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Friday 9:00 PM on The Science Channel Premiered Jan 06, 2001 Between Seasons





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  • Music

    The music is so loud sometimes it is like trying to listen to the narrator shouting in a night club. Also the rhythm and beat can be so annoying. It is such a good program spoiled by mad music
  • Dream cars.... Morgan 3-Wheeler

    Music over powers narrative,music is played as a bed for the narrating. .. Not to over power the to shut it off .... very bad.. happens on many shows, has to be addressed. I'd be happy to do it for FREE!

    It really takes away from listening to the narrator!

    Please fix ASAP and respond to me.

    Very displeased

    Kenneth Kellerman

  • We should use this against the terrorists in Gitmo, i'm sure that after a few minutes they would be telling us where the bombs are and begging for sweet, merciful death.

    Whenever i'm watching the Discovery Channel and this comes on i'm out in seconds. Seriously, who enjoys this show? This reminds me of the shows on tape that my science teacher would force the class to watch in middle school. The ones that would have the whole class passed out in minutes. I'm sure you remember those. This is the kind of thing that only a 50 something year old professor could enjoy. As for me, when this show comes on I can't change the channel fast enough. I've actually tried to watch it several times and it's always the same. Machines pressing random parts as some guy talks over ambient music. They actually show two episodes of this show back to back on the Discovery Channel, which makes me question the sanity of the people who schedules this stuff.
  • Thought this was a good show. We are crying from viewing the baby chicks segment. See below - notify PETA, SPCA, the show producer-is anyone paying attention?

    What do you guys out there think? Mar 24 2009 - How Its Made showing multiple conveyor belts cramming live baby chicks into each other, dropping through tiny crevices smaller than the half shells out of which they have JUST HATCHED. Then dropping again, banging into each other and metal parts, catching their wings and beaks as they tumble, not knowing what body part would suffer bangs and bruises next. The workers check their wings to determine the sex of the chick. then they fling them into tubes to free fall onto yet another conveyer belt. No one here apparantly has ever had a lovebird for a companion. Totally inhumane, repulsive and disgusting display of animal cruelty--and to NEWBORN chicks. I cannot imagine that you will NOT get tons of letters from indignant viewers--that is if anyone besides me watches this show. I liked it--until now. I DO NOT want to see this kind of treatment of any living thing. It may be interesting, and it may be the norm, but I am amazed that no animal rights group has not exposed this, or at least, objected to it. My 21 year old daughter watched in horror and dismay that you think any of your viewers would want to see this.
  • I don't think this show was made for me because I really don't care.

    A half of hour of a bunch of junk being made. I don't care how a bat is made and If i'm going to waste a 30 min of my life I would pefer to be entertain. However if your just sitting down to watch something educational to annoy your friends and family with useless triva that you can learn from this show well buddy this ones for you. However if you like me and perfer to make something then to watch How Its Made then hurry change the channel quickly you still have time to have a life. My feelings only.
  • Why the Greed?

    Used to watch show on Discovery Channel but now we have to pay extra to see it on Discovery Premium. Can't offer it.
  • Not my ideal type of show

    Reminds me of being in school, science or history class. Not good memories, creepy teachers. Maybe 25% of episodes don't irritate me, boyfriend loves the show...
  • chassis

    you do not pronounce this word properly... I suspect you do this on purpose to see if anybody is watching... very insecure. Have fun.
  • Someone pass me the remote QUICKLY!

    No mean to offence the people who actually LIKE this show but i would rather chew me arm off than watch anther second of this show. Sure enough if you absoulutly NEED to know how landing gear or perfume is made then yes, you may watch this show but what is goole made for? What is wikepidea made for? I mean honestly, i fell asleep in school watching this program and the narrator's talking about how the machnine 'fuses the bolt with the landing gear' and the producers rubbish taste in music. Some of the products are actually respectable to watch but for the latter part, the program is about as exciting to watch as watching paint dry.
  • background music

    We really like your program, but your background music can get very annoying a lot of the time. Sometimes, we have to turn off the program because it is so annoying. You need to find different music for the background or just eliminate the music altogether. Thank you for your consideration.
  • Backgroud Music Distracting and Unnesessary

    Stop the madness of the insipid techno music during the show!
  • Watching things get made is an age old pastime and something I usually enjoy...

    People have been watching how things are made since the first caveman who banged two rocks together and found that he could produce a sharp edge showed his buddy how it was done. I think this kind of program touches something deep within the human psyche, a desire to understand how the objects we use get made, and even though the premise of these kinds of shows is unoriginal the shows themselves are usually very watchable. Therefore, the basic premise behind How It's Made is solid; the problem is in the execution.

