How I Met Your Mother

Season 5 Episode 10

The Window

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 2009 on CBS

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  • Funny, but an unoriginal storyline.

    This episode had several great points, and several downsides. The storyline seemed completely unimaginative and enenjoyable, and I thought it was not thought out well.

    However, they did a great job with the comedy aspect of the episode, as I found it to be very funny. The storyline was weak, but a lot of funny moments, such as Ted's lecture and Robin flirting with the other guy, made it very enjoyable.

    I would recommend this episode, as it was full of great laughs, but I think the storyline needs a huge improvement. The writers need to look back on what has been successful thus far, and concentrate on exploiting that, more often.
  • Almost like a flashback to the fantastic first season.

    For the first time this season an episode of HIMYM really connected on a more-than-superficial level. Ted is at his best when he's lovestruck and determined to find his wife. He is an adorable guy and now it seems he's back on his quest, which made this episode seem like the extended romantic comedy that was season 1.

    Marshall's side-story was less interesting but I always enjoy watching his and Lily's undying loyalty to each other, as Lily drops everything to make sure her husband isn't going to make a rash action (resigning) and Marshall tells his older self to remain married to Lily. Barney as always stole every scene he was in.

    The only complaint I have is that Robin is just not funny, and the actress seems to be trying so hard to be so. From that awkward first scene where she tries to imitate Brad Pitt, to coming on to the hot guy at the art exhibit, she just doesn't seem to fit in the show anymore.

    Otherwise, a great episode. I hope the new episodic structure of HIMYM doesn't completely abandon Ted's reignited quest to find the One. Maybe then, I won't abandon the show either.
  • a great episode

    we are back with another great himym episode . ia love the fact that ted is back on the search. also the scene from his class . hilarious. barney as usual legendary . i have to admit that the new girl was great and i hope we see her again some time she did have a quality that would make her perfect for the show !

    Marshall stops by Ted's apartment with a box of childhood memorabilia from his mother. While they look through the stuff, Ted receives a call from an old woman telling him "the window is open." Ted races over to a woman's apartment a few blocks away. Future Ted explains that "the window" was the window of opportunity to date a woman named Maggie, who followed up every long term relationship with a very short break, and then an even-longer relationship.
  • Maggie who Ted has always wanted to date has broken up with her boyfriend and Ted wants to take the window of opportunity. Unfortunately he has to teach so he relies on Marshall and Lily, who relies on Robin, who relies on Barney to stay with her.

    An entertaining episode but not one of the funniest of this season. Unfortunately an 8.5 for Accidentally on Purpose is good. For How I Met Your Mother it can be a little disappointing. It was better than last week though.

    Let's face it, you knew Ted was doomed from the start. That's not even a spoiler. It's Ted we are talking about. All of the other stuff, Marshall with the letter, Lily trying to make Marshall feel better, Robin trying to first ruin Barney's chances then trying to stop a guy from picking up Maggie, and finally Barney giving Ted ten bro-minutes before he hit on Maggie were all just little uneven bits.

    It was funny in class how Ted ended up having the whole class be about Maggie. Also the explanation of the window of opportunity was pretty good as well. I must admit, this may be the first time I actually enjoyed the Ted portion of a storyline more than the other part of the episode! The student/teacher reactions and discussions were pretty good. Their encouragement and giving him advice was pretty cool. Didn't we hear that his kids mother is actually one of the students in his Architecture Class? I could have sworn he dropped that nugget in the first episode of the season.

    Predictable ending and bar scenes with some surprisingly good bits with the students in the middle give this an 8.5 overall. Good entertainment and an enjoyable show. Thanks for reading...
  • Had it's moments.

    This episode was good, and How I Met Your Mother has really impressed me with the comedy lately, it's just that the haven't done much with the plot in a while. For this show it seems like it's impossible to contribute to the plot and be funny at the same time. This episode didn't contribute with the plot that much but it sure had it's funny moments. Robin hitting on the guy that was going after Maggie was probably the funniest. I can't believe Barney is still pulling this crap, he broke the bro code before, does he really want to risk it all just so he can sleep with a girl, to get the overalls off. In this episode, the window is open so that means Ted's girl next door is single: Maggie. Now he must get her before anyone else does. Meanwhile Robin, Marshall & Lilly try to keep Maggie away from guys when Ted is teaching a class. The episode was about to be good in my book, until the extremely cheesy unrealistic ending. When Old Marshall comes from the future to give Present Marshall as sign that he was in the present. Marshall gets a note from the past that says to not sell out to a corporate company which he did. So he doubts himself throughout the whole episode, that's when Future Marshall comes along. Ted misses his chance by the end. An okay episode. Too unrealistic for me in the end though.
  • Mediocre

    Still is not that funny episode of HIMYM. Still have many cheesy and boring moments. And it has no sense because in ten years Maggie and Ted appearance did not change a bit. And in Ted's architecture class, that is so fantastic. This is not spongebob squarepants you know, that anything is possible. And Marshall and Lily's stories must be done in one new show, so that I can skip watching that show. Still the "Playbook" episode is the only episode worthy of... I don't know... worthy to be watch and to be entertained. . . . . . .
  • Definitely the worst episode I have seen of How I met your Mother...

