How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 8

The Slutty Pumpkin Returns

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 2011 on CBS

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  • worst episodo

    I think this was the worst and most boring espisodo of the whole series.
  • Exceptionally anticlimatic and underwhelming.

    After several years of suspense surrounding this moment, I ws really looking forward to this episode after reading its title.

    Did it live up to expectations - not in the slightest.

    It was very anticlimatic. This was a moment we have been waiting several years to see, and they killed it waaaaaay too quickly.

    The thing tht saved this episode ws Barney finding out what he did about his grandparents and how he is a quarter Candian. That was just hilarious and had so many great moments!!!

    All up, the Slutty Pumpkin fails to ilive up to expecations. There is no denying it. Hoping that HIMYM gets better next week...
  • Disappointing

    I had so many expectations about this episode, but the slutty pumpkin disappointed me! Katie Holmes was very annoying! On the other hand, Barney's story was great and made it up.
  • Give them a rest (RE:Samuel2484)


    I m reading all those comments lately that people are disappointed by the show and the characters. Some people say that robin is coming out as an ignorant selfish person, ted whiny pathetic man, and lily and marshall simply boring and not needed. Ok we got it you like Barney! Neil is amazing and super talented and yes even the production thinks he is the star of the show, but you know what? I am a true fan of the show, i can be objective, and i believe that there is nothing wrong with the episode or the plot or the season or the characters.
    Ted tells the story of what he has been through in order to become the man he was when he met the woman of his life, the mother. And why is it pathetic for a guy to cry over his messed up love life but is so natural and predictable for a woman to do that? Its different nice and funny to see a guy have deep feelings.
    Now lets talk about Marshal for a while! YEAH Neil is adorable and unbelievable talented in so many things, the guy can blow your mind, BUT you all seem to forget that Jason Segel is one of the most talented comedians of our generation. He has something from the old times but a modern air too. He is so funny, i mean just look at his reactions as Marshall even when he has no lines... Sometimes couples are boring and thats why marshall and lilly are not exciting all the time, but they are sweet and they are the more serious and mature touch of the show. I believe that over the years, maybe even from the beginning, How i met your mother doesn't care to be just another sit com, but a realistic story about life. They want to show how people are going through stuff and how they behave in relationships and friendships with a sense of humor.
    I still enjoy the show and I find it amazing that they are doing all those flash backs , they are closing open cases in order to slowly get to the big finale. This episode was funny, not exciting, it was not "Drum roll please" from season one, it was cool, refreshing, relaxing, and i liked it! How I met your mother keeps me company, makes me feel like i am one of the group and groups have ups and downs! But each episode gives me a homey cozy feeling.
    Give them a rest remember we are talking about a realistic show about life and we all know in life not everyday is exciting and special.

  • Alright, so the Slutty Pumpkin storyline didn't quite live up to all the years of mystery, but Barney and Robin sure made up for it!


    This episode was obviously highly anticipated because, come on, it's the Slutty Pumpkin. The Slutty Pumpkin. And yet, the anticipation for it kind of died down while watching the episode. It wasn't what I expected it to be, let's put it this way. Nonetheless, it wasn't bad, it was just a little disappointing.

    Apart from that, everything else about this episode was just the best. Gosh, I love Barney and Robin, they are just so darn amazing together. Barney's whole freak out with his Canadian ancestry absolutely killed me. And the pregnancy brain? It just made me love Marshall and Lily so much more.

    Sure, the Slutty Pumpkin didn't necessarily live up to all these years of anticipation, but it was definitely worth watching.

  • After teasers and build ups, Ted finally tracks down the Slutty Pumpkin. And he (and we) finally get to see how meant to be they are!


    This episode was terribly disappointing to me. At least from the main storyline perspective. Ted and his pumpkin not only had no chemistry, but the laughing at the lack of chemistry really wasn't that funny. I was expecting a slightly more entertaining story with maybe a 2-3 episode arc for the pumpkin with maybe a slight teaser, instead of wrapping it up so quickly. I mean, not only was Ted searching for her, but fans of the show have been waiting for the payoff as well!

    However, the best part was once again Robin and Barney. I don't know if Robin is Barney's future spouse, but their chemistry is amazing, and how they can have that is so great, so I have gone from, "I'm glad they dated, now let's have them both move on," to "I really like them together, and kind of wish they would make it work." The "Living in America" bit was brilliant, and I was completely entertained. However, having a Canadian ancestor still doesn't make you a Canuck. But great storyline anyway.

    MY final question is this. Shouldn't we be getting close to meeting the mother? I mean, unless Ted knocks her up the first night they meet, how else are they going to have at least a 15 year old kid by 2030? And let's be fair, the daughter looks to be at least 16-17.

  • Damn it what a disappointment


    I. Give. Up....Until I saw this episode I was still interested in Ted's love life and rooted for him to find the woman of his

    this character p!sses me off!

    First of all katie holme's character was boring and I've read people say that it was realistic that she was a disappointment but the problem was !!she was a disappointment to the audience!!, not just ted. The writers should not have set out to disappoint us, there is no gain from doing this. In fact that is really stupid as it annoyed us fans and made us want it to be much different. I can understand them not doing what the fans tell them to do but if you're like me, I thought the story was pointless. We haven't seen Ted look for the Slutty Pumpkin since season 1 and suddenly he's been looking for her for 10 years. Seeming as she hadn't been even mentioned in any recent season, had they not put this story in, we, the audience, wouldn't still be expecting her to appear and therefor wouldn't notice that she never showed up in the show again, as the show never built up to it.

    ...And then Ted does the stupid thing he always does and say "I love you" because he's being an idiot. You know, I loved this character in the beginning Seasons even up till Season 5 but now it's the same as ever. "Waaaaaah! I don't have a wife or kids! Waaaaaaa!"...2 seconds later "I'm in a relationship but there's something wrong with her but guys look, this could be the woman I'm supposed to marry so I'm gonna keep dating her until something SO bad happens that it's time to stop, and just in case we go passed the 1 week in which we've been dating, I'll say 'I love you' because then it's a sure thing"...2 seconds later something bad happens and they break up...2 seconds later "Waaaaaaah! I don't have a wife or Kids! Waaaaaaah!".

    I know Ted has done this for ages but now I give in, now I'm actually blaming the character for his life being such a mess and the only reel reason his life is such a mess is because he makes it one, all he does these days is sit crying, b!tching and complaining and I'm damn right sick of it! Oh yeah and Lily has a boring story line that made no sense as being pregnant doesn't make you stupid but then I never expect much from her and Marshall as those characters just p!ss me off and since season 4 have always done. Barney was fine I still like him...Robin was meh their story line wasnt great but looking at the other story lines it was probably the best one for me.

    I know I sound like a true un-fan of the show but I honestly love it but lately and this episode in particular opened my eyes a little bit and I'm now sad that my once favourite character who the show's supposed to be about is now ticking me off.

    I really hope the show does something new and original soon because lately each episode might as well be the same: Ted wines and moans, Marshall and Lily have a problem with her pregnancy and her judgment or anything that could possibly go wrong with the baby, and Barney and Robin being the only fun characters in the show right now have some sort of partnered story line. I wanna see something new and exciting, I thought the Slutty Pumpkin was going to be that new and exciting addition to the show but...I need a drink.

  • Okay not great


    There was a huge build up to this moment and it just fell flat. The Robin & Barney story was funny but a little repetitive. It is time. This story needs to stop bringing stuff back from Season 1 for just one episode. They need to start resolving their story lines and stop doing flashbacks.

    I feel like every episode this year flashes back to something.