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  • Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

  • In the scene when Marshall and Lily are sitting on the couch and Marshall said "Lily" and she jumped scared, because she couldn't see him because of the eyepatch, we could see Marshall smiling, but the next scene he looks serious.

  • In the scene where Ted meets Robin, Robin first has her hair covering her ears, but in the next shot, she has her hair behind her ears.

  • In the scene where Barney tells Ted to lose the goatee he references meeting Ted earlier at the urinal. In episode 3.05 "How I Met Everyone Else" we actually get to see this scene, showing that the producers had the idea of including this scene from the very beginning.

  • Recurring themes (which begin in this episode):

    * Barney saying "Suit up!", or variations thereof
    * Marshall doing the "robot" dance (Jason Segel suggested this on the day of filming the pilot)
    * Barney saying "Wait for it" as a pause between syllables
    * The "Have You Met Ted?" game, which is used by Barney and Robin to introduce women to Ted, and later is adapted for other characters (Robin, Marshall and Barney)
    * Barney insisting that he is Ted's best friend
    * Dibs -- Marshall calls dibs on a Pop Tart and later a pudding cup and he, Lily, and Barney call "no dibs" on cleaning up after Ted if he vomits
    * Barney's phrase "What up"
    * References to Barney's blog
    * Barney's love of laser tag
    * Ted holding his heart as if it is in pain

  • Note the deliberate use of blue throughout several scenes. When Marshall proposes to Lily, they're both wearing light blue shirts. When Ted and Robin eating at the restaurant, Ted's outfit is (various shades of) blue, similar to the color of the blue French horn. In the following scene when Ted is at the bar and reports on the man not jumping, we see the shot of her having an obvious blue color scheme (i.e., the colors of the sky, water, part of Robin's scarf, and the background for the Metro News 1 banner). This precedes the scene in which Ted returns to the restaurant to take the blue French horn. Additionally, Barney and Ranjit are both wearing blue.

    Additionally, when Ted meets Robin, they're both wearing green shirts.

  • This episode forgoes the traditional opening (the green-tinted montage of the photographs containing all five main characters). Instead, you see a series of non-tinted photographs of Ted, Marshall, and some unnamed female friends.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Purple Giraffe

  • The couch that the future kids are sitting on has changed. In the first episode it was a modern black leather couch. In this and later episodes it is a Chesterfield style couch.

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Sweet Taste of Liberty

  • When Ted and Barney are on the flight from New York to Philadelphia, the external shots of the plane are of a Boeing 747. 747s are used for long-haul international flights and are not used for domestic travel in the US, particularly not short hops between two relatively close cities like New York and Philadelphia.

  • After talking to Marshall, Lily takes off her engagement ring and attempts to look a bit more "provocative". As she is doing this she takes a few drinks of her martini, where you can clearly see that she is still wearing the ring she just took off.

  • When Ted and Barney take a taxi in Philadelphia to the Liberty Bell, twice you can clearly see that the stickers in the front window are the registration and safety inspection stickers of New York, not the safety inspection and emission inspection stickers of Pennsylvania.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Return of the Shirt

  • Goof: While sitting in the bar at the end of the episode Barney pics up the olives from his drink and eats them. The camera cuts to Robin and Ted and you can see there is at least one olive in Barney's martini glass. In the shot after that you can see Barney holding the toothpick with the olives in his glass. The camera cuts to Robin and Ted again and you can see the martini glass with the olives but Barney's hand is not there.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: Okay Awesome

  • When the gang was in the cab after they left club, they are yelling to each other like they are deaf because of loud club music. But this is impossible because Ted spent almost whole evening with Coat Check Girl and when Barney and Ted were talking in the club before they left they were talking normally.

  • When Barney is explaining to Ted that 'Okay' is a hot new bar, Ted places his left hand on his stomach, in the next scene, it's his right hand and in the next, it's gone.

  • Season 1 Episode 10: The Pineapple Incident

  • Carl wrote a phone number on Ted's arm in case he got lost, and then he could come and take him home. But he wrote a phone number to McClaren's bar not his cell phone or home number and even if someone would call after the bar was closed Carl wouldn't pick up the phone.

  • Lily jokingly insults Barney in this episode and lifts her hand for a high five. In response, Barney shakes his head and doesn't high-five her. This exchange recalls a moment in the pilot episode when Barney makes an inappropriate comment and Lily shakes her head instead of high-fiving him (an exchange which was ad-libbed by the two).

  • When Ted calls Barney the morning after, when Ted, Lily, and Marshall walk into the bathroom and find Barney in the tub, Barney's phone is open and up to his ear, but Ted's phone is still ringing.

  • Producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas wrote the theme song to the show, and their bandmate Pat Butler makes an appearance as the drunk at the bar in this episode. They've played as the The Solids on and off since their days back at Wesleyan University.

  • Season 1 Episode 11: The Limo

  • 'Not Moby' never tells Ranjit where his party is, but Ranjit seems to know where he is going when Ted tells him to go to "Moby's party."

  • Season 1 Episode 12: The Wedding

  • For the first time in the series, Lily and Barney actually high-five instead of one of them refusing to high-five the other.

  • Season 1 Episode 13: Drumroll, Please

  • When Ted and others are in the bar and they are about to go to find Victoria Ted is wearing jacket and nice shirt but when they are sitting in the cab Ted is wearing old sweatshirt and t-shirt and Barney and Marshall are wearing the same clothes as in the bar. This is a reference to Ted telling Victoria at the wedding that "Real Ted" wears a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt with bleach stains on it.

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