How I Met Your Mother

Season 5 Episode 4

The Sexless Innkeeper

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 2009 on CBS

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    Barney banging on Ted for the professor role to pick up chicks & being the sexles inn keeper was funny as shi*
  • This was dumb

    This really was a dumb episode! The title-giving story was actually funny and well-written, but the way bigger story part with the double date problems of Marshall & Lily and Barney & Robin was just horrible. The writers were solely intending to make fun through adopting date clichs on double dates and that wasn't original in any way.

    By the time Robin and Barney were standing outside of Lily and Marshall's apartment in the pouring rain, I really hated this epiosde because this was idiotic and absolutely unfunny. On the other hand, Josh Radnor was very funny in this epiosde, but sadly, he was the one with the least screen time which is weird since he is actually the main character / narrator.
  • Cat Funeral Meow

    It gets better right? No, not in this episode. I am going to lower my standards for this season and even with that this episode was definitely lacking. When Lilly find out that Barney and Robin are dating she gets excited because the finally have a couple friend to hang out with. When I saw this I do wonder what about Ted and Robin. I know that when Ted and Robin got together. Lilly and Marshall were not together. When Lilly and Marshall reunite. How come Lily wasn't excited about hanging out together with Ted and Robin? Maybe it was because of the wedding. I find out that the whole couple thing was kind of left field. Maybe another reason why Lilly seems to be more excited that Barney and Robin were together then Ted and Robin was because of the front porch theory. It's not just Lilly is excited but Marshall as well. Their excitement is what makes them a good couple. I did find it weird how strong Marshall and Lilly came on to Barney and Robin. They have known them for years and hung out with them for years and they do this. I can understand the other couples. How Marshall and Lilly were with the other couples including Barney and Robin only works for a person coming on to another person or how Ted would react to a girl he met. There were some good parts to this story. I really liked seeding Ranjit and his wife and you can understand why Barney was turned off when he first saw the picture back in the pilot The best part of the story and the episode was the music montages Marshall played. It kind of remained of Jason Segel's character on Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

    Normally Ted is good in a episode but this time he was more like Barney. He finds out women he meets are using him for his apartment. Barney and Robin make fun of him for it and well what he was wearing. I didn't find anything wrong or even funny what Ted was wearing. Plus I think it's better when the whole gang rips on Ted. Barney's story of what happened to him (before he dated Robin) was amusing but lacking in something. Why didn't Barney take his car to the bar? When Ted finally does up being successful with a women, how he tells the story was not that funny. Ted was a little bit like Barney when he hooked up with that women. I was not a fan of that. It would be better if Ted was just in a realtionship. The end did set up something that happen later in the season.
  • Ted becomes the Sexless Innkeeper.


    "The Sexless Innkeeper" was an alright How I Met Your Mother episode. The idea of Lily and Marshall being super excited to have another couple like Barney and Robin sounds funny, but it wasn't really that funny. It was like they were trying way too hard. But I did love the part where Lily and Marshall ditch another couple and give Robin and Barney another chance. Ted's plot was boring. Again the idea of the sexless innkeeper as you flirt with someone but you really just want a place to sleep for the night. It works good in theory, but then it was totally boring. I give this episode a 6/10.

  • Just plain terrible.

    Why oh why has this show become so goofy and forced? The characters used to be believable and the humour was original, but now everyone changes their characteristics to suit the episode and we get ridiculously long and drawn-out jokes that were only funny to begin with.

    I think I'm most disappointed by Marshall, who was always goofy but never over-the-top the way he is now. What's with the silly iPhoto montages and melodrama whenever he's not taken seriously? And while Barney's always been my favourite character, in this episode he inexplicably longs for another couple to double date with. Is this the Lothario we know and love?

    At least Ted's minimal screen time meant his plain-boring character wasn't given the lion's share of the comedy to carry. I'm glad we've got a lot more Lily and Robin this season, but HIMYM's sudden love of stand-alone episodes and repetitive gags make me fear a season as poor as the last one.
  • Marshall and Lily are excited to have a new couple to double date, unfortunately Robin and Barney don't feel the same way. Ted discovers that his new job makes him somewhat of a catch to women.

