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  • lunch meat

    I would like to know how lunch meat, turkey is made!!
  • suggestion


  • Kraft Individually Wrapped Cheese

    I love your show and I would like to see how its made.

    Thank you
  • The Perfect Smile

    I'd like to know how Invisalign in made.

    In response to How fortune cookies are made refer to episode 7 in 3/16/2007.
  • Read My Fortune...

    I'd like to know how fortune cookies are made!
  • suggestion

    Would like to know how parfum is manufactured in large companies like Coty in North Carolina, How they manage to keep the oils blended with what ever kind of denatured alcohol. What they use to prolong the scent, and how is the parfum clear in color verses taking on natural essential colors. PLEASE let me know if How It's Made take this on so I can tune in to watch.

  • suggestion

    would like to know how automatic lead pencils are made, if show already done on this, would love to know what date it aired so we could watch it.
  • How it's all made...

    Absolutely incredible show. Seeing how it goes from scrap to the amazing things around you on a daily basis, very very interesting!
  • How is Buckypaper / (nanotech) made

    This stuff is very interesting and could help improve life as we know it
  • How is dog and cat food

    How is dog and cat food are like to watch how it made?
  • puzzels

    id like to see how puzzels ar made
  • I want to know how video game controllers are made.

    I use at least 1 everyday and I think that it is really cool that they "communicate" with the example the PS3.
  • I would like to know how the new craze E-Cig's and E-Cigars are made.

    I see some friends of mine smoking the E-Cig's and they love it because its water vapar and they can smoke them anywhere. Just last week, my husband and I went to the local mall and noticed not only are they selling the E-Cig's but now the E-Cigars.
  • Money counting machines

    I've always wondered how bank money machines counted so fast.
  • Battries

    I want to know how Battries are made
  • awesome

    can you guys male one with garbage trucks
  • Hooked on Your Show

    I am very much a fan of your show, very informative. I would like to know if there is an episode that shows how glass figurines are made, like the ones that etch art in the center of the glass. I would love to see how it's done. Thanx
  • Spectacular Program

    I'm admittedly addicted to this program and can watch it all day with ease. I'm disappointed with some of the reviews claiming this program is boring - I suppose this particular genre is not for everyone. At times they do not provide much detail into the processes, presumably due to the fact that the processes are proprietary, but with a basic understanding of manufacturing, much can be reasonably inferred.

    The possibilities for this show are nearly endless. There are many items you will never see on this show due to the manufacturer's restrictions on depicting their process or to secure their supply chain from competitors - many very interesting items may never see the light of day on this show. I'm not the biggest fan of the handicraft items they show at times, but I can understand where others might be.

    Definitely one of the Top 5 best programs ever broadcast on TV IMHO.
  • Gaming Dice

    I would like to see how game dice is made.
  • Prosthetic Breasts

    Hi can you please show how prosthetic breasts are made. I would appreciate it.


  • how do you guys make kitten/dog toys

    i wounld like know
  • High professional amplifiers

    can you please show how a high performance amplifierand a high performance sub woofer is made.
  • what I would like to see made

    I would like to see how locks of love wigs are made with donated hair, for the kids.
  • The show How Its Made is totally cool!

    I Would love to see how hot dogs are made.
    Also how ipods are made.
    I love this gives me great insight to how things are made. I've learned soooo much from this show. I'm hooked! But this show would be totally better if they showed how those things are made. It's mind bogalling! And I know that "How Its Made" will come through and show me how its made. I would also like to know how cream cheese is made. Even how candles are made. Some of the most simple everyday things make you wonder how they are made.
  • We should use this against the terrorists in Gitmo, i'm sure that after a few minutes they would be telling us where the bombs are and begging for sweet, merciful death.

    Whenever i'm watching the Discovery Channel and this comes on i'm out in seconds. Seriously, who enjoys this show? This reminds me of the shows on tape that my science teacher would force the class to watch in middle school. The ones that would have the whole class passed out in minutes. I'm sure you remember those. This is the kind of thing that only a 50 something year old professor could enjoy. As for me, when this show comes on I can't change the channel fast enough. I've actually tried to watch it several times and it's always the same. Machines pressing random parts as some guy talks over ambient music. They actually show two episodes of this show back to back on the Discovery Channel, which makes me question the sanity of the people who schedules this stuff.
  • Thought this was a good show. We are crying from viewing the baby chicks segment. See below - notify PETA, SPCA, the show producer-is anyone paying attention?

    What do you guys out there think? Mar 24 2009 - How Its Made showing multiple conveyor belts cramming live baby chicks into each other, dropping through tiny crevices smaller than the half shells out of which they have JUST HATCHED. Then dropping again, banging into each other and metal parts, catching their wings and beaks as they tumble, not knowing what body part would suffer bangs and bruises next. The workers check their wings to determine the sex of the chick. then they fling them into tubes to free fall onto yet another conveyer belt. No one here apparantly has ever had a lovebird for a companion. Totally inhumane, repulsive and disgusting display of animal cruelty--and to NEWBORN chicks. I cannot imagine that you will NOT get tons of letters from indignant viewers--that is if anyone besides me watches this show. I liked it--until now. I DO NOT want to see this kind of treatment of any living thing. It may be interesting, and it may be the norm, but I am amazed that no animal rights group has not exposed this, or at least, objected to it. My 21 year old daughter watched in horror and dismay that you think any of your viewers would want to see this.
  • An intresting show that shows how eneryday things are made.

    How It's Made is a great show that shows are things that we use in everyday life are made. the show shows gow simple and complex things are made, and takes the viewer through the step by step process of the products we all use. This show is great for anyone who has wondered how things are made. It is very interesting to see the different processes and materials that come together to make everyday things. This show has no falws, with the exception that it may be boring to those who do not appreaciate the effort that companies put in to making products, or to people who do not care, but then again these people do not have to watch the show.
  • Show teling how diferent objects are made

    This is a very edgucational show. Its very nice finding out what your every da item is made of. I like to learn and its fun learning about things you use every day. This show is not only imformational it's entertaining. Well its not my favoriite show you knowo ive seen better but its one of the not so many edgucational show I watch. This show is fun to watch! And thats all i can say im out of words and im only on 84 words so now im just going to type random things 1 2 3 4 5 done.
  • How it's Made is a show that does exactly what it sounds like it would do... it shows you how every day items, such as golf balls or hockey sticks, are made.

    If you have any interest in how things are made or would like to have the edge on your know it all brother in the area of knowing how certain things are created (like me :D) then this is the show for you.

    How it's Made shows you how items are made. Sound simple? Well, some of the processes used for making these objects are anything but simple. The shows list of items range from golf balls to hockey sticks to soda machines to change machines to car parts to glass sheets and so on and so on down the line. Basically any item you could think of has been shown or will be shown on this show.

    Each episode is 30 minutes long and shows you a few different items within that 30 minutes.

    If you are interested in this sort of thing or would like to know how that can opener of yours was created you should definately check out this show.

    Thank you,


    Overall Score: 8.8
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