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  • An Alternative to Factory Tours

    When I looking through the TV guide channel, I saw the show's title, "How It's Made," and though maybe I could watch it. Out of some of the series that display how items, products and creations are made, this one explains a whole lot about everything. At least I found a show I can watch to keep me from becoming bored. Instead of visiting factories where some of the great things get made, there is a documentary show that let's us see how products are manufactured such as car bumpers, television, ice cream, combination locks, laptops, hard drives, DVD players, blu-ray discs, compact flourescent bulbs, artificial limbs, etc. If there are so many things need to be seen how they are created, then this is the right show to watch. As long as they are many things made, the series will probably have more than 100 episodes and possibly more than ten seasons. "How It's Made" is one of my favorite shows on the Discovery Channel or the Science Channel.
  • The show How Its Made is totally cool!

    I Would love to see how hot dogs are made.
    Also how ipods are made.
    I love this gives me great insight to how things are made. I've learned soooo much from this show. I'm hooked! But this show would be totally better if they showed how those things are made. It's mind bogalling! And I know that "How Its Made" will come through and show me how its made. I would also like to know how cream cheese is made. Even how candles are made. Some of the most simple everyday things make you wonder how they are made.
  • Show teling how diferent objects are made

    This is a very edgucational show. Its very nice finding out what your every da item is made of. I like to learn and its fun learning about things you use every day. This show is not only imformational it's entertaining. Well its not my favoriite show you knowo ive seen better but its one of the not so many edgucational show I watch. This show is fun to watch! And thats all i can say im out of words and im only on 84 words so now im just going to type random things 1 2 3 4 5 done.
  • How it's Made is a show that does exactly what it sounds like it would do... it shows you how every day items, such as golf balls or hockey sticks, are made.

    If you have any interest in how things are made or would like to have the edge on your know it all brother in the area of knowing how certain things are created (like me :D) then this is the show for you.

    How it's Made shows you how items are made. Sound simple? Well, some of the processes used for making these objects are anything but simple. The shows list of items range from golf balls to hockey sticks to soda machines to change machines to car parts to glass sheets and so on and so on down the line. Basically any item you could think of has been shown or will be shown on this show.

    Each episode is 30 minutes long and shows you a few different items within that 30 minutes.

    If you are interested in this sort of thing or would like to know how that can opener of yours was created you should definately check out this show.

    Thank you,


    Overall Score: 8.8
  • The Perfect Smile

    I'd like to know how Invisalign in made.

    In response to How fortune cookies are made refer to episode 7 in 3/16/2007.
  • How is Buckypaper / (nanotech) made

    This stuff is very interesting and could help improve life as we know it
  • puzzels

    id like to see how puzzels ar made
  • Money counting machines

    I've always wondered how bank money machines counted so fast.
  • Battries

    I want to know how Battries are made
  • How It\'s Made gives the viewer an inside look at how everyday objects are manufactured and created.

    One of the most interesting and informative shows on television today. I personally enjoy knowing how things work and how things are made, and this show shows you exactly that. In each episode you discover how three or four objects/products are manufactured/created.

    You get an inside view of the manufacturing plants and warehouses that these objects are created in, and they show you with close up views and speed cameras how the objects are formed and processed as they travel through an assembly line.

    You learn something new in each episode! Its great, a must see for everyone from a young child to an adult.
  • I find this programme fascinating - I love to find out how things are actually produced.

    I find this programme absolutely fascinating - I love to find out how things are actually produced, it even tells how many items have been made during the show! I do not know how many of these programmes I have watched but it is an interesting way to kill the night time hours as I am suffering from insomnia. I really did not know that making skate boards was so involved - I thought all that was needed was a shaped board and some wheels! I also find it interesting to see actual recycling taking place especially with plastic products. I love the chocolate ones, I rarely eat chocolate but I like seeing how they are mass produced.
  • Gaming Dice

    I would like to see how game dice is made.


  • Quite Interesting.

