How I Met Your Mother

Season 3 Episode 2

We're Not From Here

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2007 on CBS

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  • The story of how Robin comes back

    I think this episode was good but not as good as the first one. I for one am not sad to see Gail leave. He was never a bad boyfriend just a rebound. I am glad that Robin came to her senses with the help of Barney. It's a theory (and why I love this show) but what Barney said before the breakup and what he said after may have set up something later on in the series.

    The story of Marshall and Lilly deaths letters was interesting. It's something I never heard of before. It was funny how different both letters were. I like that Marshall tried to keep from reading her letter until the year 2029. The scene shot in the future was also funny. Like with the shots with the kids, the scene with future Marshall and Lilly, I enjoyed that it was not too futuristic.

    The story of Ted and Barney was another good story. Even though Ted is in the post breakup blues, I did like that he wasn't willing to go through with the whole lie. Barney pretending to be from another place was pretty funny. While not as good the previous episode, this was still a humorous episode.
  • Ted and Barney pretend to be from Tennessee in order to pick up women.

    This is not the start I was hoping for after the wedding and break-up of Ted and Robin at the end of Season 2. The only funny part, maybe, was Ted's little outburst at the end, in which I still disagree with. (Myself, I prefer New Jersey over New York, despite "Jersey Shore") Gael invites more foreigners to stay at Robin's, to her displeasure. So things end quickly there. Another funny part was Marshall's emotions when writing his letter to Lily in case either of them died. Other than his tears, it was another boring storyline and I'll say, Season 3 has not gotten off to the start I was hoping.
  • Marshall and Lily write their death letters.


    "We're Not From Here" is a great How I Met Your Mother episode. I love how Lily and Marshall are writing letters to each other for their death folders. I love how Marshall sneaks a peak and Lily's letter isn't as heartfelt as his. But Lily wrote that letter on purpose because she knew he would take a sneak peak. I love how Robin is letting all of Gael's friends stay at the party and she ate marijuana-laced Blueberry muffin. I love how she hallucinates about vacation Robin and they start kissing. I love how Robin takes out her gun and threatens all of Gael's friends to leave. Barney and Ted's plot was alright. They pretended to not be from New York and then Ted gets mad when the girls are from New Jersey. I give this episode a 8/10.

  • Average.

    This episode I didn't much enjoy. The Ted & Barney plot I considered filler, since nothing happens in the end, all Ted does is says how much Jersey sucks. And the plot that did have development: Robin's plot wasn't enjoyable at all. I never liked Gael, and in a way, I'm happy that he's gone. But even though they say Robin's back to her old self, I disagree. Her performance was awkward in this episode, and it just didn't seem like the good old Robin we know & love. Maybe it'll take a couple of episodes to get used to, the only part I liked is when Robin reached for the gun to kick everybody out. In this episode, Barney & Ted pretend to be out-of-towners to get girls, the plan doesn't end up working by the end. Robin fears she is turning back to her old self, only to realize her new self isn't her. So she breaks up with Gael, and "gets back to normal" The plot that definitely stood out here was definitely Lilly & Marshall's plot. Notes from the beyond. Marshall writes Lilly an amazing note just in case he dies, only to find out Lilly only wrote bank statements. So they have their first argument as a married couple, and Lilly agrees to write a new letter by the end. For a second there I thought Lilly died in 2029. But it just turns out Marshall caved and opened the letter before she died. Hilarious plot with 2 weak plots. Average episode.
  • "Trust no one not even Ted"

    Barney and Ted assume that Gael's success with women is because he is foreign and has an accent, and so pretend to be tourists to attract women. Another great episode of How I met your mother, Marshall was great when he was wwriting his letter really funny stuff and the part were Ted and Barney got mugged was great and Teds speech about New Jersey all good and funny just not as funny as the last episode and please I want to see what happens with the slap. Love this show its always funny. 9 out of 10 for this episode.
  • A very good episode, but I can't get over the fact that the writers seem to know absolutely nothing about Argentina.

    This was a very good episode, specially the part when Barney, Robin and Ted talk in "big words", that was hilarious.

    But, what bothers me as an argentinian, is that nobody seems to know absolutely nothing about this country. Argentina is not a tropical country!! It bothers me specially because in the last season they talked about Argentina a whole lot of time in the season finale and it was pretty accurate, specially Barney's speech. Now it seems like nobody involved in the creation of the script could even pinpoint the country in a map.

    Of course that is irrelevant for the plot, the episode was great, but being an argentinian this breaks the suspension of disbelief completely for me.
  • Get off New Jersey's case!

    I can't believe how much this episode rags on New Jersey. It is very irksome to those of us who live in this beautiful state. What is particularly ironic is that this show is produced in Los Angeles, not NYC, so it is LA writers writing in a New York voice, insulting New Jersey. It makes Ted look like a jerk which is unfortunate because he was one of my favorite characters on the show. So far, I'm not loving this season. It is similar to the awkward season after Rachel and Ross broke up (the first time) on Friends where they really don't know how to write for those characters. Now that Ted and Robin have split, it's really broken up the chemistry of this group of friends. Maybe by the end of the season (WGA strike, notwithstanding), they figure out how the characters will best relate to each other.
  • The good, the bad and the ugly...


    The good:
    - Marshall being superstitious, wanting to read Lily's letters and writing one of his own
    - Barney's thoughts on Robin
    - Loch Ness monster finally captured :]

    The bad:
    - Ted and Barney pretending to be tourists - lame and for the most of the time - not funny

    The ugly:
    - GAEL and everything connected to this character.