    There were some highs and lows in this episode, Ted's storyline is still going pretty strong but I think we are getting off the mother finding for a while. Marshall and Lily were a great comedic duo, as the couple no one wanted to date. While Robin and Barney were funny it seems that the only way to get the old Barney back is to drag Robin with him.

    Ted is the sexless innkeeper, a great new theory from Barney accompanied by Robin. While Ted thinks his new tweed jacket with elbow patches is his ticket to picking up women but the new couple helps to show him that it is really his apartment's proximity to MacLaren's, thus the tale of the sexless innkeeper. In the end Ted proves them wrong by meeting a woman he eventually sleeps with and ends his tenure as the sexless innkeeper.

    My highpoint was Marshall and Lily taking on the persona of a desperate single woman, because they could find a couple to double date with after several failed attempts with other couples including Ranjit and his wife. After a horrible evening that included Marshall's cheese platter and Lily's planning of outings too quickly. Then there was the video montage, it seems that Marshall has a new obsession to replace charts, video montages with songs he wrote as the soundtrack, there was also text art describing the night's activities. It was a great new weird thing for Marshall after the barrel and charts. What only made this better was that Robin and Barney were not interested in the couple this led to Marshall and Lily curly up under the blankets and eating a large tub of ice cream wondering what went wrong. It wasn't until after Marshall and Lily found a new couple to date that Robin and Barney became jealous and sang and then a few nights later the two couples embraced in the rain. It was just like a bad romantic comedy with a cheese platter.

    I think the show is still trying to workout how to keep the comedy of Barney alive with Robin at his side. This strategy worked well in this case by basically pointing out that both Barney and Robin are not the coupling type and making Marhsall and Lily the couple that comes on too strong.
  • Good concept.

    Even though the episodes have been looking up lately, it feels like I'm watching a completely different show. In this episode, Marshall & Lilly are excited to go on a double date with Barney & Robin. Barney & Robin lie and say they have a great time, when they really didn't. I don't understand, they always hang out, all four of them. What made it different if they just labeled it double date. It was just strange to see them say that they don't like hanging out with Marshall & Lilly, when they all been hanging out in a group for the past 4 years! Other than that, I liked some of the scenes that was brought by this concept. I liked how they compared it to an actual relationship, like breaking up, the other couple meeting a new couple. And then finally winning the couple back in the end. I liked the "All By Ourselves" montage. I think Barney has been really out of character ever since he's been dating Robin, I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing to see Barney settle down without any repercussions. I felt like Marshall's slide shows was just something to take up the 21 minutes of the epsiode, the poem as well. Ted's gets hit on by a girl, but then she falls asleep on his couch. Which makes him the sexless inkeeper. A funny concept, but I didn't like the poems which took most of the plot up. An okay episode.
  • Concept - great; humour - awful!

    This was an OK episode of How I Met Your Mother, but it wasn't really funny. I loved the idea of a couples' night and I thought it was great, but the episode just lacked all humour that you normally get from this show.

    I thought the poems by Barney and Ted were the funniest part of the episode, but even that seemed bazaar, and overall, that didn't produce a good episode, in my opinion.

    I thought that the episode was decent, but I wouldn't recommend it as highly as most other episodes of this show. Decent, but if there's an episode to miss, it's definitely this oen.
  • Lilly and Marshal Invite Robin and Barney over for a couple's night together which proves to be a flop.

    Another dissapointing episode.. I wish this show comes back to its hillarious times soon.. After a lil better first 2 episodes of the 5th season the last two episodes are back on its boring side as the same case with last few episodes of the 4th season... About this episode, When they all 5 have fun together why would Lilly and Marshal act so formal and weird and unreal on their couples night together?..It just doesnt make sense.. The sexless innkeeper part was not bad but it was too little to dominate the whole episode.. Goodluck HIMYM's producers I want the real funny times back!
  • Was actually decent..

    HIMYM has bounced back after delivering some watchable storylines in the last 2 episodes. By watchable, I mean literally. There were a few scenes where I actually laughed so hard to annoy people around me. This is entirely different than the whole of last season and the beginning of this season, where my eyes would be on the screen and my mind would be thinking about something else.