    I'm sorry to say but this is definitely the worst episode I have seen of How I met your Mother. To be honest this season is going nowhere, which is a real shame (it does have it's moments). It feels like all the continuity has gone that was in the previous 4 seasons - all the build up to how he meets their mother from the previous series seems lost (the kids aren't even in the show any more). I love this series. It's one of my all time favourites, but I'm starting to lose interest with this fifth season quickly. I truly hope this season gets better quickly...
  • When Ted gets the signal that Maggie is single, he tries to ask her out.


    "The Window" is an enjoyable How I Met Your Mother episode. I love how Ted wants to date this girl named Maggie who always seems to be taken by the time he asks her out. I love how Barney and this random guy named Jim also want to date Maggie. It was so cute how Jim explained that Maggie was his neighbour. I love how Barney and Ted gave up on Maggie so Jim could be with her. I love how Robin dared Barney to try to get laid by wearing overalls. The end of the episode was so creepy when Barney sees this old woman checking him out. I love Marshall plot of finding a letter he wrote at 14 years old. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • Loved it!

    This is definitely one of my favorite episodes of How I Met Your Mother. It's hilarious. Although it may have not contributed much to the overall plot of the show, it was really very, very funny. I have to say I loved it.
  • The window is open

    This was an episode that you either loved or hated. While I can understand how some people can dislike this episode, every time I watched this, I really enjoyed it. At first glance this was a teaser episode but it was done beautifully.

    At the start of this episode Ted receives a call from an older women that the window is open. He rushes to this apartment to greet a women. How he rushes and how Lilly helps Ted was amusing. It turns out this women is someone that Ted really likes and knew since college. Not only that but Lilly and Marshall enjoy her as well. This women has been single for only a short period of time and now Ted has his chance. This women, Maggie is someone who comes across as very likeable. The producers did a good job of casting this women. I also liked how all of Ted's friends tried to help him. Even Barney tried to help. For a second. I thought it was really funny how Barney gave himself a new challenge to get laid in overalls. I also enjoyed how Robin blocked all Barney's chance. Another good part of this episode was how Ted's class took a great interest not just in the class itself but Maggie as well.

    The B Story served it's purpose in filling up time. It was not a bad story at all but the Maggie storyline needed to be the A Storyline. From a very young age Marshall has always been someone who didn't want a corporate job but due to his situation he ended up getting one. What a great wife of Lilly to help out Marshall even he tried to dunk the second time. The break from reality was a nice touch with future Marshall.

    When Ted, Barney, and Maggie's work friend try to go after her to only find out that she met someone. In this case, the guy was someone from her past and the window was closed forever. The story of Maggie and and her husband was a very sweet one. Also a great song to go along with it. It does make me wonder what the greatest love story ever told was.
  • Better than most of this season's episodes

    In this episode, Ted gets a call from some old woman who tells him that "the window is open again". At this point, the audience doesn't know what is meant by that, but as revealed soon, this is a metaphor for Ted's long time crush, Maggie, a girl next door, being single again. Obviously this girl is a real man-magnet since it usually doesn't take more than an hour for her to get a new boyfriend after she had broken up with the last one. But don't see her as a whore or something, her relationships actually last for more many years, as Ted narrates. Meanwhile, Barney's found a new challenge, picking up a girl while wearing overalls and Marshall has found a letter from his 15-year-old-self to his 30-year-old-self and recognizing that he didn't achieve the aims he set for himself.

    This season had a lot of rough parts that were hard for me to watch, since I usually liked the show in the former seasons. But in this episode, all the stupid screenplay ideas and unfunny jokes from some of the last episodes may be forgotten. Finally, we have a fine plot again and finally, we have Ted recognizing something important in his life. This episode would really fit into the style of the first season (which was by far the best of all of this show) with Ted's main love story, the more serious side story of some of the other characters, and Barney's hilarious third part. This was a very welcome change of tone in this series that was mostly about boring cameo appearances and idiotic plot parts that have nothing to do with the main story in the past.

    This episode was written very well and had some really hilarious jokes like when Robin was teasing Barney that he looks like a farmer. Josh Radnor was maybe overplaying a bit, however he was definitely a lot better than in the past episodes in which Ted was actually a supporting character. His finding at the end of this episode was very nice and I liked it a lot when they showed the future of Maggie.

    Not everything was good about this episode, though. Cobie Smulders wasn't very good, her acting didn't seem real. The Marshall story part was a bit too stereotypical at times and some things, like Barney's "date" at the end of this episode were rather weird than funny. It's a nice episode, overall, but it's only "okay" compared to the 1st or 3rd season of this show.