How I Met Your Mother

Season 5 Episode 21

Twin Beds

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 03, 2010 on CBS

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  • Everyone meets Don

    At this time Robin has been dating Don for a while now but no one from the group has met him yet. When Lilly had her birthday, Robin didn't bring him because this was a close event among friends. When she finally lets Don met her friends, it turns out that she kept a few truths from him in regards to dating Barney and Ted. It doesn't surprise that Robin did this. She has always kept secrets from people. There could even another Robin Sparkles video (not a spoiler). Even though Don was upset at first, he later did apologize. I liked that he did this. However I do question why Robin didn't plan on telling Don. If you are in a relationship, something like shouldn't be kept a secret. After hanging out at Don's Ted and Barney realize they want Robin back even after reading a letter to themselves from the past on why they are not dating Robin. I enjoy the letter idea. Nice reference to Ted's past girlfriends. The letter to future selves was a reference to something earlier in season 5 and maybe some in season 1. While the fight between Ted and Barney was entertaining and funny, it does lose some luster when watching season 7. I don't want to spoil things but when Robin ended her dating Ted and later Barney, I thought one of them was closed and another almost closed with the door slightly open. I didn't like that the door was open more again. Notice that Robin didn't say much. She moved in with Don after a serious event. It may not have been the best move by her.

    The other storyline with the twin beds by Marshall and Lilly was not the best and I like that it was the second story. It was weird to see Marshall act almost kind of douchey with Lilly. It's not a good look on him. I like that things were quickly resolved. I do find it curious that the whole weekend Marshall and Lilly slept.

    I enjoyed the ending where things were quickly resolved between Lily and Marshall and Robin moving out leaving the blue horn. It was a great song to end it.
  • A review of 'Twin Beds' after the jump.

    Two weeks ago, 'Home Wreckers' felt very much like a step in the right direction. Ted was finally putting the first pieces into play in terms of his long term goal. While he didn't know that it would be the home he raised a family in, for us as an audience, it finally felt like the writers were saying, 'Okay, let's get on with it already.'

    This week, however, with 'Twin Beds', was very much a step back (for Ted, and arguably Barney). It's not usually a problem when the characters are living in the moment, and the plot doesn't rely on a storytelling device that assumes a foreseen conclusion. Take, for example, 'The Big Bang Theory' - if Leonard and Penny fall out, it doesn't feel like a step back because that's just the story as it's being told. Barney and Ted thinking they're still in love with Robin was a one time (I hope) story that was an otherwise well done take on the 'I want her because I can't have her'(*) sitcom storyline; here though, it just didn't fit. We know Robin won't end up with Ted, so there are no stakes in the matter.

    (*)Arguably the best interpretation of that was in 'Scrubs', where JD finally had Elliot and then immediately realised he didn't want her now he had her, and chaos ensued.

    Marshall and Lily's twin bed subplot was a nice little thing on it's own that had plenty of merits - Marshall's d-bagness is a version of the character that Jason Segel plays really well, and him rejecting Lily after sex and making her do what must be the world's shortest walk of shame back to her own bed was very funny.

    Ultimately though, the episode relied on Barney and Ted's drunken(**) quest for Robin to carry the beds subplot, and it couldn't. Some good jokes here and there (particularly Barney eating all the hot food to try and intimidate Don) but not the most memorable episode.

    (**) Josh Radnor also isn't the best at playing drunk, and next to Neil Patrick Harris, who is great at pretty much anything, he looks a bit weak.
  • Robin moves out.

    A sad episode indeed, I found myself remembering how much I liked the Ted/Robin relationship, and friendship as roommates, but it was too late for that. Since she moves out in this episode. In this episode, Don suggests Robin moving in with him. She says she would think about it, in the process Don finds out that Robin used to date Barney & Ted and she still hangs with them. He overreacts and makes a scene, he comes back later to apologize. At this point, Ted & Robin realize they want Robin back. Barney expressing his love by eating spicy foods was hysterical. Ted bringing the blue french horn made me nostalgic about the past. Robin rejects both of them, and says she will be moving in with Don, and she won't be seeing them that much anymore. You think she's not moving out but when Ted is about to yell at her for leaving the milk in the fridge, Ted walks in to her room, only to find a vacant room with a blue french horn left behind. So sad, looks like Robin has officially moved on and in with Don. Marshall & Lilly's plot was a carbon copy of a King of Queens episode, right down to the mini fridge. So the enjoyment of that episode went down for me. An episode that me nostalgic which I think helped the rating in my eyes for this episode.
  • A pretty random episode, that did not really yield any significant impact, in the major storyline.

    I found this to be a pretty boring episode of How I Met Your Mother, which was really disappointing. The episode was about sleeping in twin beds, for crying out loud! When it is that pointless, you know you're in trouble!

    There were some funny moments, which was great, considering that the actual storyline was garbage. Robin moving out was a major moment in this show, but hopefully, things will work out for the better by the season finale!

    Overall, I wouldn't recommend this episode. It had nothing special about it. It had some good moments, but all up, it's not a worthwhile episode, and I am really and truly disappointed. Shame.
  • Robin introduces Don to the group.


    "Twins Beds" is an alright How I Met Your Mother episode. Some parts of it were very boring, while others were very entertaining. When Robin planned to introduce Don to the group, I was excited. I love how Don found out that both Ted and Barney dated Robin. But then I didn't like how Don doesn't want Robin to hang out with Ted and Barney. I really enjoyed Ted and Barney getting drunk trying to win Robin from Don, but they get too drunk to do anything. I hated when Robin said she wants to take a break from the group. It was so sad when Ted found Robin's room empty. At first I thought the Marshall and Lil y sleeping in twin beds was cute, but then it just became annoying after awhile. I give this episode a 6/10.

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