How I Met Your Mother

Season 6 Episode 3


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2010 on CBS
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Barney uses his tricks normally used to land women to try to get Ted to take a job designing a new building for GNB. Meanwhile, Robin 'drunk dials' Don.

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  • It's time to let go

    As with some other episodes, this one starts off one way only to find out there is a story behind what is happening in the present. In this case it's why Ted is holding a plane. This is not related to this episode, but when I first saw Ted holding the plane, it remained me of the plane that Kate from Lost had. Anyway back to the review.

    It turns out that GNB is rethinking about doing a new building that they planned earlier in the series. I liked the callback to this. I also liked the callback to previous things like Marshall's hat. This episode was about holding on to things in the past and trying to let them go. This also remained me of when the term re-vertigo was introduced. For some people like Ted going back the past is something they don't want to do and for others like Lilly, Robin, and Marshall letting go of the past is hard to do. I like the calls that Robin made to Don. What made it even better was how Lilly called out Robin on this. I also enjoyed how Barney tried to get Ted to design the building the same way he tries to a seduce a women. I thought it was amusing that Barney was dating one of Ted's students and that Ted was at the same interested and creeped out. The ending may have been a little corny but it was still nice with yet another great song. While this episode was not as good as the previous two, it was still enjoyable.moreless
  • Way behind the quality of the first two episodes

    I didn't like this episode very much. Ted, unsure if he should take Barney's job offer, was unentertaining and some stuff happening in this episode was quite dumb. It's not entirely bad and there are a couple of amusing moments, but the first two episodes of this season were a lot better.
  • Barney puts the moves on Ted so Ted will design the new GNB building. Robin keeps calling Don and threatening him.

    This episode was pretty boring. I know a lot of people will disagree. But, there were only a couple of things that were mildly amusing in this episode--Marshall's funk band and the idea that Marshall and Lily think Barney and Ted would be cute together (heh.)

    Nothing happened. It was filler. And with the Robin/Don relationship needing to find closure--last season, this supposedly strong love affair between Don and Robin was all talk and no show. I still have no idea why we should have even cared about Robin/Don because were weren't shown anything.

    So, is Ted going back to being an architect? It feels like the writers can't make up their minds. I guess we were supposed to be moved, but I wasn't.

    This episode was not nearly as good as the last two episodes were.moreless
  • Robin reveals she still hasn't deleted Don's number off her phone.

    "Unfinished" is an entertaining How I Met Your Met Mother episode. I love how Barney wants Ted to design a new GNB building and Ted says no, and Barney tries to "woo" Ted, as if he was a woman. I love all the ways Barney tries to "woo" Ted. The Robin not being over Don was a good plot because we never really got closure for that storyline. I love how she had trouble deleting his number. I love how she still remembered it after deleting it. I love how happy she got when she forget his number. I give this episode a 8.5/10.moreless
  • 603

    Definitely not as good as the last episode, but it was still good. Usually I don't like any story lines having to do with Ted's work such as the episode "Mosbius Designs" and many others with him wanting to be an architect, but in this case it gave me a good feeling at the end which this show hasn't done in a while. All the plots came together quite perfectly, from Ted's opportunity to be an architect and amazing friendship development with Barney to Robin finally getting closure from Don, this was a good episode. The only thing that this episode should have worked on a bit more was the comedy.

    How I Met Your Mother is known to be a sitcom (situational comedy) and I just didn't laugh as much, but this episode gave us a great concept that ended beautifully.moreless
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    • Ted: Actually, I think I'm gonna say "No".
      Robin: No? Are you kidding me?
      Lily: But designing a building in New York City is your lifelong dream.
      Ted: I do not want to work for GNB again. Those guys are evil. No offense, Marshall.
      Marshall: Dude, none taken. Yes. GNB is The Empire from Star Wars. But the Death Star is gonna get built either way, and don't you think the architect of the Death Star is pretty psyched to have that thing on his space resume? I mean yes, his design was flawed in the sense that a single bullet fired into a particular vent would explode the whole thing…
      Ted: For all we know, that was the contractor's fault.
      Marshall: …but that won't happen on your watch. You know why? Because you're Ted Mosby, and you are going to design the most beautiful, ventless, Rebel proof building in Manhattan, with clearly marked emergency stops for every trash compactor on the detention level.

    • Robin: Okay, I left Don another message.
      Lily: But that's impossible! You deleted his number!
      Robin: I tried to, but then this thing popped up on my phone and said, "Are you sure?" and I wasn't sure. I can't lie to my phone!

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    • International Airdates: United Kingdom: January 6, 2011 on E4; Australia: February 10, 2011 on Channel 7; Germany: September 14, 2011 on ProSieben;Czech Republic: January 17, 2012 on Prima COOL