How I Met Your Mother

Season 2 Episode 5

World's Greatest Couple

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 2006 on CBS

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  • Nice one

    I liked both of the stories with the Lily/Barney one being a bit better. It was great to see Barney's apartment for once and Jason Segel did a great job in his new "relationship". Josh Radnor and Cobie Smulders did a good couple (which wasn't really the case in some of the last episodes) and both had good lines.
  • Lilly gets a place to live in

    A typical episode of this show where something happens at the start and makes you wonder how it happened. While this was a fine episode it feel just a bit short of previous episodes. I like how both mutually helping each other out. I also really liked how Barney never made a move on Lilly even though she is single. Despite his flaws it shows he is not total jerk. The second part was funny but not as good. I am not a fan of the bro type of thing. However how Marshall and his friend had his bro time with his friend was very funny. The jokes that Robin and Ted had on Marshall was also funny. I also enjoyed how it set up what happened to Marshall later on in the season.
  • Lily pretends to be Barney's wife and Marshall's bromance is taken too far.

    With Lily back in town, it's awkward to move back in with her ex, so she's found a new place of her own, which Ted and Robin visit and discover is horrendous. Lily honestly hates the place as well, and asks Barney to stay at his place, which is off the charts. Seriously, what does Barney do for a living!? Barney originally hates the idea but sees how Lily could scare off one night stands, so it's actually pleasant for a while. In the mean time, Marshall starts hanging out with Brad, who recently broke up with his girlfriend. They start spending more time with each other and Marshall is pressured into breaking it off, but not before Brad does first, which kinda upsets Marshall. But overall, I think this was the best episode so far of Season 2. Prior episodes have been good but not as great as this one.
  • Marshall and Brad have a bromance.


    "World's Greatest Couple" is a hilarious How I Met Your Mother episode. In this episode, Marshall makes friends with Brad and they do a whole bunch of things that couples would do together. They are so cute and adorable together. It was so sad when Brad broke up with Marshall to get back together with his girlfriend. I love how Lily moved into Barney's apartment. I love how she made a deal with Barney that she'll pretend to be his wife to scare off women who want stay at his house. I give this episode a 10/10.

  • Writer finally realizes which actors have talent

    Adventurous may be putting it strongly, but this is a departure for a heretofore bland show. If its brain trust has any brains, we'll see more episodes like it. Mercifully, the focus switches to the break-out characters of Lily and Barney. Not only are Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris the strongest actors on this show, their characters aren't hemmed in by tired Friends-like mandatory romantic encounters and misunderstandings. This episode puts the two in a new and unexpected situation. Sure, the set-up is a bit contrived, but it succeeds in creating a different dynamic. Yes, this show still suffers from a tendency to go for a cheap laugh at the expense of character, but here we see Hannigan and Harris working their way past caricature. They're sharp enough to retain their comedic edge while turning their roles into real people, provided the writing keeps up. And Jason Segel continues to do good supporting work as Marshall, so his subplots are not simply filler. So far, this series has been the comedy-for-people-who-are-willing-to-settle, but in veering away from its cutesy leads, there's a chance it could actually stake out some original gound. Historically, even good comedies have taken time to get traction, to establish characters sufficiently to be able to play off their individually, rather than just distribute punch lines. I've tuned in to this show on-and-off, hoping it will get better; finally, there's some supporting evidence.
  • Finally the writer understood who is funny. and pulled off a great episode [SPOILERS inside]

    Wow, How I met your mother has finally regained its 1st season magic. The writer paused Ted and Robin's story and concentrated on the most AWESOME character ever: Mr. Barney Stinson. I think that the "odd couple" Barney and Lily was great (maybe the chemistry between the two actors is the reason), unexpected and new. So Barney and Lily interacting brought a great load of fun, laughter. Not to mention everything in the Fortress of Barneytude (before Lily's treatment). I hope that this episode will be the starting point for an awesome second season. I'll stay tuned, the show's back on!
  • Funny

    Lily gets introduced to Barney's bachelor pad when she needs a place to stay, and Marshall finds a unlikely new friend to join him for brunch, concerts and musicals. This episode was very funny had me in stiches laughing, when Marshall thought Brad was gay really funny stuff, It was one of the best episodes I have seen so far of this hilarous situation comedy, Barney and Lily were great aswell shame there relationship ended so quickly. Other than these ponts the episode didn't really focus on the other characters, I'm still gutted that we are only on season two here in the UK.
  • haha.

    this episode is a classic. marshall tries out brunch as a single guy but then finds a friend to share everything with. they become a great guy couple, but then marshall thinks he likes him. trust me, not pretty. he thinks that he got flowers for him. but after the guy "dumped" marshall he was kinda sad, no more brunch buddy. lilly stays at barneys and scares off all his one nioght stands. it was so funny when she's like, i was a hooker for you and all that stuff. then she girlified his house. barney felt too caged in so they got a divorse. so basicly this was a hilarious break up episode.
  • Hysterical episode.

