How I Met Your Mother

Season 1 Episode 12

The Wedding

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 2006 on CBS

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  • Ugh Claudia

    The writing here is the usual brilliant How I Met Your Mother fare. Ted invites Robin to a wedding that she possibly can't come to, because he absentmindedly forgot to check Plus 1 instead of going alone. The whole beginning bit, with Ted staring at the card and flash forwarding near the time of the wedding did a great job of disarming the idea of a disaster like the one Ted created ever happening.

    It's just brilliant how it kept on amping up the stakes one after another. Ted, because he has no balls, just doesn't want to break Robin's heart that she can't come after all the work she's done. It keeps getting worse as she even buys some really nice expensive shoes too.

    The episode does a brilliant job of making things worse and worse for Ted to the point that he's the single reason why Claudia and Stuwart were going to cancel the wedding. It shows two things, that Ted is gutless, and that he's way too obsessed with Robin.

    The gag with the cranberry vodkas was played off really well, loved that part.

    What I have to dock points off for this episode is Claudia's acting. Terrible.

    Other than that, great episode.
  • Ted at a Wedding

    This show always produces good episodes and this was no exception. It's been said that a fine wine gets better with age and I think episode is like that. I think it's the little things that made this episode great. These little things show that Robin is not the mother. The choice that Robin made shows her stance on relationships (or potential) and something she will struggle throughout the series. Speaking of Robin, her dress was great. Even though Robin is not the mother, I like that how they are doing the Ted and Robin thing.

    I like that the wedding itself was a secondary story. Remember the couple, you will see them again. I think it's interesting that what Ted circled on his RSVP. Maybe there was a reason why he did it.

    The ending was great and something you appreciate when you watch Season 7. If you remember anything from this episode, remember that women at the end. (More on her later)
  • Ted invites the newly-single Robin to his friends' wedding, but causes havoc as normal.

    Robin has just broken up with her boyfriend, Derek, and Ted seizes the opportunity by inviting her as a date to his friends' wedding. However, when Claire (the bride) is positive Ted checked "Coming Alone" on his invitation, she refuses to let Robin come. (which he actually did check) Ted sneaks around her back and asks Stuart (the groom) the same question who accepts. However, when Claire finds out, this starts a big argument which breaks the two up days before the wedding. Ted and Marshall along with the others must get them back together. They eventually do, and with some drinks, Claire even lets Robin come. However, as they are getting ready to leave, Robin gets called by her producer to do a special news cast, so Ted goes alone anyway. There, he meets someone, though. But we'll get to that later. After this episode and how Ted and Robin didn't go together, I got tired of the two. They keep making plans that don't happen or Robin still doesn't want a commitment or gets a boyfriend at the wrong time. Other than that, still a funny and enjoyable episode. However, I hope my bride isn't that stressed days before the wedding.
  • Ted tries to get Robin invited to Claudia and Stuart's wedding.

    "The Wedding" is such a funny How I Met Your Mother episode. I love how Ted invites Robin to Claudia and Stuart's wedding, but Ted didn't check "plus one", so now he has to convince them that he can invite Robin. It's hilarious how Ted almost ruins their wedding. I'm actually glad that Robin had the chance to anchor on her news show, but that means she can't be with Ted, which is fine with me. I love how Ted says he's ready to be single and then a second girl his eye meets with a women across the room. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • :)

    Ted is planning to bring Robin as his date to a wedding but the bride says he did not RSVP with a guest. When he goes around her and gets permission from the groom, a man named Stuart. Ted's fantasy with Robin is in trouble unless he finds a way to get them back together. I really, really do love this show, it's getting very addicting for me. I love the start, and then the phone conversation with Ted and Barney. I love the bar scene, when Ted is saying all the facts. Barney is hilarious, I love the way he is, I mean like verything he says and does makes me fall in love with him. I love the scene with Ted and Robin, I'm glad she is up for it. I love the scene with Claudia and Ted. I love the Barney speech, hilarious! I love the way Robin can now come to the Wedding, but the Wedding is now off all because of Ted. I love the scenes between Barney and Claudia, he is so hot. I love the way Lily grabs Barney. Hilarious the way everyone is when they kiss the Claudia and Stuart, BARNEY, amazing. I love the way Robin gets a phone conversation, and Ted is a gentleman telling her to come. I love the scene between Marshall and Lily. I love the scene with Barney and Ted, hilarious. Great episode.
  • It was on

    This show is so stupid......and where is the comedy?

