How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 10

Tick Tick Tick

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 2011 on CBS

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  • Well played, but I still ask myself "Why?" (Spoilers ahead)


    So why is it a rule for any sitcom that as many main characters as possible have to end up together? Yeah, we kind of want to see everybody happy, but can't it be with other people outside this inner circle of friends? I really liked Nora, and where they went with her and Barney. Okay, on some point I had ths crazy idea, that she was the mother, but sandwiches do crazy things with men.

    Anyhow, they invested a lot of episodes into the Barney-Nora relationship and the result was some really great character development for Barney. He is a really extreme caricature of a person, so it's easy to find him totally awesome, but to add such subtlety to him is not an easy thing to do and they did it extremely well in his relationship with Nora.

    The one thing I liked most in this episode was the ending when we find out that it is Robin that doesn't come clean with Kevin (a character I hav sooo little interest in, although I love Kal Penn) and Barney is the hurt one in the end was a nice twist.

    In the end though, we all know that Robin and Barney will end up together again, but I really believe that we don't want that - yet. I dont't really know how long this show is going to run (I think I might have read something about 2 seasons after this one), and to keep the characters interesting you can't let them end up where they're supposed to 2 years before, because there's only so many jokes you can pull off for that. And let's face it, we want Barney to be the awesome guy that he was in the first seasons. Of course I will grant him a happy ending with someone, but only when the show definitely is just before the finish line.