    An episode with amazing pairings, and this is definitely one of my favorite How I Met Your Mother episodes I have ever seen. They have never paired Barney & Lilly in a plot, and I think they should for now on. Lilly moves in with Barney for a short period of time, when Barney realizes that his one night stand thought that he was married because of Lilly, Barney realizes that she is the person that scares off all his one night stands. So he keeps her there for a longer period of time. Lilly decides to redecorate, and they end up falling asleep in the same bed. Barney wakes up to realize that he's slept in the same bed with a girl, and didn't do anything. Lilly helps him come in to realization that he let someone in his life, and that scares him. Lilly ends up moving out by the end of the episode, but wow their plot was flawless. It was nice to see Barney's place for the first time as we find out he is rich, and his career still remains a mystery. lilly ends up moving back in to her old apartment, but with the decorations she used at Barney's place. Meanwhile Marshall starts going to brunch with another single man. Ted & Robin fear that it might turn to a bit more that just "two single men" going to brunch. It all turns out to be a conspiracy, but it's still hilarious. Great episode, one of my favorites, nice pairings.
  • Loved Barney and Lily together

    Lily living with Barney was more than funny. After seeing her apartment I was like please do not go back stay with Barney, though I kept thinking Marshall would have a fit. When Lily started posing as Barney's wife I thought maybe this could work. As we saw it did not. Barney has a commitment phobia. Although we he showed Lily how he made his apartment only one night stands, I still thought yes they could live together for awhile until Lily finds a better place. After sleeping with Lily, Barney realizes that he did not really SLEEP with Lily. He felt as if he was a relationshipl. His reaction still makes me laugh as I type this review. His reaction was wonderfully funny.

    I also liked Marshall and his brunch buddy. I loved how Robin and Ted poked fun at him.
  • The show never ceases to deliver quality episodes.

    The episode begins with a recap on how mysterious Barney is, and on to him and Lily waking up in bed together. Now, showing the outcome and then going back to the how and what is a trick that has been used by television shows a lot these past few years. Turns out that near the end of the first season, the writers on the How I Met Your Mother crew decided that using this trick as much as possible would be the best route for the show. I would probably hold this against them if the hows and whats which were presented after the outcome weren't so damn entertaining.

    Although Barney is the only character on the show with an extreme personality, the other characters always seem to be in-character. Ted and Robin now have their very believable couples thing. Marshall seems to have developed a very subtle yet specific personality, which actually has me watching his reactions and thinking "Man, that's SO Marshall". Lily is still girly in that fun, happy way. And uh.. well, there aren't any other characters, which is another amazing thing that this show does. It's a couple of episodes into the second season and using only five characters, can still keep you watching without feeling like it's a rerun.

    As always, How I Met Your Mother goes above and beyond. Where shows like Gilmore Girls and Studio 60 deliver genius with snappy dialogues, How I Met Your Mother does the same with its hilarious and, may I say, very original plotlines.
  • Very good

    One of the best episodes of the season.
    It was nice to get some time away from Ted and Robin and focus on two new couple : Marshall and that guy and Lily and Barney.
    I could tell it was going to go downhill for Marshall once the other guy brought up Mamma Mia, but he was just so happy to get some brunch that I really wanted it to work out for him. Maybe if he hadn't promised to go to Vermont he wouldn't have gotten his little Marshall hopes up because now he has no one to brunch with again.
    Everything about the Barney and Lily storyline was fantastic, esp the redecorating scenes. How sad when he had to move his stormtrooper They both had such good chemistry together that I really hope the writers have more Barney/Lily situations is the future.
  • A must-see episode of the hilarious sophomore show. Highly recommended. Spoiler warning.

    Another hilarious installment of the CBS series ‘How I Met Your Mother’. Last weeks episode was fantastic also, but scored very low ratings possibly because it was in a new timeslot so hopefully it will improve vastly in ratings after this brilliant episode. Early in season 2, this is one of my favourite episodes so far. This series continues to be one of the best written and acted shows on TV. It reminds me so much of ‘Friends’ in it’s earlier years. Finally, there is another great sitcom to fill the void ‘Friends’ left after leaving the air. In this episode that revolves more around the characters Lilly, Barney and Marshall, Lilly needs an apartment so she temporarily moves in with Barney. When he sees that pretending Lilly is his wife helps make his one night stands leave quicker he wants to make their living situation more permanent. They end up finding that they possibly have feelings for each other through this. Meanwhile, Marshall is upset about being single and starts going out with a guy. When he thinks his guy friend is getting the wrong impressions of their “dates” that quickly ends. Everything about this episode is great and funny. Watch it and you will see. You are sure to get a good laugh from it. Highly recommended.