    I was waiting for 9pm to come which is when Two & a Half Men start, and this was on. But, more importantly the family was watching it and I could not turn the channel.

    The episode tried to be a domino effect with Robin and Ted situation somehow, (still wondering why) affected the bride and grooms day.

    I liked the fact of Barney hitting on the funny.

    Ted may have a new woman in his life, which is great because, although, I don't watch the show the little part I saw of Robin irriated me.

    Overall, boring episode......with little comedy.
  • A funny episode, with some philosophical touch and maybe we saw the mother!

    I really loved this episode! Quite some time went by in this episode: whole three month!
    The first half of this episode was really funny, the second part more philosophical. It started with the wedding invitation Ted received and he asked himself if he should check, that he’s coming alone or with a date. He decides to check that he’s not going alone and secretly hopes for Robin to be his date. But 4 days before the wedding Ted has still no date, but then suddenly Robin breaks up with her boyfriend! So Ted invites her. And now the really fun part starts: For example Lily and Robin: “Four days to find a dress?” “That’s a suicide mission!”
    Marshall and Lily arguing about their own wedding is hilarious too. Especially when you consider Lily wants some adventure wedding in the woods and Marshall some classic celebration. My (maybe old fashioned) opinion is, that usually the girl want some classic stuff, so I laughed about that fact!
    The problems are starting when Ted meets Claudia two days before her wedding and Ted tells her that he brings his date and Claudia tells him, he checked that he’s coming alone to the wedding! Claudia is freaking out completely! It’s hilarious and a great score behind it. Barney’s speech about that fact is also hilarious and Ted has to tell Robin that she can’t come! But Robin’s dress is so charming; Ted can’t resist and tells her nothing. When Lily and Ted discuss the problem in the cab, Lily mentions that it’s 40% of his wedding too. That’s such a great statement from her, considering what she tells Marshall all the time.
    So Ted goes to Claudia’s future husband Stuart and asks him. And surprisingly Stuart tells Ted that won’t be a problem, but about that fact Claudia and Stuart split up! So Ted has to bring them back together. They finally succeed with that (even Barney is hitting hard on Claudia), but Robin can’t make it, because she has the chance to present the news from the studio (and not some street story after all).
    The wedding is a bit philosophical when Ted thinks about himself and his future. But then Ted sees a girl, maybe his next girl or maybe the one, the mother?

    I’m just confused about one fact: When Lily tells Claudia to meet in the bar; Claudia is in a cab and Lily’s home. It always seamed that the bar is not far from where they live, so why is Claudia so much earlier there than Lily and Barney can hit on her??? Ok but it was also fun to see Lily grab Barney and threaten him!
  • Yet another great episode.

    I love this show, and I loved this episode. It wasn't as great as some of the others, but this show rocks so much anyways it deserves a 10. The best parts of this episode, by far, would be the parts with Claudia and Ted, and between Barney and Lily. There was a lot of great lines (like usual) and a great story behind this episode. I'd recommend catching a re-run if its ever on, because as I said this show rocks, and this episode rocked. I'll definately be catching the next episode.
  • A turning point for Ted

    In this episode, Ted asks Robin to his friend's wedding and she accepts. Ted hopes that he'll be able to win over Robin, but there's a problem: he checked off that he was going alone which causes friction between his friend's wedding. Everything works out in the end and Robin is able to come but she ends up cancelling at the last minute when she's offered to anchor the news. Ted becomes upset but then discovers that he is in fact a single guy and decides to stop waiting for Robin not knowing that this night will change everything.
    This was a funny and great episode. Here Ted finally accepts his status as a single man and to stop waiting for Robin. I had a feeling that Robin wouldn't come to the wedding because of work, a bit predictable, but the rest was great. And could that woman in the final scene be Ted's future wife? Guess we'll have to wait and see.
  • Brilliant. Simply Brilliant

    Another great episode - exactly what makes How I Met Your Mother my favorite TV show these days.