    How it's made is a show that's pretty good, but sometimes
    the show shows how they make some unintneresting things.
    Other than that, How it's made is a show that is pretty interesting, and educational. If want a show that's REALLY interesting AND educational, I say you should see Mythbusters.
    How it's made is good, but it's best to watch it when there's nothing on TV. If there is something else on, watch that instead. Oh, and by the way, the music used in How It's Made is interesting to listen to.
    Thanks for reading my review, see you later. - a n d e r s o n 5 8 7
  • no seirously who did think of this. he's/she's a genius

    no seirously who did think of this. he's/she's a genius. usually for that would be a indication that u hate the show but i like this show. it's informative and very interesting. usually i don't want to watch, but the things they make, this show is addictive. my favorite episode is when they made tofu. it was so interesting, even though i hate tofu. gross. i've seen shows where they make stuff but if your in curiosity about how something is made, watch how it's made. it's on discovery channel and the science channel. discovery episodes are better than science
  • how do you guys make kitten/dog toys

    i wounld like know
  • Why the Greed?

    Used to watch show on Discovery Channel but now we have to pay extra to see it on Discovery Premium. Can't offer it.
  • I don't think this show was made for me because I really don't care.

    A half of hour of a bunch of junk being made. I don't care how a bat is made and If i'm going to waste a 30 min of my life I would pefer to be entertain. However if your just sitting down to watch something educational to annoy your friends and family with useless triva that you can learn from this show well buddy this ones for you. However if you like me and perfer to make something then to watch How Its Made then hurry change the channel quickly you still have time to have a life. My feelings only.
  • suggestion

    Mini Babybel wrapped cheese. Thank you
  • suggestion


  • suggestion

    Would like to know how parfum is manufactured in large companies like Coty in North Carolina, How they manage to keep the oils blended with what ever kind of denatured alcohol. What they use to prolong the scent, and how is the parfum clear in color verses taking on natural essential colors. PLEASE let me know if How It's Made take this on so I can tune in to watch.

  • suggestion

    would like to know how automatic lead pencils are made, if show already done on this, would love to know what date it aired so we could watch it.
  • I want to know how video game controllers are made.

    I use at least 1 everyday and I think that it is really cool that they "communicate" with the example the PS3.
  • I would like to know how the new craze E-Cig's and E-Cigars are made.

    I see some friends of mine smoking the E-Cig's and they love it because its water vapar and they can smoke them anywhere. Just last week, my husband and I went to the local mall and noticed not only are they selling the E-Cig's but now the E-Cigars.
  • awesome

    can you guys male one with garbage trucks
  • Hooked on Your Show

    I am very much a fan of your show, very informative. I would like to know if there is an episode that shows how glass figurines are made, like the ones that etch art in the center of the glass. I would love to see how it's done. Thanx
  • Spectacular Program

    I'm admittedly addicted to this program and can watch it all day with ease. I'm disappointed with some of the reviews claiming this program is boring - I suppose this particular genre is not for everyone. At times they do not provide much detail into the processes, presumably due to the fact that the processes are proprietary, but with a basic understanding of manufacturing, much can be reasonably inferred.

    The possibilities for this show are nearly endless. There are many items you will never see on this show due to the manufacturer's restrictions on depicting their process or to secure their supply chain from competitors - many very interesting items may never see the light of day on this show. I'm not the biggest fan of the handicraft items they show at times, but I can understand where others might be.

    Definitely one of the Top 5 best programs ever broadcast on TV IMHO.
  • High professional amplifiers

    can you please show how a high performance amplifierand a high performance sub woofer is made.
  • what I would like to see made

    I would like to see how locks of love wigs are made with donated hair, for the kids.
  • An intresting show that shows how eneryday things are made.

    How It's Made is a great show that shows are things that we use in everyday life are made. the show shows gow simple and complex things are made, and takes the viewer through the step by step process of the products we all use. This show is great for anyone who has wondered how things are made. It is very interesting to see the different processes and materials that come together to make everyday things. This show has no falws, with the exception that it may be boring to those who do not appreaciate the effort that companies put in to making products, or to people who do not care, but then again these people do not have to watch the show.
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