How I Met Your Mother

Season 5 Episode 23

The Wedding Bride

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 17, 2010 on CBS

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  • Funnier than the last couple of episodes, but suffers from dumb parts like the movie about Ted

    This episode is about the baggage that everyone has and that Ted realizes he has too in this episode. Reason for that is that Tony Grafanello, the reason why Ted got left at the altar by Stella a while ago, has made a movie about this story, called "The Wedding Bride". But this movie is entirely different from the events that happened in season 3 and 4 of How I Met Your Mother. In the movie version, Ted - under the name of Jed Moseley - is pictured as the biggest imaginable jerk and Tony is the endearing and good-looking guy. After Ted has seen this movie with his new date Royce (Judy Greer who is obviously appearing in every single sitcom on air currently), he is outraged and unsure how to react to this. Contrary to what I expected, he doesn't confront Stella and Tony about this, but tries to live with this baggage. Surrealistically, this unfunny romantic comedy turns out to be the 5th-highest-grossing movie of all time in the show and Ted is confronted by it everywhere he goes. To the movie: of course they exaggerated everything, but it was totally unfunny. Actually I really hated the scenes of this movie because I didn't remember Tony as such as a jackass as he proves to be with writing this movie.

    But besides that, this episode delivers some hilarious gags and actually does without any unnecessary sub-plots most of the time.

    Neil Patrick Harris does one of the best performances of his lifetime in this episode! He has little screentime, but everytime he's awfully funny and made me laugh out loud more than once (especially the final scene in the cinema with him using "kiss" as an euphemism for a way ruder word, supposably starting with an 'f'). The other cast members have nice moments as well, although the screenplay tries to hard with the characters of Marshall and Robin, in my opinion. Another great idea of the crew was to show the baggage of people by putting a suitcase in their hands on which we have hilarious one-liners, just as "Still likes Oasis", "Pacific Islander fetish" and "Slept with Barney" - 3 times.

    But this episode still suffers from the usual issues that this show has developed in seasons 4 and 5. I was often unable to agree with the writers' sort of humor and, as I said, the movie was utterly dumb. Maybe I'm being a little too harsh with it, but when I compared it to all other movies and TV shows existing, I can't possibly give it more than 5/10 points.
  • The "real" story of how Ted got married

    At this time of the series Ted realizes that women he hates have baggage. It's something that he doesn't like but he deals with it. He is dating a girl and she doesn't seem to have any baggage. He tries to look for it but can't seem to find it. This shows how much Ted has grown. In the past a women with baggage or someone who is not perfect (Blah Blah, Strawberry) Ted either doesn't realize it or doesn't want to see it. Things are going good until he sees a movie with Royce until they see The Wedding Bride. He reailzes that is "based" his marriage and breakup to Stella.

    I realize that this episode like many others is done in a short time but the movie could've at least done better since this was considedred a alltime classic. It's not that the movie was bad it's just that I find it hard to beleive that Chirs Kattan could star in a blockbuster. That being said I enjoyed all the past references and how Jed Moosely was turned into a bad guy and Tony as this perfect guy. I also like how all of Ted's friends like the movie but try to say they don't like it around him. Just a small complaint here but when Robin kind of dismissed the romantic things (kind of cheesy) for Stella, not cool. While the song used at the end was good, I think it made the scene more then it was supposed to be. However my favorite part happened when future Ted said Barney still did not say kiss. It got even funnier when the word kept on being said. Other funny moments include when Ted imagines the baggage that Royce has. My favorite was the bag that said Wait for her to finsh her drink.

    So in the end Royce was not the mother but Ted's way of breaking up could've been better. Overall a good episode.
  • Ted finds out there's a movie called "The Wedding Bride" about his relationship with Stella.


    "The Wedding Bride" is surprisingly a fun How I Met Your Mother episode. I actually love how Tony made a movie called "The Wedding Bride" and it portrays Ted to be a jerk. I love how this episode was about baggage. And part of Ted's baggage is this movie. I love how he meets Royce and she seems to be perfect. I love the end of this episode when she reveals all her baggage. I give this episode a 8.5/10.

