How It's Made

Friday 9:00 PM on The Science Channel Premiered Jan 06, 2001 Between Seasons


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  • An Alternative to Factory Tours

    When I looking through the TV guide channel, I saw the show's title, "How It's Made," and though maybe I could watch it. Out of some of the series that display how items, products and creations are made, this one explains a whole lot about everything. At least I found a show I can watch to keep me from becoming bored. Instead of visiting factories where some of the great things get made, there is a documentary show that let's us see how products are manufactured such as car bumpers, television, ice cream, combination locks, laptops, hard drives, DVD players, blu-ray discs, compact flourescent bulbs, artificial limbs, etc. If there are so many things need to be seen how they are created, then this is the right show to watch. As long as they are many things made, the series will probably have more than 100 episodes and possibly more than ten seasons. "How It's Made" is one of my favorite shows on the Discovery Channel or the Science Channel.
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