How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 1

Where Were We?

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 18, 2006 on CBS

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  • The start of Season two

    Okay where were we?

    We followed up with a great end in Season one to another wonderful start to a new season. Marshall does a good job of being sad. He does it in a way that doesn't makes you feel sorry for him too much. This was also the start of Ted and Robin's relationship. I like them together and I also enjoy that they were not too lovey-dovey, except to annoy Barney. Speaking of Barney, he had one of the best lines for him (Any time a bachelorette party drives through the city in a limo sticking their heads up the sun roof shouting "What's up New York?" we will be what is "up New York!") I like how Marshall tries to get over Lilly. It's done in such a way that seems believable. I think the ending was perfect. Just the right touch.
  • Marshall mopes around during the absence of Lily.

    In a decent season 2 premiere, Marshall has been ruining himself and the lives of his friends during the summer in which Lily has been in San Francisco for her art program. Barney takes Marshall to a strip club and Ted takes him to a Indians/Yankees game, but he's still no good. However, Robin does the trick by taking him to a shooting range as we see Robin's secret interest in guns for the first time. When things seem to be getting better, Marshall finds out Lily's credit card has been used at a New York City hotel, he assumes the worst: she's back in town without telling him with a new boyfriend. Turns out she had her credit card stolen and even though he seems paranoid/jealous going to the hotel, he finds a wanted identity theft, so it's sort of bittersweet. However, the guys finally make him get over the hump and as Lily arrives back in The Big Apple for real, she is saddened when Marshall seems to be having a good time at MacLaren's. She leaves unnoticed to end the episode. It was a pretty good episode to me. Ted and Robin are first seen as a couple. It was a good format numbering the days to show how long of a process the "getting-over-Lily" was for Marshall. Barney's still the same, but it'll lead to a great Season 2.
  • Marshall is depressed that Lily left him.


    "Where Were We" is a great How I Met Your Mother season opener!! It's actually really sad how Marshall's all depressed about Lily leaving. I love how Robin takes Marshall to the shooting range to try and cheer him up. It's interesting that Marshall finds Lily's credit card bill and he sees that she's in town. Then he thinks LIly has a new boyfriend, but it turns out some guy stole her credit card. I love how one day he just wakes up and makes pancakes for Robin and Ted. I love the end of the episode when Lily shows up. I give this episode a 9/10.

  • Pancake day!

    The brief exchange between Alyson Hannigan and George Clinton is the only highlight to a another episode of "How I Met Your Mother." I beleieve this is a repeat of the season opener, so I didn't miss much. the episode began in 2030 and going back in time to 2006. I don't know what's happening in 2030 and I'm not going to guess. But back to the episode in question, I didn't care much about it and Alyson Hannigan made a brief appreance. Hannigan is a one-woman show. and the rest of the cast are dazed and confused. This show need a miracle.
  • Ted, Robin & Barney try to help Marshall get over Lilly.

    This episode was definitely a good start to the season. I got sucked right in as soon as I started watching. In continuation the the season finale, Ted & Robin are together and they are having a great time. Meanwhile Marshall is having the worst summer while trying to get over Lilly. He spends most of th summer feeling miserable, while Robin is annoyed because of it. So they decide to try to help him. Barney takes him to a strip club, Ted takes him to a ball gam, and Robin takes him to go shooting. None of these work, only Robin's did a bit. Once Marshall gets Lilly's credit card bill, he decides to track her down, then he gets someone who stole her identity instead. Marshall soon decides it's time to get over her and all we know no is that she's in New York somewhere, everything is almost back to normal. That last scene gives us hope. Everyone's hanging out in the bar and you see Lilly almost coming in the bar, looking at Marshall. Seeing that he's happy, she leaves. Wow, a great opener, that still kept me excited for the next episode. I'm glad Robin & Ted didn't break up just yet. Great season 2 opener.
  • The gang try to help Marshall get over Lily.

    Marshall and Lily have broken up since Lily has gone to San Francisco for a fellowship interview. The gang try to help Marshall get over Lily. Robin and Ted are together and dating. Ted is trying to prevent Marshall from calling Lily. But he finally does and finds out that Lily has changed her number. Ted and Robin are getting irritated with the was Marshall is behaving. Barney tries to help out by taking Marshall to a strip club. Ted takes him to a baseball game but things turn bad. Robin takes Marshall shooting and he cheers up a bit. But then Marshall finds Lily's credit card bill and becomes obsessed with spying on Lily's expenses. He then finds out that Lily's back in New York only to be mistaken.
  • An interesting place to start

    Having never seen this show, I got my start with this episode, thankfully it's a sitcom. What seperates it from other shows is that it has a neat, though hardly used, premise of a guy telling his kids the title of the show. What works in this show is good ole Neil Patrick Harris, go Doogie. He is the funny part about this show and specifically, this episode. While the entire comparison of first meeting and just being dumped was amusing, the writers just didn't give the matieral the right feel. NPH's imitations of death were some of the best and funniest I've ever seen. It seems to be a decent show, and this is a fairly funny episode.
  • This episode got what all have "how i met your mother". It's looking relations with very funny sides while making us sad about them. I never thought i was gonna love a split-up episode since coupling...

    This episode got what all have "how i met your mother". It's looking relations with very funny sides while making us sad about them. I never thought i was gonna love a split-up episode since coupling. And i can't never expect the course of the episode when i was thinking "okey marshall will get better" then he find a sock. And at the end of the episode it gives us exactly what they want, "Only time cure the wounds not strippers not guns etc...". Adding all of that Barney is a great character and his suicide impressions was great .
  • I just love this show and I am so happy it's back for a second season!

    I've been watching How I met Your mother since it first aired and it hasn't become less funny. I think it might even be on the way to becoming the next friends. Ok, back to this episode. Marshall and Lilly broke up and I really hate Lilly for doing that. I also hope they won't get back together. I love seeing Ted and Robin together but something tells me it won't last. Because when they jump to the future Ted refers to Robin as Ant Robin. Anyway, I hope we get to meet the real mother this season!

    Oh and Barney is so funny!
  • Robin and Ted are finally together,while Marshall and Lily's break-up is making Marshall really depressed.

    The episode was so great!Seeing Marshall so depressed was sad but I'm kinda bummed out he's over Lily so quickly.Two months for a 9 year relationship?That's fast.I was really glad to see her back at the end,but to watch her as she arrives,look at them and then turning around without coming in was upsetting,she looked so sad.But her new look is really cool,I love it!And to finally see Robin and Ted together was great too,they look so good together,they form a really cute couple!But the two questions are how long is it gonna last and will Lily and Marshall get back together?I hope we find out soon!
  • The guys are back, but the suits?? it´s like tshirts and boxers everywhere. Great to see you again.

    Yes its true the guys, are back, it´s a great episode, but i don´t know if it was great great tha only thing i knew at the moment that the first scene airs, it´s feels like home, like when a relative, that one did you love and care so much, returns from a long trip.
    Robin is just beautiful, great in that tshirt.