How I Met Your Mother

Season 1 Episode 14

Zip, Zip, Zip

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 06, 2006 on CBS

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  • Jokes galore

    This episode had the entire package; jokes, ironic situations, and character development. The whole sequence with everyone bagging on Ted, wow, priceless. It was just one thing after another. Barney's joke about the only reason you wait a month for sex? That's one of the best jokes I'd heard in a while. And then when Robin and Barney went bro bro with each other, and inversely were piling on jokes about him, laugh out loud funny.

    At the same time, and for once, the episode didn't focus on Ted. It delved into the people that are affected by his new relationship with Victoria. Most notably Marshall and Lilly, who questioned their fire with each other as a result of Ted being ultra romantic with Victoria. And then ironically it was through being content with each other that they got themselves in a situation to experience something new in their nine year and counting relationship. And of course Ted's make out session with Victoria was the trigger for that.

    At the same time Robin's also being effected. She's clearly harboring feelings for him, and she accidentally spilt this information to the one guy no one wants to trust secrets with, Barney. You can't help but feel this is going to be pocketed for a set up in the future.

    In the short time that I've been binging on How I Met Your Mother I'm amazed at how much quality writing can be packed into just half an hour. This is one of its shining examples.
  • The start of Ted's and Victoria in realtionship

    This was another wonderful episode that was slightly down from the last episode. I think it was interesting or maybe nice that Ted and Victoria decided to go slowly in their relationship. When they finally get things forward, I like that Barney and Lilly were in the next room and that Ted and Victoria didn't find out. I think that seeds were planed earlier in this season began to grow a little bit. Some took longer to grow. Some like Robin and Barney. I enjoyed Robin and Barney hanging out together. When you watch all the episodes, you appreciate this more. Things like this is why I like the show this much. When you watch the scenes with Lilly and Robin, don't take them lightly. This was an overall good episode that you appreciate more with time.
  • Ted takes the risk of taking it slow with Victoria and Robin becomes Barney's wingwoman.

    Ted and Victoria have officially started dating and Robin's not happy about it. She becomes Barney's new wingman for the night as the two play laser tag, share a smoke, and discuss her feelings for Ted. I think this is the time Barney really develops sort of a "crush" on Robin as he isn't the most supportive of Ted & Robin's Season 2 relationship, but we'll get to that later. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily were supposed to be heading to a bed-and-breakfast to celebrate nine years together. However, they got lazy and decided to stay home. But they are trapped in the bathroom when Ted and Victoria, who originally were going to take it slow, get it on in the living room. When they finally take it the bedroom, Marshall and Lily are able to get some fresh air. But that's not before Lily went to the bathroom in front of Marshall for the first time. (See, they're not out of "firsts"!) I don't see how neither Ted or Victoria didn't hear one of them, but oh well. Nice episode as Ted & Victoria's relationship develops, and even Barney and Robin get closer. I'd rather them be together than Ted and Robin. (Sorry!)
  • Lily and Marshall think they have the apartment to themselves until Ted and Victoria show up.


    "Zip, Zip, Zip" is a hilarious How I Met Your Mother episode. In this episode, Lily and Marshall plan to go to a bed and breakfast but decide to skip it, go back to the apartment, and have the apartment to themselves for the weekend. It's funny how Ted thinks that the apartment is empty for the weekend so invites Stella over. I love how Lily and Marshall are stuck in the bathroom and they spy on Ted and Marshall. I love how Lily and Marshall were worrying about running out of "firsts" and so she pees in front of Marshall. It's hilarious because later, Marshall holds in his pee, and doesn't pee until after Lily's gone. I love how Lily and Marshall make fun of Ted and Victoria. I also enjoy the Robin and Barney subplot. I love how Robin suits up and plays laser-tag with Barney. I give this episode a 10/10.

  • another awesome episode

    I love this show. I hope it stays on for a long time. The Barney quote about waiting a month for sex if she is 17 years and 11 months old blew my socks off. I just can't get enough of barney. Or ted and robin for that matter, or the rest of the cast. awesome show. way to go.
  • Hilarious.

