How I Met Your Mother

Season 6 Episode 3


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2010 on CBS



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    • Ted: Actually, I think I'm gonna say "No".
      Robin: No? Are you kidding me?
      Lily: But designing a building in New York City is your lifelong dream.
      Ted: I do not want to work for GNB again. Those guys are evil. No offense, Marshall.
      Marshall: Dude, none taken. Yes. GNB is The Empire from Star Wars. But the Death Star is gonna get built either way, and don't you think the architect of the Death Star is pretty psyched to have that thing on his space resume? I mean yes, his design was flawed in the sense that a single bullet fired into a particular vent would explode the whole thing…
      Ted: For all we know, that was the contractor's fault.
      Marshall: …but that won't happen on your watch. You know why? Because you're Ted Mosby, and you are going to design the most beautiful, ventless, Rebel proof building in Manhattan, with clearly marked emergency stops for every trash compactor on the detention level.

    • Robin: Okay, I left Don another message.
      Lily: But that's impossible! You deleted his number!
      Robin: I tried to, but then this thing popped up on my phone and said, "Are you sure?" and I wasn't sure. I can't lie to my phone!

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    • International Airdates: United Kingdom: January 6, 2011 on E4; Australia: February 10, 2011 on Channel 7; Germany: September 14, 2011 on ProSieben;Czech Republic: January 17, 2012 on Prima COOL

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