How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 2

We're Not From Here

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

Everyone is at the bar, except for Robin, and Ted asks Marshall and Lily if being married is different than before. Marshall mentions that his hand hurts because they are writing so many thank you notes. Lily explains that they have to fill out all of this information in case they die. When Lily walks off, Marshall is concerned that he didn't write his letter to Lily in case he dies. Barney tell him that he should hope to not die before he can write the letter and Marshall freaks out and tries to undo the curse that they might have put on him for even mentioning that he might die. Older Ted – "So after Robin and I broke up, she needed some time away. Away from her normal home, her normal life, and as it turns out, her normal self." Robin is in Argentina right after the wedding and she is talking with her new group of people, including Gael and she has dreads in her hair. Robin is showing her pictures from the trip and suggests that she has changed. Barney suggests that she hasn't changed and Lily is shocked by the amount of naked people in Robin's photo book. Barney suggests that Robin will get rid of Gael when she realizes who she is. When Gael shows up, they start speaking more difficult words and Gael doesn't understand what they are talking about, even though they are talking about Robin getting rid of Gael.

Marshall is having problems writing his letter to Lily if he dies and goes through many different emotions while writing the letter. When he finishes, he gets nosy and reads Lily's letter which happens to only be information on what to do when she dies. At the bar, the girls are entranced by Gael's story about getting injured by a shark. Ted and Barney are awed by his powers of wooing women. Barney suggests that he is only getting the attention because he is a foreigner. They dress up like out-of-towners and introduce themselves as visitors from Missouri. They ask the girls to show them around the city and the girls agree to meet them. When Barney suggests that they meet tomorrow in front of McLaren's Pub, the girls downgrade the bar. Lily and Robin are in the bar and talk about Robin's relationship with Gael. Robin tells Lily that she is getting annoyed by things that she used to like about him. She gives several examples, like when he feeds her food, when he tells her that he wants to have sex, and that she still has sand everywhere. Lily suggests that she is changing back to the person she was before, but Robin doesn't want to change. When Robin is in the shower, a strange man shows up in the bathroom, but when Robin walks into the living room, she finds that Gael has invited his friends over and they are staying indefinitely. Lily asks Marshall to sign a thank you card, but Marshall gets testy and finally tells her that he knows what she wrote in her death letter. Lily is offended that he read the letter and they pause to notice that this is their first fight since they got married, but Marshall still walks out. Older Ted – "Kids, when you visit New York, there are countless fun things to do, but yet Colleen and Lindsay took us to Tater-Skinz." The girls explain that this is their favorite restaurant in the city, but the guys aren't impressed. When the girls get up to leave to go to the bathroom, the guys talk about their day. Barney thinks that the date is cool, but Ted thinks that it is a horrible date. Barney tells Ted that they are going to get with the women if they can just keep up the charade. The girls return and invite the guys to a party and Barney quickly accepts. Robin is trying to be nice to her guests, but they don't want to listen and/or abide by her "guidelines for harmonious living." She tells them that the kitchen sink is for dishes, marijuana is illegal in the US, but when she gets to number three, she is interrupted by their cheering for their team that is playing on the TV. Number three is to keep the noise down. In the cab, Barney is keeping up the ruse about them being out-of-towners, but Ted is messing it up by suggesting that they take a different route. The girls tell them that they are taking them to a party in the South Bronx and Ted is concerned. They get stopped by cops and they tell the cop that they were beaten up by three guys. Marshall asks Lily for an apology, but Lily refuses and tells Marshall that she can't write it because she is afraid to be without him. Lily finally agrees to write the letter with a little dirty stuff. Ted wants Barney to leave and go home, but Barney wants to have "thank God we're alive sex" and thinks that they will get it. Ted agrees and the girls rejoin the boys and suggest that they return to Amy's house. They tell them that they are from New Jersey and suggest that it is close to New York, but Ted gets very upset that they are not New Yorkers and Ted actually lives in New York and is not willing to go to New Jersey. Barney keeps up the charade and tries to go home with the girls, but the girls leave with the police officer. Robin is trying to sleep, but is interrupted by Argentinean Robin who wonders why she has changed. Argentinean Robin annoys the real Robin and tells her that she is not the real her and is just her on vacation. Argentinean goes in for a kiss with the real Robin, but Robin wakes up and orders all of Gael's people to leave the apartment. Robin gets out her gun and threatens them and they retreat. Robin breaks up with Gael. Older Ted – "After they broke up, Robin went back to being Robin." Barney welcomes her and Robin tells him that Argentinean Robin knows what she likes in her dreams.

Lily finishes her letter and asks Marshall to promise not to open the letter. Older Ted – "And through 22 wonderful years of marriage, Marshall kept his promise until November 1st of last year (2029), sadly…" Marshall opens the letter and it is a letter that says that Marshall sucks since he read the letter. Lily walks in and yells at him for opening the letter, but Marshall complains that she didn't put any pictures in there. Lily offers to take the pictures now (in 2029), but Marshall doesn't want pictures taken now. Lily gets offended.