How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 2

The Scorpion and the Toad

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 25, 2006 on CBS

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  • Barney "helps" Marshall pick up women

    This was a nice follow up from the last episode. It was funny seeing Barney trying to help Marshall. Just when you think Marshall gets the women, Barney "helps." It was good to see Marshall in the recovery process of getting over Lilly. Speaking of Lilly it was good seeing her back for a full episode. In true How I Met Your fashion you only Lilly side that she wants to tell in the first part of the episode. Many times in a TV show when a character explains what happens to them, you can tell the story is a fake. Lilly told hers that was at least somewhat believable. The real story was better and funnier. That crazy guy on the bus was a highlight. I like the end where Lilly and Marshall reunite. I like that Marshall didn't take back her back and at the same time trying to start the recovery process between them.
  • Barney repeatedly steals Marshall's women and Lily lies about her time in San Fran.

    Lily surprises Robin and Ted as she comes home. She tells of her "good times" in San Francisco but Ted sees right through her and bets Robin that it's all a bunch of bull, a bet he ends up winning. However, he consoles her by saying Marshall would take her back in a heartbeat, which sadly, he doesn't, thinking they would be better apart at that time. Meanwhile before that, Barney repeatedly takes Marshall out, scouting for women, but each times Barney takes home the women himself, angering Marshall. He even takes both twins they were on double dates with! Now I love Marshall and Lily together, but Barney was pissing me off in this episode because I'm also mad at Lily for leaving Marshall, so I wanted him to drum up some kind of short relationship to make Lily feel even more bad for being selfish. But however, still a good, enjoyable episode.
  • Lily returns and Barney tries to help Marshall get over Lily.


    "The Scorpion and the Toad" is good How I Met Your Mother episode. I love how Lily officially returns in this episode. I love how Lily makes all these amazing stories about San Fransisco but then after drinking Tequila and finding out she didn't get the apartment, she breaks down crying and saying she's miserable. I love how Lily apologizes to Marshall in this episode. The only thing I didn't like about this episode was Barney. He says he's trying to help Marshall get over Lily, but he always takes the women that he tries to set up with Marshall. I give this episode 8/10.

  • Kinda Ok.

    I didn't think this was the best episode ever. In fact I don't even know if I laughed very much,which is never a good sign.
    1)I'm so glad that Lily's back, although the darker hair is a little offputting, she needs her red back.
    2) The whole thing with Marshall and Barney and the stealing of the girls was boring and not that funny at all. OK we get it, what's sad was that Marshall was not getting it.
    3) The best part was when they showed how Lily was actually thinking Marshall Marshall Marshall every time she talked about how great San Francisco was. Because it's totally true-that's how girl brains work, I can't deny it at all.
    I'll keep watching cuz there isn't anything else on I want to watch Mondays at 8:30 but I hope they get back into the swing of things soon.
  • Why did Lily backstab Barney? In episode 19 of this season it is revealed that Barney went to California and asked Lily to come back, he was only stealing Marshall's date because he wanted Marshall and Lily to be back together.

    Why did Lily backstab Barney? In episode 19 of this season it is revealed that Barney went to San Francisco and asked Lily to come back, he was only stealing Marshall's date because he wanted Marshall and Lily to be back together.

    Why does Robin have a bad ass day? Did Marshall let Barney steal his girls? Why do they show Lily as miserable without Marshall? Why is Lilly always showing weird faces when she talks? Is Ted the biggest idiot in the show? Robin has cute breasts and can be fun either drunk or sober. all in all a boring episode but significant for "Marshmallow" and "Lilypad". Barney and Robin are the real show runners.
  • Lilly returns.

    This is definitely one of my favorite How I Met Your Mother episodes by far. Definitely an eventful episode since Lilly returns. Apparently, she's had the best experience of her life over the summer. Ted & Robin try to find out if she misses Marshall. Ted bets 5 dollars that she is miserable, and Robin bets 5 bucks that she isn't. Meanwhile Barney introduces Marshall to the single life. Barney ends up stealing Marshall's date on every occasion. At first I thought it was great that Lilly was back but like Ted, I hated the fact that she wasn't miserable. Ted & Robin get Lilly drunk so her true feelings can come out, and it turns out she had a miserable summer. Finding out how her "real summer" went was hysterical. Also the whole scene with Lilly wanting to know about Marshall. The morning after, drunk Robin was hilarious! I thought Barney was such a jerk to Marshall in this episode, if anything he was helping Marshall digress from moving on. The big moment is when Marshall sees Lilly. Lilly asks Marshall to take her back. Marshall says no, which is definitely good iin my opinion. Lilly needs to really learn her lesson for what she did to Marshall. I loved Marshal's revenge on Barney. "You gave me chlamydia, you jerk!" "You gave me & my twin chlamydia, you jerk!" Hilarious. A great follow up episode to the Lilly storyline.
  • Lily returns to see Robin and Ted, raving about her San Francisco experience. Ted and Robin disagree about the authenticity of her happiness. Barney teaches Ted how to be single, but can't get past his conniving ways!

    I actually was bored with this show and first, but the ending of both subplots made it well-worth the wait. Barney\'s actions with Marshall were more cruel than humorous and it made Barney more of an over-the-top caricature of himself than the funny, somewhat likable persona that he had established last season; nonetheless, when anyone that can see right through his BS gets a hold of him, we cheer right along. The ending with Lily more than makes up for how uncomfortable we were watching poor Marshall struggle with the ladies. Ingenious! The other subplot, Lily\'s return was well-handled in reference to the longevity of the series. We were shocked to see \"Lily Pad\" and \"Marshmallow\" go their separate ways last season and admire their strength in acceptance of their current situation. We will laugh hysterically, but also root for a resolution of their sexual tension. Can\'t wait for next week!
  • Barney teaching Marshall how to date, Robin and Ted meet up with Lily, all in all a great and funny episode!

    The funniest part of this episode has to be Barney\'s tips for picking up women, and then stealing them from Marshall. His magic tricks were hilarious. We see the rough time Marshall is having, Barney isn\'t helping. In the end after all the stealing Barney does, Marshall does get him back in a hilarious way. Ted, Robin and Lily was ok, not too LOL. We at first believe that Lily is totally happy, and that San Francisco was awesome. In reality it sucked for her, so that was kind of good to see, because I really didn\'t want her too have that much fun when she was gone. Unfortunately, when Lily asked Marshall to take her back, he said no. Which was foreseeable, but still heartbreaking.