How I Met Your Mother

Season 5 Episode 7

The Rough Patch

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2009 on CBS

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  • Wrong couple timing brought us this terrible break up...

    Barney is one of the most hilarious parts of the show, and changing him earlier also changes the whole show. At the same time, showing him falling in love with Robin and how he can change makes the viewers more interested and addicted to the show.
    The word is timing. And rushing his change led to unhappy womanizer Barney fans and now, unhappy Barney/Robin shippers after this episode.
    The problem about it is the way the break up happened. They had thousands of reasons to break-up and still, they didn't broke up for any of them.
    It just showed that they were unhappy together because... we really don't know.
    If it was because they were tied down then, how come Robin dated Ted for one year?
    Besides, they made a giant, cute build up for this couple just so it would end like this? Fast and unemotionally?

    Why didn't they just let Barney and Robin as friends, then? I can't help feeling like watching the episodes 3x16 to 5x06 were just a waste of time. Even though I know it wasn't because they have shown how a great couple they can become.

    So what's left for me to say is:

    I hope there'll be character development in the end of the show( I believe it is the right timing for it) that could(and, hopefully, will) bring Barney and Robin back together.