    The sexless innkeeper poem was hilarious, both Barney and Ted's versions of it. The premise was an interesting figment of imagination taking us back to the 1800s, reminding me of the Bro-Code episode. That being said, the plot with Lily and Marshall scoring double dates with couple was ridiculously boring. Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segal were funny during the initial periods of the show, when they were unmarried. Now their sheer obsession of doing 'couple-things' all the time is killing the show.
  • Barney dubs Ted the sexless inn keeper after Ted starts wearing tweed. Meanwhile Lilly and Marshall want to have Robin and Barney as a double dating couple.

    This week sees a vintage problem that HIMYM has had since the show started. This ep has two really strong premises that have a lot of potential for lots of laughs. But one is under utilized while the other is just plain cheesy. This week Ted has got into the habit of wearing tweed since becoming a professor. When he thinks he has seduced a woman he has brought up she ends up falling asleep on the couch. Ted thinks it is just an unlucky break but Barney says that he has become the sexless inn keeper. Basically Ted is now a man that people can crash at his place because the tweed tells people that he has no interest in sex. This story arc was actually very funny, with the highlight being the Barney poem that made me laugh out loud. But this arc was underused with only a few scenes here and there that is only a mere gap between the Lilly and Marshall story.

    Speaking of which, Lilly and Marshall decide to invite Barney and Robin to a couples night at their apartment. Marshall and Lilly think that it goes really well but Barney and Robin find it very awkward and painful as Lilly and Marshall are trying too hard for it to go well. When they finally break the bad news Marshall and Lilly find a new couple to do their couples night with leaving Robin and Barney miserable. This arc really didn't work, for starters Marshall's video slides were not even a little bit funny, just really painful and everything that was used in this story was unoriginal and cliche. There was a real opportunity for some genuine hilarity that was missed. Not to say this ep wasn't good, it was, infact the last scene was very funny indeed and made me want to tune in next week. But the main arc was just weak and the Marshall character was made to look like a fool rather than just be plain funny. But this season has been solid and I won't judge it on this moment alone.
  • Lily and Marshall invite Barney & Robin over for a couples night. While the Eriksens think they've nailed it, Barney & Robin hated it and try to break up with them as couple besties. Ted can't close the deal and is dubbed the Sexless Innkeeper.

    This was the BEST episode in a lllooonnnggg time! I was getting very discouraged by the lack of humor, boring story lines and stale jokes on this show. Quite simply, Big Bang Theory has taken over as my new Monday night CBS favorite. I'm glad we're getting back to somewhat believable (however hyperbolic or farcical they're played) situations. My "has HIMYM jumped the shark?" fears are over. The flashbacks to tell the story of the couple date disaster were hilarious, as were the period-piece poems acted out by Ted and Barney. BTW, that blonde at the end was freaking beautiful! Gotta find out her name.
  • Lily and Marshall are trying to find the perfect couple to double date with. They invite Robin and Barney but their eager attitude really turns them off. Ted becomes the Sexless Innkeeper which is a theory that Barney has about out of town women.

    Another episode where Lily and Marshall become too needy and overbearing driving everyone away. Lily has her many dreams of the perfect life. In this one she sees herself with Marshall as the perfect couple for other couples to be with. Entertaining, playing games, doing activities, etc..

    So in a moment of weakness Robin and Barney agree to have a couples night with them. Of course it's a disaster especially about the Gouda. I must admit though I found Marshall's videos very funny if not a little creepy. When Barney and Robin tell the truth Marshall and Lily are crushed and want nothing to do with them anymore. The "All By Ourselves" song and montage was maybe the best part of the episode. While this is going on Ted is trying out his new look as the Professor. Tweed jacket the whole nine yards. He picks up a woman and she falls asleep on his couch. When Barney finds out she is from Westchester he tells the story of the Sexless Innkeeper and tells Ted he is one. Ted protests until he realizes Barney is right.

    Meanwhile Lily and Marshall have found the perfect couple from Hawaii that just moved to New York City. Barney and Robin had felt bad so they were going to apologize but it wasn't necessary and they begin to realize they miss Lily and Marshall.

    In the end Ted finds a women that has sex with him proving he's not the Sexless Innkeeper, and Lily and Marshall make up with Barney and Robin.

    An OK episode with two pretty good storylines. Nothing really moving us forward with the main storyline though. It's great having more Lily back but these episodes where they do things exactly how she dreams them to be like this one can get to be a little much sometimes. Thanks for reading...