How I Met Your Mother

Season 6 Episode 3


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2010 on CBS

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  • It's time to let go

    As with some other episodes, this one starts off one way only to find out there is a story behind what is happening in the present. In this case it's why Ted is holding a plane. This is not related to this episode, but when I first saw Ted holding the plane, it remained me of the plane that Kate from Lost had. Anyway back to the review.

    It turns out that GNB is rethinking about doing a new building that they planned earlier in the series. I liked the callback to this. I also liked the callback to previous things like Marshall's hat. This episode was about holding on to things in the past and trying to let them go. This also remained me of when the term re-vertigo was introduced. For some people like Ted going back the past is something they don't want to do and for others like Lilly, Robin, and Marshall letting go of the past is hard to do. I like the calls that Robin made to Don. What made it even better was how Lilly called out Robin on this. I also enjoyed how Barney tried to get Ted to design the building the same way he tries to a seduce a women. I thought it was amusing that Barney was dating one of Ted's students and that Ted was at the same interested and creeped out. The ending may have been a little corny but it was still nice with yet another great song. While this episode was not as good as the previous two, it was still enjoyable.
  • Way behind the quality of the first two episodes

    I didn't like this episode very much. Ted, unsure if he should take Barney's job offer, was unentertaining and some stuff happening in this episode was quite dumb. It's not entirely bad and there are a couple of amusing moments, but the first two episodes of this season were a lot better.
  • Barney puts the moves on Ted so Ted will design the new GNB building. Robin keeps calling Don and threatening him.

    This episode was pretty boring. I know a lot of people will disagree. But, there were only a couple of things that were mildly amusing in this episode--Marshall's funk band and the idea that Marshall and Lily think Barney and Ted would be cute together (heh.)

    Nothing happened. It was filler. And with the Robin/Don relationship needing to find closure--last season, this supposedly strong love affair between Don and Robin was all talk and no show. I still have no idea why we should have even cared about Robin/Don because were weren't shown anything.

    So, is Ted going back to being an architect? It feels like the writers can't make up their minds. I guess we were supposed to be moved, but I wasn't.

    This episode was not nearly as good as the last two episodes were.
  • Robin reveals she still hasn't deleted Don's number off her phone.


    "Unfinished" is an entertaining How I Met Your Met Mother episode. I love how Barney wants Ted to design a new GNB building and Ted says no, and Barney tries to "woo" Ted, as if he was a woman. I love all the ways Barney tries to "woo" Ted. The Robin not being over Don was a good plot because we never really got closure for that storyline. I love how she had trouble deleting his number. I love how she still remembered it after deleting it. I love how happy she got when she forget his number. I give this episode a 8.5/10.

  • 603

    Definitely not as good as the last episode, but it was still good. Usually I don't like any story lines having to do with Ted's work such as the episode "Mosbius Designs" and many others with him wanting to be an architect, but in this case it gave me a good feeling at the end which this show hasn't done in a while. All the plots came together quite perfectly, from Ted's opportunity to be an architect and amazing friendship development with Barney to Robin finally getting closure from Don, this was a good episode. The only thing that this episode should have worked on a bit more was the comedy.

    How I Met Your Mother is known to be a sitcom (situational comedy) and I just didn't laugh as much, but this episode gave us a great concept that ended beautifully.
  • 603

    Just when I thought that How I Met Your Mother may have been getting good again after two solid episodes to kick off the season, we get this dud. I know that Josh Radnor is the listed lead of this show, but they have sort of phased him out as much as possible because they know people don't like him. Here though, his presence was just too heavy to ignore, and even some great Barney moments could not save it.

    I also do not want to hear the word "poop" said about 30 times on a primetime broadcast network comedy. Save that for Hannah Montana.
  • I thought this episode was good but not great and not what the previous two episodes were.

    In this episode Ted gets a job offer from GNB and doesn't want to take so Barney uses his tricks normally done on Women to pursue Ted's descision.Meanwhile Robin is having trouble getting closure on Don.

    I liked the Ted stroyline i was rooting for Ted to take the job because him teaching was more boring and to see him having more work problems for shows would be intresting. For Robin and Lily's stroyline i thought i wouldn't like because we really didn't see much of Don and Robin's realtionship, but i didn't hate it thought it was nice and i didn't hate robin in it. But i do think we should shut the doors on the whole Don and Robin thing.

    Overall the episode was good didn't live up to the previous two episodes but i like the start off to this season!:)
  • not super funny, but s good concept.

    "Unfinished" is about the things in life, which we never fullfilled and which are still in the backside our head. You have only two choices: fullfill them or let them go. a philosophical truth and a good concept for an episode.

    Although the writers never pointed on the fact that ted regreted the unfinished goliath national bank building, it didn t taste like a made up storyline. a good setup for the next episodes.

    After a period(??4months??) which feeled like double the time they dated robin finally got over Don. The storyline was a bit boring but supported the concept of the episode and contrasted Teds decision to finish the gnb building in a nice way.

    Barney knew again what is the best for an other member of the group, and influenced him to make the right decision. This time it was very obvious. I wonder what would happen if barney once isn t right and brings an other member to make an unexcusable mistake.

    The Comedy was not that good, only average. All in all a good episode, which could be even better.
  • I've always found that *How I Met Your Mother* to be a powerfully intense show while being comedic at the same time, and this episode was definitely along the same vein.

    As I've said in other reviews, I've always found that *How I Met Your Mother* to be a powerfully intense show while being comedic at the same time, and this episode was definitely along the same vein. In "Unfinished," Ted and the gang recount their stories of unfinished business. Robin still has unresolved feelings for Don. Lilly has a standing desire for revenge against an 8 year old. Marshal continues to dream of the day he gets his band back together, and Ted realizes that he has yet to fulfill his dream of being an architect.

    It's a compelling story for many young adults that can relate to everyone on some level, whether it be a lost love or an unfulfilled dream of their youth. It makes the viewer think about the fact that they too have had unfinished business in their lives, and as we watch our characters come to terms with their unfinished business, we the viewers might consider taking that step to fulfill our dreams ourselves. Ted gives one of the deepest monologues of a comedy series I've seen. It is surprising considering that the show is actually a comedy.

    It's not to say that "Unfinished" was not a funny episode. The interactions of Robin and her drunk dialing were both creepy and hilarious at the same time, as is the ever great Barney's methods of manipulating Ted to accepting the GNB architect contract via his proven pickup artist skills. The central joke theme of the episode is "poop" as in when a dog poops in the house and gives you that innocent look, or the concept of the innocent look you try to fool yourself and your friends with after you know you've done something wrong. There are plenty of sight gags and fast dialog to keep the viewer in chuckles, but that was not the purpose of this episode.

    While it is at it's core, a comedy show about a group of friends, *HIMYM* is one of the rare shows that, though the power of it's writing, can make viewers change the course of their lives not by preaching, but by relating their struggles to our struggles as if a father were telling his kids a life lesson. People start watching *HIMYM* for the comedic strength of the ensemble cast, but people fall in love the show for the down to earth and truly relatable situations of the characters.
  • It was a decent storyline, but there was zero humor.

    This ws a belw standard episode for How I Met Your Mohter. Although the storyline was interesting, and an important chang takes place in Ted's life, the episode lacked any real humor, so I Was pretty bored while I watched this and that does not usually happen on this show.

    I enjoyed the scenes of Barney putting his moves of Ted - they were really funny monents, and I enjoyed them, but they weren't really original and not particularly unique.

    Overaalll, this episode had its strengths, but if you are tuning in for a good laugh, then this one will disappoitn you.

    Hoping for a better one next week!