How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 1

Wait For It...

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2007 on CBS
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We pick up from last year. Robin shows up with a date and this motivates Ted to 'get back out there'. We also learn/learned something major about 'the Mother'.

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  • Argentina? really?

    This episode is a great shame. To begin with, Argentina is described as though it was a place in the Caribbean. I'm Argentinian and I'm quite sure there's no single spot here where people are so like hippies, with plaits, playing drums on the beach... that sounds more like Brazil, maybe? Really, this episode shows how ignorants Americans can be, even producers who could have easily done some research before doing an episode of such a famous tv show.moreless
  • Season 3 start


    This was any episode that was a great start to wonderful season. The best part of this episode was a big clue with the mother. As with previous episodes as the series, you are only told part of a story. Like with what happened to Ted after his breakup. His beard remands me of little of Chandler from Friends when he had his beard. The insults on Ted and his new friend. (21st President Chester MacArthur, 1994 Courtney Love, Persian night club owner) My only complaint was Ted's choice in women after his breakup. At the same time I understand breakups can be hard. Robin's new boyfriend was interesting. He was just a bit douchey but at the same time not a jerk. I also like that Ted and Robin didn't have this big shouting match after their breakup. Another one of my favorite moments was after Ted got his tramp stamp. It was hilarious how Marshall, Lilly, and Barney found out his tattoo. Overall this was an episode that set up some wonderful things to come.moreless
  • Robin comes back from Argentina with a boyfriend everyone loves.

    I didn't really like the start to this season. For a premiere, nothing special really happened. We've seen characters who were vacationing or living somewhere far away temporarily in other shows come back home with new significant others. Here it is, Robin comes back from Argentina with her new boyfriend, Gael, played by Enrique Iglesias. See, I really enjoy his music but I hate his character on How I Met Your Mother. Ted has great reason to hate him as well. I hate how Lily falls for him quickly and even Marshall tags along. But this isn't supposed to be easy on Ted, I get that. I loved the beard, though, that was impressive. Pirate Ted's better than Blonde Ted. Barney forces Ted to go out to scout for girls, and he quickly gets a supposed "hottie" although I didn't think so. Ted then made one of the biggest mistakes in his life by getting a tattoo, or a "tramp stamp" of a butterfly on his lower back. Ted and Robin finally share a good moment outside of her apartment. But I'm ready for Gael to leave, so everyone can fall out of love with him.moreless
  • Ted and Robin compete to win the break-up.

    "Wait For It" is an awesome How I Met Your Mother season premiere. I love how Robin goes to Argentina and gets a cute new boyfriend named Gael. I love how Robin's trying to win the breakup. I love how everyone tries to hate Gael but the end up loving him which makes Ted motivated to try and win the breakup. I love how Robin reveals that Ted has the bigger penis, so now Ted thinks he won the break up. I love how Ted and Barney flirt with some girls, get drunk, and Ted gets a butterfly tramp stamp. I love the end of this episode with Marshall sending Barney the countdown to his next slap. I give this episode a 9/10.moreless
  • The good, the bad and the ugly...


    The good:

    - - best storyline at the moment ;)

    - Ted's beard/moustache. Too bad they're gone.

    - How to make love on the windsurfing board? :)

    The bad:

    - Barney being too extatic about Ted's new tattoo.

    The ugly:

    - Iglesias and Moore as guest stars - YUCK!!

    - (almost) Everyone loving Gael - YUCK^2.

    Overall: 5.0/10

    My thoughts: I'm a huge fan of the series, but I'm really dissapointed with the 3rd season premiere. The episode was boring, guest stars were horrible and the whole 'how i met your mother' storyline is IMO taking too long. I know that the entire show revolves around it, but still...moreless
Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias


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Mandy Moore


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Bob Saget

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Ted goes to Robin's apartment to "yell irrationally," Robin points out that Ted shaved, and she actually seems surprised about it, however in the scene where she asks Ted if he was okay with her being with Gael, Ted had already shaved.

    • In the scene where Ted and Barney are in the hot tub, after Barney drinks from the bottle, the lid reappears as he hands it to Amy.