    A hysterical and creative plot line. HIMYM has been very good, and it has really impressed me. This episode definitely did not fail to impress. Ted continues his relationship with Victoria and hasn't had sex with her after a month, when they finally decide to have sex, they decide to dissect every moment, unfortunately for Marshall & Lilly, who are stuck in the bathroom, who don't want to step out and ruin something between Victoria & Ted. Marshall & Lilly fear that their flame has died out especially when Lilly has to resort to peeing in front of Marshall. A hilarious situation overall. My favorite plot would definitely be Marshall & Lilly's, comedy-wise. As eventful plots go, I'm going to have to go with Barney & Robin. I'm glad they have had development, and I'm happy that Robin is branching out to other people in plots other than Ted. In this episode, Robin suits up for Barney. They hang out as friends, but one of them gets mixed signals. (Barney). I love the part when he birthday suits up for Robin. Hilarious. They don't end up having sex, but they realize it would make sense if they were together. Which was promising, but Robin still has feelings for Ted. It's nice to know that Barney will keep her secret, great to see Barney's softer side. Ted & Victoria finally end up having sex, and the Marshall/Lilly plot is resolved. A hilarious episode. Very enjoyable.
  • This episode was just average. Ted/Victoria on the slow level, so nothing there. Lily/Marshall are facing their long time relationship might have cooled of a bit. Only Robin/Barney really do something. They have fin and we have it with them!

    thinks: why are you doing that to yourself?
    The storyline was sweet, but it didn’t really touch me after all. But I’m happy that they finally got it on!
    Lily and her long time lover Marshall facing a deep hole in their relationship, after they decide not to go to some B&B and stay home instead. I thought this part was extremely boring! Even though I found it really funny, when they made fun of Ted and Victoria!
    My absolute favourite this time was the Barney-Robin evening. Smoking cigars, the laser shoot-out and the misunderstanding at the end made it really funny and adventurous. So now everyone except for Ted knows what Robin feels for him (I assume Lily told Marshall). I’m wondering how long it will go till Ted realizes that too.
    After all it was pleasant to watch but nothing too exciting.
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    Can someone please tell me what happened after Lily/Marshall got out of the bathroom? My tape cut off right there.

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  • Well written

    This was a great episode.
    I like that ted has a girlfriend now but I really dont think this is the mother.
    I just dont feel the connection between them.

    You get this feeling allot more when you see ted and robin together.
    But who knows.

    Although I do think that marshall and lilly are ment to be together and it wont be long untill they are getting married.
    I look forward to that episode because they are just so funny together.
    And a stressing situation could cause some very funny situations.

    I keep watching this show and it remains as good as it has been from the start!
  • Another great epi from this great great show.

    Yes, this episode wasn't as clever written as some of those that preceeded it, but it is still a great example of what "How I met your mother" has to offer - - An episode full of jokes, especially in the Barney and Robin angle - - They seem to be a wierd but great couple (!!), who knows, maybe the writers thought the same?

    Anyway, this show seems to make no mistakes - - It's simply great! All the characters are so funny, and, well, funny situations like this just aren't seen on TV since Friends ended...

    I say "Suit Up!" and two thumbs up for H.I.M.Y.M.!!
  • This episode is very funny.

    This episode lacks the dramatic developments some of the previous ones had provided, but it certainly makes up for that with laughs. I really enjoyed this episode. The Barney and Robin story is utterly hilarious. Them at laser tag is one of the funniest bits in the series to date. Also, in this episode Robin tells Barney about her feelings for Ted. One of the funniest things about this episode is Barney undressing in Robin's apartment thinking that "playing battleship" meant something else other than just that. Overall, though not a classic episode in the series it is solid in every aspect therefor is worth watching.
  • Robin "suited-up"!

    This episode is very funny. For many reasons...

    Ted and Victoria think it's time to finally have sex after waiting a month of being together. But Marshall and Lily are in the bathroom brushing their teeth when Ted and Victoria arrive back at the apartment, and are taking it slow. So not to ruin it for them, Marshall and Lily remained stuck in the bathroom all night!

