How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 4

The Stinson Missile Crisis

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2011 on CBS

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  • My favourite of the aseason so far!

    This was just great! I loved it!

    My favourite scene - as a big Survivor fan - was Jeff Probst advertising Barney's Brest Reduction Service!!! I was LOLing for hours when I saw that!!!

    All up, the storyline was great! I loved the layourt of it - with Robin talking to the therapist, and the storylines developed really wiell, particularly the Barney/Nora storyline!

    The episode was full of laughs, with Barney's advertisements! The Ted/Marshall thing was a bit weird, but still funny!

    Can't wait for the next episode!
  • Intriguing development in Barney's character at the expense of another filler to the main theme of the series.


    Originally, Barney served as simply a comic relief to the main story. In recent seasons, however, writers are seemingly confused with their directions, presenting the audiences with two approaches: How Ted meets the mother vs. How Barney picks up girls. This episode focuses on the latter approach with absolutely no development in Ted's journey to meeting the mother.

    To extreme rarity, this episode is introduced solely from Robin's perspective. Whether intentional or not, Robin is distracted with the irrelevant Marshall and Lily development while telling her own assault story. For better or worse, this episode plays as a microcosm to the entire series, where the narrator continues to be sidetracked by less relevant stories.

    Into Barney's life, more inventive dating methods were introduced as he sacrifices to maintain loyalty to Nora, which is funny and touching.

    For Marshall, Lily, and Ted, this episode was rather boring. One positive in Ted's annoying interference with Lily's pregnancy is that Ted will be an undoubtedly caring father, which is something Lily obviously lacks (at least from her selfishness in this episode).

    Overall, this episode is a filler, but fairly satisfying if there is no humongous expectations.

  • 5 pts for marshal-ted friendship+5pts for barney-robin friendship..perfect 10..


    For people who think this was a filler episode cannot be more wrong..for the "more relevant stories" to make sense,first you need some episodes which would focus on character development..the part i loved the most about this episode was marshal supporting his best friend ted even over his wife..and ted caring for his friend lily as her doctor is giving her bad advice (i mean what does 'just a little bit' even mean)..robin realizing that she is a friend to barney first and his wannabe gf here we have all the characters tryin their best to be good friends and on one side we have lily who is gettin mad at her friend from school days just bcoz he is tryin to help her during pregnancy..but who is perfect,right?

  • What a great episode.


    I loved this episode, it's a nice change to make someone like Robin tell a story. Especially to a therapist that she was sent to for assaulting another woman.
    I thought that the way she told the different stories and told him that they were meaningful in the end was hilarious.
    I do not think that it was that funny that Ted was so worried about Lily's and Marshall's baby, though.

  • After three funny episodes this episode wasn't that funny but the story and the new character was amazing, this is an amazing episode but with few laughs at least not as much as the last three.


    This episode had 3 mainstory lines1) Robin letting Barney figure things out with Nora, 2) Tedinter-fearingwith Lilly's pregnancy and Marshall was with Ted, 3)Barney showing his love to Nora and not cheating with her by some kind of help from Robin. I think it was the first time that Robin told the story to us and it was from thetherapysession the funny thing is that she went to therapy because she protected Barney and Nora's relationship by hitting a girl who was going to Barney because of a call that Barney's phone did. I felt that Marshall and Ted were kind of like a couple in this episode and they took terns being the woman in the pregnancy class. The pregnancy Doctor was so crazy because she said ok for Lilly to drink a little while she is pregnant and ofcourse Lilly liked her and shedidn'tthink about the baby like Ted she only was happy to drink again and i see that as so selfish because parents will do anything for their children and she didn't even stop drinking for her son or daughter.

  • Not a bad episode.


    I was really looking forward to this episode, as its name certainly intrigued me, and thus, I expected a little more from it. I enjoyed parts of it - having Robin retell the story, Ted feeling a little left out and down because he didn't have a family as he expected brought us back to a reoccuring theme of the show, and tender moments between Marshall and Lily are always nice. Perhaps we need an episode like this every once in a while, where the sentimental outweighs the comedy, but is there a way to balance both? As previous episodes have proved, it can be.

    I'm not so much as disappointed with this episode, but I think I had expected to be somewhat more than it was due to its name. It wasn't bad, and I did enjoy it, but it was rather so-so and mediocre. The last few pictures of Marshall, Lily and Ted's old days made me smile, and it was good to see Kal Penn (the psychiatrist) acting again. This week's episode wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either. Looking forward to more.