    Overall: 3.5/10
    My thoughts: Thank GOD Enrique Iglesias is gone. One more episode with him (or his "music") and I would probably start gavommiting ((c) Perry Cox ;)). This second episode was even worse than the season premiere. The whole 'being tourists' angle was boring and repetitive. It would probably have ended hilarious for me, but only if I was a New Yorker myself. I'm not even from USA, so I wasn't entertainted by Ted trying to explain that New Jersey isn't part of New York. To be honest, Marshall's storyline saved this episode, but overall it was still awful.
  • Barney and Ted pretend to be from the Southin order to pick up women, which almost worked. Robin is dealing with balancing her life with her vacation life, leading her to dump Gael. Marshall and Lily plan for the future, and we get to see them in 2029.

    Probably one of the most qutable episodes to date, all the things Barney said about New York in his Southern "French" accent. I thought it was hilarious that he just jumped right into the South despite Ted saying they were going to be from the South of France. "Can you tell us what street the Statue of Liberty is on?" I liked how Ted was acting all high and mighty over the "New Yorkers" regarding MacClarens and the best way to get to the Bronx. As a New Jerseyean I would have to agree NJ is not Manhattan, not in anyway pretty much.

    So Robin was balancing who she was while on vacation and her real self, and not succeeding her real self kept creaping back in her life. Gael didn't help by inviting six Aussies to stay, and playing bongo drums all night. It was great when Robin tried to shoot them.

    Lily and Marchall, that was hilarious, Marshall's 10 page letter about how much he loved Lily and that Ted maybe responsible for his death, and the Lily's was just a bunch of important info in her absence, I liked how he took the route of the woman and she the route of a man. Then that glimpse into the future, where he opened it, making us believe Aunt Lily died, when really Marshall was just impatient. Also I thought they looked a bit old for 50ish.

    A classic nonetheless, perfect for quoting.
  • Excellent episode.

    Excellent episode from Robin almost making out with herself to Ted ranting at the girls from New Jersey who claim they are New Yorkers.

    Every character was on form this week and the writers did a good job of keeping you interested in the characters and developing them a bit without furthering along the "mother" part of the storyline.

    Barney and Ted are on the prowl again for sex, which as always leads to many funny moments as they pretend to be tourists in New York.

    Lily and Marshall are writing letters for there "Death Folders" and Robin is dealing with being back from her vacation. Which leads to two Robin's and a gun.

    Well worth the time to watch.
  • nicee.

    robin is not the same since comming back. her and guiel(no clue how to spell it)) are growing apart. especially the things she loved before. he invites a bunch of friends over to stay. and robin eats a muffin with pot in it.very funny. i guess people casually go baking it into breakfast foods. then she has a dream with herself, it gets a little steamy. =]. so she dumps him. barney and ted pretend they are from far away to get laid. they end up having the corniest date. the girls were not from new york anyway. ted flips out. it was so funny. marshall a lily fight over this letter for when they die. lill doesnt write one, so she tells marshall she will, and he promises not to look at it. then like 20 something years later he opens it. its like you suck. it was soo funny. and marshall is like, where are the pictures. she goes do you want to take some. and he goes not anymore. classic stuff. i loved this episode. =]
  • New Jersey's are NOT New Yorkers! Hahaha

    I loved this episode and I love how this season is going so far. Of course my favorite part is how Ted gets angry at the supposedly New Yorkers who were actually from Jersey. I thought that whole scenario was hilarious because the whole time he had something to say and Barney just kept trying to convince him they were going to get some a$$ in the end and when he found out they were Jersey people he couldn't take it anymore and let it all out. I guess being a New Yorker myself makes it more funnier. I also thought Marshall was hilarious when he was all emotional writing his pre-final letter. Those two are adorable.
  • Good

    Good episode I was kind of disappointed how we didn't find out more of "the mother" which was kind of expected from were last week's episode was leading off from. All we have so far is "yellow umbrella" I guess as the classification of this episode I could have decided to make it "character development" however being the fact that "well written" stood out clearer to me is why I chose it. Kind of wierd to see one of the new characters go just after two episodes, but it wasn't really meant to be written as a main part in the show even though it kind of was.
  • I know that probably no one is gonna read this , but I have to get it out of my chest.

    I am from Argentina , and oh my god ! it's just lame how the writers didn't take 5 minutes to read anything about my country, it's frankly insulting. For those who don't know it , Argentina is not Jamaica and it's certainly not in Central America. Argentina is in South Amercia and the nearest point to the Antartica is in Argentina ! Besides the beaches suck here and there are no way even near to what they show in this episode.Maybe it's an injoke for those who know a little bit about the country but there is no way in hell that anyone buys this. I am quiet shocked and dissapointed because this show is so good and pays so much attention to details and this was just lame. Also , Enrique Iglesias is not even close to the normal Argentian macho , so they kind of screwed it up there too. Anyway , as it doesn't change the plot of the episode I would say that besides this horrible mistakes it was a pretty good episode , specially the Barney and Ted part.
  • Hillarious episode!

    Definitely one of my top episodes of the series!
    This episode is hillarious! Lilly and Marshall must create their death folders by writting some words about each other and only in case one of the dies is allowed to read it!
    Barney and Ted pretend to be tourists in New York in order to meet some girls. In the end both of them are being fooled since the girls they meet and hung out are not from New York, and they screw it up!
    Meanwhile, Robin find it difficult to adjust after coming back from her holidays with Gael. As a result, she decides to end her relationship with him.
    Probably the most exciting and funny moment of the episode is at the end,when we see Marshall in 2029 opening the envelope and reading the death-note Lilly wrote to him back in 2007! The note was saying "Busted!I knew you would read this!You suck Marshall!You totally suck!"