How I Met Your Mother

Season 6 Episode 3


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2010 on CBS

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    Definitely not as good as the last episode, but it was still good. Usually I don't like any story lines having to do with Ted's work such as the episode "Mosbius Designs" and many others with him wanting to be an architect, but in this case it gave me a good feeling at the end which this show hasn't done in a while. All the plots came together quite perfectly, from Ted's opportunity to be an architect and amazing friendship development with Barney to Robin finally getting closure from Don, this was a good episode. The only thing that this episode should have worked on a bit more was the comedy.

    How I Met Your Mother is known to be a sitcom (situational comedy) and I just didn't laugh as much, but this episode gave us a great concept that ended beautifully.