    This is a show that makes the educational filmstrips I watched in school as a kid seem like true entertainment. To put it bluntly, the show is dry. It's sad too, because this could have been a really great show if they had taken the time to improve its production values and came up with something a little more along the lines of The Food Network's "Unwrapped."

    I'm sorry, I tried to like this show but just can't stay focused on it. Therefore, I score How It's Made a medicore "5."
  • suggestion

    I would like to know how microwave ovens are made.

  • Plum Tomatoes Suggestion

    im wondering how they peel plum tomatoes and pack them in cans cause they are always so perfect would like to see it on a show
  • cell phones

    my name is Rebecca i would like to know how cell phones are made my cousin got me started watching How It's Made and i like that show thanks
  • How screwdrivers are made

    Show was old school about blade and Phillips heads. The current usage now implosion TORX and STAR drives.. I believe the viewers would like to see how modern drive heads are made!

  • volume of back ground music of show

    please turn down your background music down. it is way too loud to be able to hear the narrator and is very disturbing. my friends and I who like and watch this show all feel the same way. the music is very distracting and unnessary to be that loud
  • Where is the suggestion box?

    I have looked all over for a place to make a suggestion and couldn't find one. Anyway I'd like to see

    how the NCAA mens basketball is made.
  • how do you guys make kitten/dog toys

    i wounld like know
  • Quite Interesting.

    How it's made is a show that's pretty good, but sometimes
    the show shows how they make some unintneresting things.
    Other than that, How it's made is a show that is pretty interesting, and educational. If want a show that's REALLY interesting AND educational, I say you should see Mythbusters.
    How it's made is good, but it's best to watch it when there's nothing on TV. If there is something else on, watch that instead. Oh, and by the way, the music used in How It's Made is interesting to listen to.
    Thanks for reading my review, see you later. - a n d e r s o n 5 8 7
  • no seirously who did think of this. he's/she's a genius

    no seirously who did think of this. he's/she's a genius. usually for that would be a indication that u hate the show but i like this show. it's informative and very interesting. usually i don't want to watch, but the things they make, this show is addictive. my favorite episode is when they made tofu. it was so interesting, even though i hate tofu. gross. i've seen shows where they make stuff but if your in curiosity about how something is made, watch how it's made. it's on discovery channel and the science channel. discovery episodes are better than science
  • how do you make what it's made of ?

    We are watching How It's Made and couldn't find how to suggest a show. We were watching how to make a flashlight for SCUBA divers. When we saw the plastic pellets it is made of we both asked why the pellets have a hole in the middle so my question ... How do they make plastic pellets?
  • Bars of soap and washing powder and dishwashing liquids and lip stick

    I love the show just wanted to request about how to make these things because it would come in handy

    to know how to make them because Im sure if when people make be a little low in cash it would come in handy to know how to make these things and also I was just curious thanks.

  • Suggestion

    I would like at see a show on making wicker furniture

  • Prosthetic Breasts

    Hi can you please show how prosthetic breasts are made. I would appreciate it.
  • Excellent show about how things are made! informative, good use of video... no \"talking heads\"

    Excellent show about how things are made! informative, good use of video... no \"talking heads\"- instead they show more video of the stuff being made!! ...Sadly someone apparently thinks they need loud inane repetitive background music drowning out the announcer?? Is that for kids who are forced to watch??
    I hope to find DVDs with the shows I have missed - and make them available to my kids. I wish I had this kind of \"education\" when I was a kid. Except for one trip to the Bread factory, school was mostly just boredom. Too much trouble to take field trips I guess.
  • i want to know how straws and school text ooks are made??????????????????

    pllllleeeeeeeaaaaassssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eee e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e d d bb juoh fnjn j j j j ue d d d dkfi i u h h h h h yyy y y ff ff f flll l l l l l b bbb b b b yyyy y ui i i i is s s s d f f f f r f r r g g f f f d d d d d s s hey lol lol lol
  • this show is great.

    have you ever wondered how certain things are made, this show shows it all with the narrator explaining the things are being made, you will be amazed how certain things are made and the shows got it all from rocking chairs to computers, and wine glasses and even bagpipes the show has every thing you've ever wondered how it's made, it's great.
  • Gatorade

    Sup. I am Emmett and I am 7 years old. Me and my Dad love your show. Can you please show how Gatorade is made. thank you.
  • Music

    Love the show, hate the loud "Charlie Brown" music playing .it's annoying. The distraction takes away from the narrator...
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