How I Met Your Mother

Season 4 Episode 21

The Three Days Rule

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2009 on CBS

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  • The Three Days Rule

    This episode is a pretty hilarious one, as all the star played well in it. First, it started with Ted Mosby, meeting a lady name Holli, it ended with "i", which was mentioned by Ted at the end of this episode. Ted got Holli's number and got very excited about it, however his mates warmed him that he cant call her immediately, but need to wait for at least three day, due to "The Three Days" rule. It was my first time knowing that such rule exist. I realised that I learnt a lot of rules while watching "How I Met Your Mother". The episode proceeds with Barney and Marshall texting Ted by impersonating Holli. I got shocked when I knew the truth that they fooling with Ted, when Robin eventually found out that Marshall and Barney went retaliated Ted. The most interesting part of this episode is when Barney and Marshall compete to each other, to be Ted Mosby's gay partner. The appearance of Stan enhances the hilariousness of this episode, and Barney somehow enjoyed Stan's word very much, he even requested Stan to date in McLaren Bar in front of him and Marshall. The episode ended with the rule being right, that relationship could not work if guy call a girl within three days.
  • Has a Always Sunny In Philadelphia feel

    After seasons of chasing Ted dating girls around, this was a nice twist to the theme of How I Met Your Mother by injecting some It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia into it; they made the characters, Marshall and Barney in particular, irrationally narcissistic. Them battling each other to prove who'll win over Ted's gay bestfriend title was pretty hilarious.

    This episode was chockful of great gags and set ups, and all of them paid off, a rarity. From Ted's laugh when a naked woman's suggested to him, to Ted retaliating against Marshall and Barney's prank by sending them texts to throw them off, to Robin trying her best to sell her "he has 3 months to live," prank, etc. For an episode Robin felt like Dee from It's Always Sunny.

    And then there's Stan. That was a great gag to use with Marshall and Barney falling for him like a hopeless romantic.

    This is one of the best episodes of How I Met Your Mother ever. Although I can see why the ratings for it are so low. It doesn't embody the "feel" of the episode. I appreciated it for what it is though.
  • It's been three days

    Ted again meets a women and this time it was in a bar. He gets her number and Marshall and Barney try to to stop Ted from violating a rule that you can't call a women three days after you call her. Barney saying girls who spell their name a certain way was amusing. Ted doesn't call her but he texts her. Personally I hate texting and I think it's a very impersonal form of communication. There is a limit and I think Ted went past it. I have nothing against people who text it's not just for me, just a downgrade on this episode. Marshall and Barney knew Ted would do this and find a way to make it more interesting. And it was. It turns out that the time Ted was texting Holli it was actually Barney and Marshall. Robin finds out due to a text Marshall made for Lilly. Trying to stop this she tells Ted about it. Ted gets back at them by telling a "big secret" about his best friend. It was funny how both Barney and Marshall thinking it was about them. This has always been one of the themes on the show Barney and Marshall arguing who is Ted's best friend. The reason why Ted didn't find out sooner was because of a guy, Stan. He was a good guy who lent his voice to The Cleveland Show. I enjoyed how much they admired him. It was funny how they almost tried to have sex with Ted twice. The scenes with Barney and Marshall as Holli when they were texting each other were also very funny. And so it turns out that Holli is not the women for Ted who actually was a case for more the Hot/crazy scale. I really liked what future Ted said when he first meet the women who would be the wife.
  • Barney explains to Ted the "Three Days Rule" to Ted, but will Ted take his advice?


    "The Three Days Rule" is a funny How I Met Your Mother episode. I love the beginning of this episode when Ted gets a phone number from a girl named Holli and Barney has to explain the "Three Days Rule". I love how Ted decides to text Holli instead and their text messages become very dirty. I love how it's revealed that Ted has a laugh for when he sees naked women. I love how we find out that Barney and Marshall have been pretending to be Holli, so all this time Ted has been having dirty conversations with Marshall and Barney. I love how Robin tells Ted about Barney and Marshall posing as Holli, so Ted decides to play with their heads and tell them that he had a gay sex dream. I love how Barney and Marshall argue over who Ted might be more attractive to. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • Quite hilarious! I'll give you that much!

