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Season 9 Episode 13

Bass Player Wanted

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The gang encounters a guy at the wedding who intentionally stirs up trouble among them, and Marshall finally arrives at the Farhampton Inn.
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Dec 18, 2013
I'm sorry but the devil-eyes guy was a bit too random for me - this isn't Wizards of Waverly Place, it's How I Met Your Mother. Also, enough with the smashing bottles of scotch as a running gag already! At least the gang's all in the same place finally. It seemed kind of ridiculous that in the supposed timeline of the wedding week after all those family members have arrived in earlier episodes (even from Canada) that this episode didn't really account for their absences as the hours tick down. All the more ridiculous that they'd spend so much time with Darren Devil-Eyes and not any of the relatives.The whole thing seems less like an arc that was planned from nine years ago at the beginning and more like something scrambled up in a hurry during this past off season.moreless
Dec 17, 2013
that episode was legend-wait-for-it-DARY!! felt like the end of series 4 when they all jumped the building together. How I met your mother, enough with the stupid horseplay of comedy you are throwing into this season, ruining 9 years of dedication and use this episode's formula. Emotion and comedy is what this final season needs. Stop hanging on to what you think works and leave the foolery behind of fart jokes and trying to work BRO into every word in the English dictionary. This episode should be used as an example of how to work the rest of the season, the great reviews (which I'm fully sure it will get them) should be followed with great heed by the writers on creating a send off that the show truly deserves!
Dec 12, 2013
I can't wait for this episode!! FASTER TIME, FASTER!!

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