregnant on Friends?

    While the episode brought back a lot of what the show had recently been missing, it left me feeling nervous about where the show is going to go.

    Best Line of the Episode: "Being gay would be kick ass." -- Neil Patrick Harris as Barney

    Rating: 9.5 -- REALLY?!?! While I'm writing this review a few episodes later, these are still my immediate reactions...KILLER cliff hanger!
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