    This was perhaps not the best episode of HIMYM out there, but it was a highly interesting one. There was a relatively interesting storyline, but it wasn't 100% amazing, in my opinion, although it certainly was good.

    I thought the episode was quite ufunny, with all the texting that was going on! They definitely had some interesting moments out there, and it was really funny!

    I must admit, I enjoyed it more the first time round that watching it again afterwards, which is not always the case, ad that is another reason why I didn't give it a 10.

    Overall, amazing job, though. Keep it up guys, because this is one mazing show!
  • Marshall and Barney pretend to be a girl over text message that Ted likes so he will respect the three day rule to call a girl.

    Season 4 has been a mixed bag some eps have been really funny and others have been just terrible. In this way this season has teased us with some real promise then crippled us with some terrible plot lines. This ep is one that I personally found very funny with a great premise but inevitably falls short in the how ted meets his wife plot.

    This week begins with Ted getting a girl's number at McLaren's (Holli) and him desperately wanting to call her right away. But Barney tries to tell him that the three day rule can't be crossed as it dates back to Jesus. This leads to an ultimately great rant by Barney refering to the resurrection, without a doubt this was the highlight of the ep.

    Ted sees that texting doesn't count as a call so he texts Holli and proceeds to text all night and into the next day. What he doesn't know is that he actully isn't talking to Holli but rather Marshall and Barney who have switched the number for Barney's work cell. They do it so that he won't jump the gun and tell Holli that he loves her too soon, well that and they think its hilarious.

    This ep doesn't lose anything with Lilly notbeing their with the laughs consistent throughout. But like I said at the top, this season has seriously lacked a bit of forward movement in the story and even a short reference to it at the end didn't really deliver what the fans want. This season has shown glimpses of moving forward but every chance it gets it seems to jump back into the safety of filler episodes.
  • Utterly hilarious. One of the best of the season for sure. A series classic IMO.

    Ted meets a new girl, Holly, and the gang insists that he wait three days before calling to ask her out. Ted reluctantly agrees, but decides that texting her before then is fine, and he strikes up a text conversation with Holly that lasts several days. However, he soon discovers that he is actually texting with Marshall and Barney, who had swapped Holly's number in Ted's phone for Barney's to keep him from calling her before the three days was up. Furious after discovering the truth, Ted goes ahead and calls Holly to ask her out, and discovers that the three day rule is more apt then he once suspected.
  • Three days........yawn........get to the mother already.

    This episode just continues the massive slide in quality since the early series. I suggest going back to these episodes and realising how much better they were than this one. The story was silly just a set up to show that Ted broke the so-called rule and oh look she's crazy. It is no longer possible to care much about the characters. Robin, just in the series as a fake out for who the mother is, quick create teen singing sensation past and milk it far too often. Marshall, a whipped gentle giant, Lily who is only funny when she is being kinky. Barney, suit up!!!! Or not, now he 'loves' Robin, give me a break. How to copy the Friends style of sitcom, everyone ends up doing every one else. Does anyone have a group of friends all of whom have slept with/secretly fancied each other? These stresses would rip friendships apart. I was a real fan of this at the start I found Ted endearing as he pursued his search for true love. Now, I'm bored, get to the mother, hopefully not in a love at first sight kind of way, that would kill my interest completely. Any 'love' at first sight is pretty unrealistic and in the real world such relationships that work and last for any meaningful length can probably be counted on one hand.

    The three day rule comes from Jesus????????? Come on people, give me The Harpers from 2 and a half or the geeks from BBT and skip to the mother already.
  • Same old same old.

    Well, scratch that as there was no Lily, so that was a positive. We don't have any irritating jokes about "somebody going near her man" or anything of that nature tonight. But leave it to the How I Met Your Mother writers to come up with something equally agitating, Ted giggling when he sees a naked girl (something I am sure they'll bring back in the future, like the saluting of general idea and such). Barney was kind of funny and he usually is for the most part, but I have to question how long people will keep tuning in when he is the only good thing about the show.
  • Was funny actually..