    Meanwhile, Barney needs a "bro" for the night, so Robin is said-bro. The two play laser tag, go to the cigar bar, and Robin even helps out by winning Barney a chick for the night. But after a while, Barney starts to get the idea that Robin is into him, and boy was he wrong!

    Hilarious! Especially when Barney and Robin are playing laser tag. It deserves a 9.7/10.

    "Oh, two o' clock. Guy in blue shirt."
    "That's a woman."
    "Oh, my mistake... or is it?"
  • LOL, the funniest episode so far!!!

    Hahaha, for me this episode is really hillarious. Imagine getting stuck in the bathroom, while your roomate was making out in the living room. With lame seductions!!! LOL.
    Ted is making a good progress with his new girlfriend, Victoria. When they were in making out, Barney called Ted to check if it's ok for him to make a move on Robin. Not surprisingly, Ted was OK with it. This just proves how much Robin "meant" for him. He just said "good luck with that" to Barney, breaking Robin's heart.
    In the meantime, Lily and Marshall was stuck in the bathroom, eavesdropping unintentionally to Ted & Victoria's lame seductions. And after they got out, they tried to re-enact the seductions, which is freaking funny!!!
    For me, this is the funniest episode.
  • The bathrom concep was amazing and great!

    This was such a hilarious instalment of How I Met Your Mother, and I was alaughing right throughout it. I particularly enjoyed this sceens in the bathroom between Lily and Matrshall, and there was a lot of hilarious content in the bathroom.

    The episode wa also great with the concept of Robin as RBarney's wingman. I enjoyed the Battleship scenes very much and I also loved the lasertag scnes!

    Very funny episode, and this is definitely a personal favorite. I'd whighly recommend it, and you'll find it very funny and highly enjoyable! Keep it up, HIMYM< and I can't wait to see more episodes of this great calibre!
  • Zipin through, and great

    This show can't miss. I am however happy to see that what happened last time was not a dream. I wonder how long this relationship will last. Will Robin and Barry get together? All these questions need answering. Now what else can happen. We know that Marshal and Lilly will stay together because of the naration, but how do the other characters fit in. I am really looking forward to watching the rest of these shows.

    Will it be redone next season, and will that season be any good? THese are the Questions that I must know soon.

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • After agreeing to take things slowly and not have sex for a month, Ted and Victoria decide that they have waited long enough. Ted and Robin decide to spend an evening together after no one is available. Marshall and Lily also have a "first".

    One of the worst episodes of this series. What the hell were Ted and Robin doing ?? I think that the writers have run out of content and so they are just giving out crap now. It could have been worse if Ted and Robin had actually hooked up. Also the part of Marshall and Lily was awfully boring. I mean the first pee together was just undigestable. I actually slept halfway through the episode. Come to think of it, almost nothing happened in the episode. I really wish that next episode is better though it just can't worse.
  • This was a very insightful episode into the every character and a very important building block in the series. This was the best episode of this show ever.

    The episode was billed as Ted and Victoria's first time after dating nearly a month but in the end, that first time between the two fell short of the developement of every other person in the show. As well, this is an episode full of great new Barneyisms.

    While Ted & Victoria were engaging in foreplay for the entire episode Marshall & Lily decided to ditch a vactation weekend to spend home and get trapped in the bathroom with Ted and Victoria making out on the couch.

    While Marshall and Lily are trapped in the bathroom, they want to ensure that Ted has no idea they are home.

    Lily and Marshall engage in this discussion that they are an old couple long before they even get married because there is nothing new to experience for them. Then, Lily decides has to pee and is freaked out because she has to pee in front of him.

    While the other 4 are all preoccupied, Barney and Robin decide to hang out. Those two make an awesome pair, with Robin even suiting up for Barney. Robin decides to catch a girl for Barney, but, he ditches that girl making sure that "no bro goes home alone" but then Barney takes things too far when he "birthday suits up" for Robin. Robin freaks out, and obviously nothing happens, but, Robin and Barney do have a good talk and she confesses her feelings for Ted. Barney actually seemed very happy about it and I'm wondering where that information may go. Barney swore secrecy to Robin about it, but, I can't see him letting Robin escape Ted.