How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 3

Third Wheel

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 08, 2007 on CBS
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Ted's new attitude attracts women in the present and one from his past. The rest of the gang pulls together to help him make the most of the situation.

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  • Ted and the belt

    The stories that future Ted tells his kids before he met their mother are sometimes told without the whole truth (Marshall's bachelor party) or some details left out or forgotten (the goat, more on that much later) This story is well something maybe he shouldn't have told his kids. And that's the biggest downgrade about this episode. The story itself was good. Normally I would wonder why Ted would go after the belt. But I forgive him since that he's in post-breakup time after Robin and two the threesome would be any guys dream. (including mine)

    It was nice seeing Wendy again. It's probably because I am so used to seeing her as Winnie from Wonder Years but it's a little strange that she is a woo girl. (also more on that later) Some interesting points from this episode. First Ted not screwing up his chance at the belt despite setbacks from him to his friends. And second seeing that Barney screwing up his chance at the belt. If there is any complaint about this episode it's that you don't know whether actually Ted went through it. Then again maybe it's good. It adds some mystery. It's one of the staples of the show.

    This was one of the few episodes where there was not much of a B or C story. Both were good. Robing deciding not to shave her legs only end up wanting to do it only to screw it up were pretty funny. The fight that Marshall and Lilly had about a threesome if one of them died was entertaining. I liked that the fight was not petty or became huge. Also I like that the producers got an actual belt or at least it seemed real. I think it may have been a WWE belt.

    Even though this wasn't up to the usual standards of the series (they are pretty high) it was still a good episode.moreless
  • Ted gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he's faced with two women who are in love with him.

    Ugh, I'm not digging Season 3 so far. Don't get me wrong, there were some good moments like the revealing of the belt for whoever "rode the tricycle" first and the ending when Ted chose not to tell Barney whether he did it or not. (Although it's pretty clear he did; It was also a nice blast to the beginning of the episode, when Future Ted tells his kids there's some stories he tells and some he doesn't) However, Robin wasn't involved with the rest of the gang in this episode and her storyline was boring. Note: Robin's first two boyfriends post-Ted are foreign: one from Argentina, the next, in this episode, from Britain. I didn't like Ted's change of personality around Trudy and Rachel and I don't find either of them appealing honestly. However, Busy Philipps provided a nice flashback to "Freaks and Geeks" the show robbed by NBC of a chance/Season 2. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily talk about if each other die again, briefly, and that's about it. In my opinion, Season 3 has not gotten off to a good start, maybe Ted and Robin should just get back together...moreless
  • Ted gets the opportunity to be with two girls. Will he take it?

    "Third Wheel" is an awesome How I Met Your Mother episode. In this episode, Ted has the opportunity for a threesome. I love how he calls Barney for advice and he ends up getting advice from Lily and Marshall as well. I love how Ted is about to have a threesome when he goes into his room, the gang is there, and Barney makes this sob story about how he almost had a threesome but couldn't do it. I love Robin's plot of not shaving her legs and then she meets this guy she really likes, so she wants to shave her legs. I give this episode a 9/10.moreless
  • Great Episode

    It was pretty much about Taking a Chance Ted Had Two Beautiful Women that were Madly Attracted to Him and He couldn't step up to the Task of Sleeping with both of them Everytime He would try The Eagle WWF Championship Replica Belt that Barney had would Appear and he would mess up the Same Happened with Barney with Two Beautiful Women also
  • Ted en un trio?

    Muy divertido ver a Barney y a Marshall jugando con el Nintendo Wii, (cuánto dinero habrá pagado Nintendo para mostrar ese tipo de publicidad? pero ese es otro tema jeje). En este episodio, Ted esta a las puertas del sueño de cualquier hombre, estar con dos chicas a la vez, claro, lo único malo es que el episodio nos deja sin saber que fué lo que realmente sucedio, y creo que nos dejó tan intrigados a los televidentes como a Barney, quien se moria por enterarse si Ted lo hizo o no. En fin, espero que en algún momento en el futuro nos puedan sacar de esa duda, y ojala mostrar un flashback con lo que realmente sucedio, hasta ese momento estaremos son saber. Aunque en mi opinión, creo que Ted no hizo nada, solo queria dejar a Barney picado.moreless
Danica McKellar

Danica McKellar


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Busy Philipps

Busy Philipps


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Neil Jackson

Neil Jackson


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Bob Saget

Bob Saget

Voice of Ted, 2030

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David Henrie

David Henrie


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Lyndsy Fonseca

Lyndsy Fonseca


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    • Marshall: Okay, new scenario: We're caught in a car crash, you die, I'm left paralyzed. Two sexy nurses come in with a six-pack of wine coolers. I try to blink at them in Morse code. (blinks his eyes) Please... no... I love my dead wife. But they're medical professionals and I have to assume this is good for me.
      Lily: Fine, sleep with your nurses. Tonight you ride the unicycle.
      Marshall: Already did this morning.

    • Ted: What? We agreed! I suited up!
      Barney: You take too long to get ready.
      Ted: What are you talking about? I got the low-maintenance, just-rolled-out-of-bed look.
      Marshall: Which takes about an hour-and-a-half of waxing, tugging, and teasing to achieve.
      Barney: And then he starts on his hair.

    • Marshall: If Lily died before me, I could easily go for the belt.
      Lily: If I died before you, I could easily come back and haunt your penis.

    • Marshall: (not wearing pants) Wait, I thought we were in for the evening.
      Barney: That's what I thought about your bangers and mash, but apparently we're both wrong, governor!

    • Barney: The real Wimbledon lasts a fortnight.
      Marshall: British words are cool. Also, their lawyers wear wigs. I wore a wig at work once, and they laughed at me.

    • Trudy: (fantasy) Ted, what's wrong?
      Ted: I was just thinking about this documentary I saw once. About something called a super volcano. (to Barney) Okay, what the hell?
      Barney: Wait for it...
      Ted: (fantasy) It can happen at anytime. And obliterate all life on Earth. Which is why I live by three simple words; don't postpone joy.
      Rachel: Oh, my God.
      Trudy: That's so true.
      Ted: (present) Mortality angle. That's actually pretty good. I can do this.

    • Rachel: (fantasy) You give the most amazing foot massage.
      Ted: That's because I used to practice all the time on my grandmother. (to Barney) Why in God's name would I say that?
      Barney: It's endearing! You're a caregiver. Never take family values out of the equation.

    • Lily: I cannot give up my bedroom to a boot thief. She should be punished, not rewarded.
      Ted: Fine, then I'll try to work in a little light spanking.

    • Ted: It's a tricycle!
      Barney: No way, no way, no way!
      Marshall: What's happening?
      (Barney gives Marshall the phone)
      Ted: It's a tricycle!
      Marshall: No way, no way, no way! It's a tricycle!
      Lily: I'll say it now, all sorority girls are sluts.

    • Barney: (on women with unshaved legs) Guys just want to get on the green. They don't mind going through the rough.

    • Ian: Hey, Robin, the valet just pulled my car in. I thought we could go back to my place, if you're in the mood for a nightcap.
      Robin: Absolutely, I just have to go to the ladies room. I've got TB: tiny bladder.

    • Barney: Ted, if you're going to go for the Belt, then the bylaws require me to ask the following questions: 1. Is the aggregate age of all participants under 83?
      Ted: Yes.
      Barney: 2. Is the aggregate weight of all participants under 400 pounds?
      Ted: Yes.
      Barney: Theodore Mosby, are you paying these women?
      Ted: No!
      Barney: Ted...

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