How I Met Your Mother

Season 8 Episode 4

Who Wants to Be a Godparent?

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2012 on CBS

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  • One Boy, Boy For Sale

    With baby Marvin now foisted off on his irresponsible Grandpa Mickey -- and, by the way, where exactly is Mickey supposed to be crashing in this two-bedroom apartment? Is he bunking with the baby? Sleeping in the shower? Laid out flat on the fire escape? Never mind I don't actually care -- his terrible parents Lily and Marshall are able to steal away for a couple of hours to catch up on the lives of their terrible friends. But it turns out that they don't particularly care about their terrible friends' lives and instead use their precious free time to aimlessly roam the streets of New York sans stroller. Whilst aimlessly roaming, they're almost run over by a taxi thus setting off the episode's A-plot: what's going to happen to baby Marvin if Mom and Dad unexpectedly kick the bucket. Gee, what positively cheery subject matter. Dead parents and orphaned kids -- welcome to Season 8 of How I Met Your Mother.

    Anyway, in a tizzy over their demise, Marshall and Lily log onto a site that helps worried Moms and Dads prepare their last will and testament. They fill out the first few blanks with no problem, but hit a road block when its time to name a guardian for Marvin. Marshall proposes his mom, an idea that Lily promptly shoots down. Then Lily proposes her mom, an idea that Marshall shoots down. Then Mickey's name comes up and they both shoot that one down. They do both agree that Marshall's brother Marcus would be a fine guardian until a phone call reveals that the devoted family man has abandoned his wife and adorable tykes to operate a tiki bar in some Caribbean getaway. Missed opportunity for a "Kokomo" shout-out there, writers.

    So by process of elimination, that only leaves -- you guessed it! -- their three terrible friends, two of whom have already made it clear that they don't want children, while the other's bad parenting is the reason this show exists. In other words, Marshall and Lily are royally screwed. But that doesn't stop Marshall from organizing a "fun" little parlor game whereby Robin, Barney and Ted compete to show which of them would be the better substitute parent. What follows is a lengthy, cringe-inducing montage of the three acting like maroons opposite an older, orphaned Marvin as they tackle such various scenarios as "Breaking the news that his parents are dead" and "Filling him in on the facts of Is this really what we're reduced to watching at this point? Poor Marvin is better off remaining in Mickey's black hole so he doesn't have to see how bleak his future is if he stays in this household.

    Anyway, the game inevitably ends in angry recriminations as Marshall and Lily yell at their friends for not appreciating how tough parenthood is, while they yell at them for not caring enough about their petty personal dramas. Just when it looks like the autumn of break-ups might include our central gang, the new parents get over their self-righteous indignation and decide to have an old-fashioned night out at the bar, listening to the other three complain about their petty personal dramas. In return, their friends wake up with Marvin at 5 AM the next day, because two hung-over strangers walking into his room won't freak the kid out at all. And then in the kicker, Marshall and Lily list all three of their pals as their child's guardian, explaining that they want to make sure that he stays "in the family," which should make their actual families feel really great about themselves. Yes, that was a real half-hour of television that aired last night. Four episodes down, 20 to go.
  • Didn't quite live up to potential.

    While this was a great episode, I felt it could be better! I loved that bit with them bribing Marshall & Lily with the bears that were invcreasing in size! There were some hilarious moments with the flash sforwards to how Marvin would be raised in the event of their deaths. Robin's style was quite funny in particular!

    But I did feel that the episode could have done more! I thought it was going to be great but it seemed to miss that special something to warrant a ten from me.
  • Barney made this one funny

    Barney gat jokes mayne sme o the songs stuck in my head
  • Oh...

    This is the worst HIMYM episode I have seen so far, in all 8 seasons. It seems that the only thing writers have been able to do is write decent jokes for Barney, that's it.
  • Robin all the way

    Robin on the bike, loved it and the rest was whatever.
  • Real Life Questions

    I happened to love this episode! No, it doesn't really get us any closer to meeting the mother. But, I think what fans have come to love about this show is that it deals with real life questions. This episode takes a look at what happens when the first couple in a group of friends starts having kids. And, we had some fun along the way! I think Ted needed this episode to remember what he really wants in life. And, I think he's getting closer to realizing Victoria isn't it.

    All in all, a funny and heart-felt episode. Even with no mention of the "mother".
  • Great ep

    There was nothing about the mother in this episode, but we have to realise that this is everyone's journey - every single one of the characters, not just Ted. It was just good to see the gang back together again in the bar, even though it's only for a couple of momentary moments. Barney was great as always with the nursery rhymes, enjoyed this one.
  • Slow and Obvious

    Barney saved this episode by corrupting nursery rhymes.

    Beyond that, this episode didn't have much going for it. It felt like a lot of the scenes were incomplete, cut off before they reached their natural conclusion, or forced into that conclusion without the necessary development to reach it. It was such an easy jump for Lily and Marshall to go from 'we're in the right' to 'wait, maybe they're right.' It was way too fast, but I suppose that's how we all imagine ourselves to be - wrong but able to quickly realize and fix it.

    C'mon, HIMYM, lets get to the mother. Hopefully Ted's paying for the wedding he didn't have with Victoria will be the bit that pushes him over the edge to leave her again.