How I Met Your Mother

Season 7 Episode 20

Trilogy Time

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 2012 on CBS

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  • awesome

    this episode was aired on the day i had my son Jason..its was great i got to watch it a week later and thought it was an somewhat important episode
  • Not very impoartant, but pretty funny.

    Well I was'nt too impressed by the storyline in this one, but I thought there were lots of luaghs. I wasn't too sure I liked how we kept going back and forth three years, but in hindsight it was pretty interesting and a good concept.

    I don't think that this was too great of an episode, but it's getting there.
  • The gang realize they aren't where they thought they'd be three years prior.

    It starts with Star Wars in 2000. Not only do Ted and Marshall make a pact to watch the entire series of films once every three years, they, along with Barney, imagine their lives then. Marshall wants to be married and have Lily expecting by 2003 (when the sitcom hasn't even started yet) but that is obviously a dream as they didn't get married until 2007 and are just now having their first kid. Even though Marshall doesn't have his desired mustache either, he's coming further along than Ted, who keeps dreaming he'll have found his soul mate by the next Star Wars night. However, he doesn't. Meanwhile, Barney keeps envisioning himself with another hot girl and letting her through the door saying "You'll be seeing a lot more of ________" only for him to never call her again. However, the episode takes a nice turn, especially for Barney, when he tells the guys they'll be seeing a lot more of Quinn and this time he means it. However, Ted's still stressing about his future. In 2015, he depressingly sees himself losing hair and still single. But if it wasn't guaranteed the show would end after eight years, it was now. The end of the episode shows actual 2015 Ted and he is holding his newborn baby who is the daughter. Obviously, no mother is shown but it was a heartwarming scene and nice to see. Like everyone else, I can't wait to see the mother is, especially after this very nicely put-together episode.
  • Awesome episode, totally love it!!

    What a great episode, though I have to admit the beginning wasn't very funny but the end, woah!

    I really like Quinn, she's just made for Barney and please, please don't let her go away!

    The only disapointment comes for Robin, where's the projection of her life. She's been portrayed as a hot, stupid chick in the entire episode. That's not fair. All the gang deserves something good after all these years!
  • Recapped!

    Amazing show, and will always be top three shows of all time for me. This episode particularly was incredibly written, and really well directed, but since we are nearing the end, it would be nice if there was a sense of moving forward (besides the Barney and Quinn scene which was great). Overall this episode felt more like a recap episode for people who haven't seen the entire show from beginning to end, and the characters rehashing old stories, which is the only thing that bothered me a little - I preferred the one before it: "the Broath," hahaha that one was great - especially since it was a Barney heavy ep. Despite all that, still a really great show, very funny stuff - cant wait till "Now We're Even" next week!!!!
  • finally it looks like the show is moving

    I agree with a lot of comments here saying the show kinda lost his magic lately, it seemed like nothing was going on except for Barney, which is nice in a way, but I miss his sociopathic behavior with woman and his legendary one liners (pun intended !) that are part of what made him awesome. This last episode however was better than the last ones and it finally shows something nice will be happening to Ted ! Hopefully, we won't have to wait 2015 to meet the mother though !
  • Pretty Good Episode

    I liked last night's episode of HIMYM! I agree that it did start off slowly, but began to pick up towards the end once Ted was beginning to doubt if he'd find the right one. Of course I got excited when they revealed by 2015 that he's going to have his little girl by then!!!!!!!!!
  • Probably one of the most detail oriented and well written episode of the series

    The episode started of very slowly but ended with a bang. The best part of the episode was how they show a vcr cassette,cd,dvd,bluray and advance faulty voice recognition based movie streaming every 3 years. Also Barney's phone in 2003, the "sandwich" on the table, the ring in Ted's finger and Barney hiding his. Mustache Marshal,Rhiannon, the douchey guy with a cap, bald Ted asking about cinnamon Robin being slutty while dating Ted and Barney in 2006 and 2009 respectively. All of these made the episode quite memorable. Now next episode is Ted dressing up like a chick and proclaiming Now We're Even
  • Okay I can't deny's really hillareous

    This was really very funny episode , how they kept imagining their future , but I said it before and I'll say it again I really like Quinn she's pretty , nice ,apparently she seems really to like Barney a lot yet I don't want her to be Barney's bride I still hope that he's not over Robin and that they'll end up together especially that this will mean that like Robin got a role in Ted's marriage he would too ,can't forget how amazing they end it when Ted told us about the real 2015 and we saw that amazing cute little girl keep going HIMYM can't wait till everything wwrap at the end
  • This has got to be one of the best HIMYM episodes yet

    Loved every single part of it

    couldn't more satisfied. just hoping it will continue like this :)