    • is a real web site. The countdown concludes November 19th, 7:27pm EST

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Marshall: (Sees Ted's tattoo for the first time) Oh my God!
      Ted: What?
      Marshall: Nothing. Just... this J. Crew catalogue. Who brings two golden retrievers in a canoe?

    • Ted: Now, here's the thing. It sucks you came back from Argentina with someone as awesome as Gael. And I know I have no right to be upset at you, we're broken up, life goes on, whatever. But you know what? We never did this. We had this polite breakup with no irrational yelling, and that's just wrong. So I'm gonna yell irrationally for a while, (yelling) and you're just gonna have to stand there and deal with it, okay?
      Robin: If you feel like you need to do that.
      Ted: I think I do, I really think I do. So now, I'M YELLING!

    • Robin: I'm sorry this is so weird.
      Marshall: Weird? Why would it be weird, because you used to date our best friend or because my wife finds your new boyfriend incredibly hot?

    • Gael: Living is my career. Windsurfing. Making love. Sometimes at the same time. (Laughs)
      Barney: How? How is that possible? Don't just giggle, tell me!

    • Barney: Ted, I came here, this morning, because I want to apologize.
      Ted: Apology accepted Barney, as you can see, I do just fine on my own, I don't need a babysitter.
      Barney: See, all this time I thought you needed a wing-man to fly, but the truth is you... you've got your own wings now. Since you and Robin split, you've been gestating, growing in your cocoon, and last night you burst out of that cocoon, like a majestic... garsh, what is it that comes out of a cocoon? I was always bad a science.
      Lily: He's gonna say it...
      Ted: A butterfly?

    • Barney: What's up? Oh, and BTW, I am never speaking to Ted again.
      Lily: Really? Not even if, say, butterflies flew out of his ass?

    • Ted: OH MY GOD! I have a tattoo!
      Barney: That's not a tattoo. That, dear boy, is a tramp stamp.
      Ted: Tramp stamp?
      Barney: You know, a hoetag, ass antlers, a Panama City licence plate.

    • Barney: We are going to an after-hours club so after-hours, it's three days from now. What up!

    • Barney: Here it is: Acrobats from Montreal, they're super flexible. We are gonna get Cirque-du-So-laid. What uuuup?

    • Marshall: (pointing at Lily's chest in confusion) Weren't you wearing a bra?

    • Barney: As your wingman I'm going to get you a 12. Or at least two 6s. Failing that, four 3s. And—break glass in case of emergency—we'll go to Staten Island and get you twelve 1s

    • Older Ted: (voiceover) Kids, there's more than one story of how I met your mother. You know the short version, the thing with your mom's yellow umbrella. But there's a bigger story; the story of how I became who I had to become before I could meet her. And that story begins here.

    • Barney: (to Ted) Dude, I'm so excited that you are single again. We are going to conquer New York City. I already have a girl from work lined up for you. Right boob bigger than the left boob; which some choose to look at as bra half empty, I choose to look bra half full.

    • Gael: Gael.
      Ted: Gail?
      Gael: Gael.
      Barney: Kyle?
      Gael: Gael.
      Marshall: Girl?

    • Marshall: 'Male Gail' is not our friend!

    • (Amy steals liquor at McLaren's)
      Barney: They know us here. You're going to get us into trouble!
      Amy: Do you ask your tailor to leave extra room in your crotch for your giant vagina?

  • NOTES (3)

    • The German episode title is "Der Adonis". The French title is "L'effet papillon", meaning "The Butterfly Effect". The Italian title is "Il tatuaggio", meaning "The Tattoo".

    • Featured Music:
      "Alguien Soy Yo" by Enrique Iglesias
      "Ladies' Choice" by Mandy Moore
      "Nothing That You Are" by Mandy Moore

    • International Air Dates: Denmark: April 20, 2008 on TV3+; Norway: September 3, 2008 on TV3; Israel: September 15, 2008 on Yes Stars; Czech Republic: September 16, 2010 on Prima COOL


    • We are gonna get Cirque du So Laid. When Barney says that he is making a play on words with the popular Cirque du Soleil, from Montreal.