  • The Wedding Bride

    Finally, an episode of How I Met Your Mother that I did not absolutely hate; it has been years since I have been able to say that. The show is still not funny, and when you are on the same night as Rules of Engagement, Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory people are going to notice it, but at least I chuckled a couple of times here (mainly when Ted noticed they used his real name in the movie a couple of times.)

    I have zero interest in the season finale which, judging from the title, will most likely land us the final doppleganger. That's at the top of my stupid story arcs list.
  • This episode should have made Ted rich, but didn't.

    This episode was primarily about how after a certain age, everyone has emotional baggage. Ted was so worried about what his new girlfriend's baggage was that he forgot that he is carrying some himself, and that doesn't include that in the future he tells long boring stories to his kids that are supposed to be how he met their mother, but never gets to the point.

    So, Ted and his girlfriend go to a movie, "The Wedding Bride", which turns out to be about Stella dumping Ted at the alter, except the movie is written to make Ted the bad guy in the whole incident. The movie is very popular, and just days after its release is the 5th highest grossing movie of all time.

    What the writers completely ignore is that in real life, Ted would have been able to sue the writer and studio for major bucks. Not only was his name barely changed ("Ted" became "Jed"), but at least twice the Ted character is actually called Ted Moseby. IANAL, but it seems to me that Ted would be able to sue for invasion of privacy, libel, and being held up to public ridicule. At a trial, if the defendants were stupid enough to let it go that far, a jury would be likely to award Ted a major percentage of the movie's gross, and he would be a very rich man.

    The fact that the writers did not even address the issue of Ted suing is a fatal flaw in this episode for me.
  • Baggage.

    A good concept, which How I Met Your Mother always tends to bring to it's audience. An enticing concept, it's where they take the concept that really matters though. Which seems to be the problem in some cases. This was a good episode, that brought some flashes from the past regarding Stella. The continuity was also good, since last season, Ted said that in May 2010, Tony was going to make the movie: "The Wedding Bride." And look, here it is. Royce annoyed me for some reason, but she fit in nicely to this episode. The fact that everyone like a horrendous movie like the one they showed in this episode was ridiculous, which I guess was the joke. It just didn't seem believable that everyone liked that movie. Barney shined in this episode, he was probably the funniest. Marshall, Lilly, and Robin were all in the sidelines as they talk about baggage. The last scene was amazing, with everyone having their own baggage. And after winning Royce back, Ted realizes she has a whole lot of baggage, it made it seem like the whole "trying to win her back" seemed pointless which is another flaw in this episode. Sure, I can find a couple flaws, but this epsiode was entertaining which is what made this episode good.
  • Near the end of the season, the writers finally get it right!

    This is a great episode, and this is the kind of episode that we are all waiting for. Funny, clever and subtle. I like it when they literally show the "baggage" and have those large prints on it, brilliant idea. This episode made a large amount of references to all the previous sessions and episodes e.g. the red cowboy boot, butterfly tattoo, the goat...etc. I like how Barney say "Kiss" when he was actually saying "Fxxk", reminds me of the episode whereby they rephrase the line from lethal weapon saying "i'm too old for this *stuff*"(he did not say stuff)...

    I reakon all the best episode in this season, like Robin 101, the Playbook ...etc are written by Carter Bays and Criag Thomas. They should fire all the other writers and gave them the episodes to write.

    If you are a big fan of HIMYM, you would like this episode.
  • Random episode, but if you want a good laugh, look no further!

    This was a very funny episode of How I Met Your Mother, with an interesting storyline and an amazing amount of laughs.

    The episode itself was a bit of a pointless one, but a great comedy, nevertheless. I loved the idea that a movie was made about Ted Mosby (or "Jed Mosly"). That was really funny, and the movie itself was hilarious, with the parts that we saw!

    Really a great concept, and a full ten out of ten for the writes who came up with this one. Congrats, but I hope that this type and calibre of episode will be more common within the next season! Keep it up!