How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 1

Wait For It...

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2007 on CBS

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  • Argentina? really?

    This episode is a great shame. To begin with, Argentina is described as though it was a place in the Caribbean. I'm Argentinian and I'm quite sure there's no single spot here where people are so like hippies, with plaits, playing drums on the beach... that sounds more like Brazil, maybe? Really, this episode shows how ignorants Americans can be, even producers who could have easily done some research before doing an episode of such a famous tv show.
  • Season 3 start


    This was any episode that was a great start to wonderful season. The best part of this episode was a big clue with the mother. As with previous episodes as the series, you are only told part of a story. Like with what happened to Ted after his breakup. His beard remands me of little of Chandler from Friends when he had his beard. The insults on Ted and his new friend. (21st President Chester MacArthur, 1994 Courtney Love, Persian night club owner) My only complaint was Ted's choice in women after his breakup. At the same time I understand breakups can be hard. Robin's new boyfriend was interesting. He was just a bit douchey but at the same time not a jerk. I also like that Ted and Robin didn't have this big shouting match after their breakup. Another one of my favorite moments was after Ted got his tramp stamp. It was hilarious how Marshall, Lilly, and Barney found out his tattoo. Overall this was an episode that set up some wonderful things to come.
  • Robin comes back from Argentina with a boyfriend everyone loves.

    I didn't really like the start to this season. For a premiere, nothing special really happened. We've seen characters who were vacationing or living somewhere far away temporarily in other shows come back home with new significant others. Here it is, Robin comes back from Argentina with her new boyfriend, Gael, played by Enrique Iglesias. See, I really enjoy his music but I hate his character on How I Met Your Mother. Ted has great reason to hate him as well. I hate how Lily falls for him quickly and even Marshall tags along. But this isn't supposed to be easy on Ted, I get that. I loved the beard, though, that was impressive. Pirate Ted's better than Blonde Ted. Barney forces Ted to go out to scout for girls, and he quickly gets a supposed "hottie" although I didn't think so. Ted then made one of the biggest mistakes in his life by getting a tattoo, or a "tramp stamp" of a butterfly on his lower back. Ted and Robin finally share a good moment outside of her apartment. But I'm ready for Gael to leave, so everyone can fall out of love with him.
  • Ted and Robin compete to win the break-up.


    "Wait For It" is an awesome How I Met Your Mother season premiere. I love how Robin goes to Argentina and gets a cute new boyfriend named Gael. I love how Robin's trying to win the breakup. I love how everyone tries to hate Gael but the end up loving him which makes Ted motivated to try and win the breakup. I love how Robin reveals that Ted has the bigger penis, so now Ted thinks he won the break up. I love how Ted and Barney flirt with some girls, get drunk, and Ted gets a butterfly tramp stamp. I love the end of this episode with Marshall sending Barney the countdown to his next slap. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • The good, the bad and the ugly...


    The good:
    - - best storyline at the moment ;)
    - Ted's beard/moustache. Too bad they're gone.
    - How to make love on the windsurfing board? :)

    The bad:
    - Barney being too extatic about Ted's new tattoo.

    The ugly:
    - Iglesias and Moore as guest stars - YUCK!!
    - (almost) Everyone loving Gael - YUCK^2.

    Overall: 5.0/10
    My thoughts: I'm a huge fan of the series, but I'm really dissapointed with the 3rd season premiere. The episode was boring, guest stars were horrible and the whole 'how i met your mother' storyline is IMO taking too long. I know that the entire show revolves around it, but still...
  • Ted gets a tramp stamp.

    Eventful in a sense that we find out how Ted meets the mother, because of a mysterious yellow umbrella, she's out there somewhere. I'm glad now we are getting in to meeting the mother process again now that Ted & Robin are over. Ted rushes to meet a girl when Robin comes back with a guy from Argentina: Ga-El, Lilly & Marshall instantly fall in love with him when they are not supposed to. He goes out to look for a woman with Barney, and they end up having a very drunken adventurous night. Ted ending up with a tramp stamp was absolutely hilarious. I love Barney in this episode, his character on the show is getting better & better, which I didn't think was possible for him to get any better. His comedic timing is absolutely amazing and I applaud Neil Patrick Harris for that. Other than the eventful mother mention, this episode was mostly post break up phase for Ted & Robin. A solid season opener.
  • This is so going in my blog

    Robin shows up with a new date Gael which prompts Ted to move on and date fun-loving Amy. It has been a while since I have watched this show and to be honest I was annoyed that I have missed most of the series being shown on E4 but thank god for the internet. This episode was one of the funniest episodes yet Marshall was hilarious at the double date. Barney waqs awesome as usual when he was making the jokes about the tatoo or when he was getting called a geek by the girls in the bar. cant wait to catch the next one.
  • It was Legen-wait for it- dary! Slap bet counter is SET. Love to see where this season takes us.

    This was a great episode. No corny stuff, they don't get back together, It wasn't a dream, who is the mom??? Barney is still the man. And Oh my god....what a cameo's!!! Enrique en Mandy got to be a great series to get them. Will it be like Will & Grace, a cameo filled season. As long as Barney is there and keeps playing his role, everything will be LEGEN- wait for it - DARY.