    I have to admit, there were a good number of scenes where I did encounter an unforced chuckle. Barney's opener was good, but one could easily see the 'dude-ification' Jesus was copied from Family Guy. The initial parts where they mess around with Ted was reasonably funny. Of course, things started falling apart when they brought in the gay angle. Marshall and Barney fighting over who would be a better partner to Ted was overdone. I liked it till the part when Marshall says - why are we trying to have sex with Ted?. Robin was unfunny as always- even when she makes funny jokes only to realize it was not funny was terrible. Good episode for most part of the 20 odd minutes.
  • Barney's 'Jesus joke' makes it watchable

    I would rate this episode at not more than five. This is actually one of the boring ones. The whole 'Three Day' rule thing just didn't hit it off. And finally I think I am done with Ted's 'falling-in-love-at-first-sight' disease. He makes me sick when he finds real love of his life again and again. The mock-Holly textings were good, but then the end was as horrible as Ted himself. Barney and Marshall were doing a good job while texting Ted, but Ted totally screwed it up when he just came up with a lame 'I have gay dreams' and then he brought anti-climax just when the story was getting interesting by breaking the truth on his friends about his false texting trick. I mean, even I could have come up with something more than just that lame gay dreams' excuse. Anyone could have enjoyed it better than Ted did. In fact, I really think Robin's 'I am gonna die in three months' would be a better prank than Ted's.

    Sometimes I wonder, whether the script writers intend to make Ted comic or serious. Either way, he does a terrible job.

    The saving grace of this episode was the 'Jesus joke' of Barney. He really did pull it off this time.
  • One of the good ones

    When it comes down to How I met your mother this season, don`t really know what to expect from the new episodes, quality wise. They can be among the bads...the frequent OKs...the actually good or the rare excellent. The thing is that in the previous was pretty much excellent most of the times.
    Anyway, 3 days rules is among the good ones. While there were still some dull moments, this was mostly a funny 20 mins.
    The opener is gold. The jesus joke , concluded with what Barney thinks is the origin of the high five was hilarious. Another very funny thing about the episode was Stan...hope he can be a recurring star.
    Ted can be funny as well as annoying...I guess he was a little bit of both here. Marshall was ok, mainly due to the fact that he was with Barney who was once again awesome. However Robin (who clearly looks pregnant) remains pretty much unfunny.
    Overall, pretty good episode. However this season`s standard continues to be nothing compared to the first 3 seasons (specially first 2) when it was mostly excellent episodes every week. Still solid.
  • For some time now something has been missing. So, please, bring Lily back and SOON!

    This was a good ep, but for some time now something has been missing. Yes, that thing is Lily. Her character brought something more, gave the show a little familiar crazyness, it completed and defined everything else. I don`t know, I just think the absence of the only truly funny female character in the show leaves it lacking. Robin`s character was never really supposed to be funny, she is both part of the audience with a couple of well-placed somewhat sarcastic remarks, and part of the action that leads to most comedic scenes. So, please, bring Lily back and SOON!
  • Ted has gay dreams?

    Nope, he doesn't. But he pretends to in a hilarious situation. How I Met Your Mother seems to be recuperating from the average or below average episodes it's been having. In this episode, Ted meets a girl, Holly, and insists on calling her before three days. So Barney switches Holly's phone number with his work phone, so when Ted broke the three day rule, Barney & Marshall were there to get the message. They spend the rest of the episode trying to mess with Ted's head and see how long it takes for Ted to say he loves her. Robin finds out and tells Ted when he actually thinks he's falling for "Holly." So he decides to mess with their heads, by saying he has gay dreams about them all the time, to Holly supposedly. Now Marshall & Barney start to freak out and try to get the truth out of Ted to see which one he's having gay dreams about. Everything is out in the open by the end, and Ted goes out with Holly. But the real Holly turned out to be crazy. When I start to think about it, not much happened in this episode, but it was still very enjoyable and very funny. The B plots have been lacking since Lilly is gone still because of that joke that was made in the last episode. But the actual actress had to leave on maternity leave. A great episode and we finally get a mention of the mother.
  • absolutely amazing

    i believe this was the best episode in season 4 so far . i noticed that that lilly was not in the last , two episodes , what happended to her ? on the other hand i loved the episode . specialy the ted ' s laugh was amazing i do that some times too . realy funny ! i also noticed that robin was hiding her belly in every scene she appeared to be holding all kinds of things bags , clothes , and she was hiding behind the kitchen counter , on the contrery she is realy funny . pregnacy suits her ! great episode great great great