    Amazingly written, hilarious and yet unexpected, this episode deals with how Ted almost ruins his friends' wedding after going between the bride and the groom in some stupid dispute (A great appearance of Virginia Williams as the psycho bitch bride, by the way) - And, among other things, contemplates once more his ever changing feelings for Robin, who agrees to be Ted's Date to the wedding.

    Of course, everything ends well, and, er, in the final scene of the chapter there's a focus on yet another girl that can change Ted's life?...

    A great epi, one of the best since the show started... run and see!!
  • Another really awesome episode.

    I can't say enough good things about How I Met Your Mother. It is simply the most brilliant sitcom to hit airwaves in years. In this installment Ted invites Robin to be his date at a friends wedding, but the situation would only complicate itself from then on. Our power couple seem to be on the road to begin together, but the writers yet again find a way to keep them apart a little longer. At this point I can't see Ted ending up with anyone else so I hope the writers are planning on putting him with Robin in the end. This episode is solid all around and very funny throughout. Recommended.
  • A wedding episode. Will Ted find his future bride in the wedding???

    "Did I check plus one? Did I not check plus one?"
    Ted's mind boggled with this question when he invited Robin to his friend Claudia & Stuart's wedding just to found out later that he did not check plus one on the RSVP.
    He tried everything to squeeze Robin into the guest list. After being rejected by Claudia, he tried talking to Stuart. in result, making the couple to fight and finally called off the wedding. Ted and Marshall hurried to the rescue, talking senses to Stuart while Lily tried to save Claudia from Barney's devilish plan.
    In the end, the wedding continued and it turned out Robin couldn't make it to be Ted's date because she finally got be "anchor, anchor" in the news program she's been working.
    And the question that began this review, was answered in the end of episode, when Claudia handed Ted his RSVP.
    "I didn't check plus one!"
  • Plus one.

    A great episode, with the first cliffhanger of the series. Ted has to attend a wedding, and puts plus one on his invitation three months in the past. When he bumps in to Claudia, the bride, it turns out that he can't bring anyone 'cause he put he was going going alone. The biggest problem occurs when he's already agreed to take Robin, someone who he has been trying to be with all season, and he thought that night was going to be the start of something new, with Robin. So he tries to fight the couple on bringing someone which eventually leads to them breaking up. So now Marshall, Lilly & Ted have to do whatever it takes to bring the wedding back on. They eventually do, and Ted gets to bring his plus one you think everything is going to work out for Ted & Robin, until Robin gets called in from work, and she gets offered a great opportunity, but she has to miss the wedding. So Robin doesn't end up going, which made the episode seem like a bit of filler, and kind of pointless regardless of how much laughs I got, but then something amazing happened. A cliffhanger. "The night has only begun" Closes up on a girl, she smiles. Could she be the mother? Not likely, but a decent cliffhanger that made this episode great.
  • This was a really funny episode!

    I really enjoyed this one, as I found it to be immensely funny and I was laughing right through it. It was a great concept, and I enjoyed watching it, and I thought the acting by the bride, Claudia, was sublime and scintillating!

    The storyline was really funny, and Ted nearly broke the couple up, on the simple oconcept of bringin a 'plus one', and it was working really nicelty!

    I think that the episode was great and I would highly recommend it, becaue it will provide you with great laughs and great entertainment! Keep it up, How I Met Your Mother, ans I'm really enjoying watching Season One! Great work, guys!
  • This show bites

    At the end of "The Wedding" episode, when the lead character (whatever his name is) focuses in on some nice-looking girl across the room, a song starts playing in the background.



    This show bites, BTW. Corny, slapstick-like jokes, silly character motivations, and a futuristic narrator who gives me a mental hiccup every time I hear his voice (wait, isn't this happening in the present? ...oh yeah, the narrator speaks from the future...wait, WHAT?).

    Oh, and Doogie Howser is more than just not funny -- he's downright creepy.
  • Ted almost ruins a wedding trying to get Robbin to go. Advances the plot, there might be someone new in Ted's Life

    Maybe finally Ted realizes that Robin is not the girl for him, I really liked this episode and of course this is the 1st episode with a wedding all good sitcoms need to have an episode with a wedding in it. Loved this show can't wait for more, maybe this a sign for this show to last for a long time.