    'How I Met Your Mother, by launching this countdown clock to the next Slap Bet. What is a Slap Bet? Only the greatest subplot ever. In last season's "Robin Sparkles" episode, Marshall didn't have any money to bet Barney on why Robin refused to go to the mall, so they agreed that the loser of the bet got a slap. There was some "premature slapulation" and Marshall ended up with five slaps, to dole out against Barney at any time from here to eternity. By the way, if you haven't seen the episode, please take some time to go over to this HIMYM MySpace website. It will get you hooked on the series.'* Source:
  • ted and robin were a beautiful couple and i had thought, at least after ted's mom&dad incident, that the showmakers would make it last for some more time, out of persistence...

    what i liked about the episode was when they showed how robin reacted (confrontation of ted-robin) to the prevoius seasons break-up. ted and robin were a beautiful couple and i had thought, at least after ted's mom&dad incident, that the showmakers would make it last for some more time, out of persistence... nevertheless their breakup was lame when you compare the storyline in terms of second season finale: the first season ended with marshall and lilly's breakup together with the guys union, and the second season ended in the very opposite way... the polite breakup was cute and the way everything tied up - consistency- was intelligent...
    i would love to see in the next coming episodes a girl with a yellow umbrella, not in the circle, not even an acquaintance but someone eg a simple, distant character sitting in the bar or walking past ted on the street, to keep up the vibe... otherwise the yellow umbrella in the final scene would only be meaningless...
    anyhow, i had missed himym, looking forward to the next episodes!!!
  • An Amazing episode....

    A perfect start to the third season . it was seriously hilarious. Man i missed HIMYM. . And i'm pretty sure that exactly when the slapcountdown ends . . after 7 episodes . . marshall is gonna hit barney. .HARD. . .

    I frankly found robin's new boyfriend a bit irritating but the rest of the cast was as amazing as ever if not better.
    The jokes were said and done at the right time throughout...and it leaves no doubt that we are in for a great season. . . .
    This is the kind of the start all shows hope for
    great job
  • robin comes back from a trip with a new beau making ted jealous and out for love. plus lilly and marshal begin adjusting to married life. barney is still being as awesome as he can be.

    this episode was funny but mainly held together by the visiting guests, mandy moore as a wild girl and enrique ingelesias as a hot latin lover. they both do an excellent job, especially mandy moore. while not hard to play a latin heart throb for enrique iglesias, mandy moore has to play against type. she doesn't go too overboard either, she finds a nice balance. very funny episode but also very average with the humor, it was too safe. there were classic one liners by marshal who is one of the funniest charictures on the show. i highly suggest this show to be in your rotation since it'll only get better.
  • When Robin returns with a new man, Ted determined to win the break up, despite Barney's advice ends up with a tatoo to comemorate the night. Marshall and Lily vow not to like Robin's new man but his charm prevails and this is embarassing for Marshall.

    This episode was hilarious.

    So Ted continues his story, to his children. He revealed that there were things he had to do for himself to meet their mother. He said that she was the woman with the yellow umbrella (I have to confess, I do not remember this ever being mentioned before).

    Robin brings her new man to meet the gang, Gael, watching Marshall, Ted, and Barney trying to pronounce Gael was hilarious.

    Ted now determined to win the break up, shaves his break up beard, the sequence of this was great. So Barney joins Ted to start winning, and Ted meets a tattooed Mandy Moore, which leads to some good moments, sneaking into a hot tub, Ted referencing her tat's, and then the tramp stamp, I laughed so hard.

    So Robin and Gael, and Lily and Marshall go on a double date, and Marshall vows not to like Gael and forbids Lily to even look at him. Marshall ends up getting massaged by Gael and finally let's go of being teased in 9th grade about being fat. I love when Marshall acts all sentimental.

    The episode ended with Ted yelling at Robin and getting some closure and learns he is "bigger" than Gael and that Robin did not just get over him. A pan out from the bar on a rainy night that showed a woman carrying a yellow umbrella in a sea of black umbrellas (the unofficial color of New York City).

    But the best was Marshall's phone call to Barney working hard in his office, to inform him of the slap countdown.

    A good premiere episode.
  • A descent season3 premiere.

    How i met your mother is back for its 3rd season!
    "Wait for it" is a good episode but not what i was expected. Nothing really happens, we just learn how Ted and Robin are doing after their break-up. In addition, Enrique Inglesias's and Mandy Moore's roles weren't the best they could got .
    On the other hand,this episode has a lot of funny moments,especially with Barney. However, i wanted to see more of Lilly !
    It is descent, but i look forward to watch much better episodes than this one . . . !
    8.8 out of 10 . . . !
  • The aftermath of the season finale becomes front and center as Ted and Robyn both deal with new possiblities.

    I've recently gotten into How I Met Your Mother, and todays episode was basically as I expected. Some of it had been done before, and other parts were extrmeely weak, but there was also high points like the ending segment and the entire scene about the tattoo. The episode did start extremely slow, and it was one of the weaker episodes for Barney who usually carries the show. The umbrella scene at the end was also extremely cliched. Despite all this, it was actually an enjoyable episode, and if you are a fan of HIMYM you will easily enjoy it, and if you are just coming in for the third season, the premiere will easily get you up to speed, without some boring recap scenes.
  • Wonderful episode, great clue.

    This is a wonderful episode that gives us a heads up of what's to come (hopefully soon) the clue they give in this episode is great. WE'VE WAITED 2 and a half years for this! I can't wait until we find out more. This was one of the best "How I Met Your Mother" episodes so far. I absolutely loved the episode. I'm trying to write a proper review without any spoilers which is somewhat hard since "the clue" is a huge part in the episode. Hopefully that little tidbit didn't give you way too much info about anything to come.