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How It's Made

Friday 9:00 PM on The Science Channel Premiered Jan 06, 2001 Between Seasons


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How It's Made Fan Reviews (65)

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  • Constricting Pantyhose

    I watch How's It Made, usually ever day. This show and Food Factory are our go to channels, when there is nothing else on. Believe it or not, that is everyday. I have grown to appreciate why prices are so high on many items. Keep up the good work and I would love to see how pantyhose are made. I give the show a 10.


    Amy Nichols
  • suggestion

    Would like to see how Peeps are made. They are the sugar coated marshmallow chicks and bunnys that come out around Easter.
  • Minced onion rings

    Have you ever had a show about how minced onion rings are made? I think a few name brand French fry factories still make them but, I have a large group who have always wondered how they make them. Thanks in advance
  • Seggestion

    I have always been interested in all the Tec stuff, would you mind showing how to make a PS4 (PlayStation 4) I would mean the world to me.
  • Suggestion

    My husband has had velveeta grilled cheese sandwiches all his life! I would really like to find out how it is made. Kraft Velveeta cheese
  • Plum Tomatoes Suggestion

    im wondering how they peel plum tomatoes and pack them in cans cause they are always so perfect would like to see it on a show
  • Dream cars.... Morgan 3-Wheeler

    Music over powers narrative,music is played as a bed for the narrating. .. Not to over power the to shut it off .... very bad.. happens on many shows, has to be addressed. I'd be happy to do it for FREE!

    It really takes away from listening to the narrator!

    Please fix ASAP and respond to me.

    Very displeased

    Kenneth Kellerman

  • Backgroud Music Distracting and Unnesessary

    Stop the madness of the insipid techno music during the show!
  • Suggestion

    I would like at see a show on making wicker furniture

  • suggestion

    Mini Babybel wrapped cheese. Thank you
  • Why the Greed?

    Used to watch show on Discovery Channel but now we have to pay extra to see it on Discovery Premium. Can't offer it.
  • my testimony

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  • lunch meat

    I would like to know how lunch meat, turkey is made!!
  • suggestion


  • Kraft Individually Wrapped Cheese

    I love your show and I would like to see how its made.

    Thank you
  • The Perfect Smile

    I'd like to know how Invisalign in made.

    In response to How fortune cookies are made refer to episode 7 in 3/16/2007.
  • Read My Fortune...

    I'd like to know how fortune cookies are made!
  • suggestion

    Would like to know how parfum is manufactured in large companies like Coty in North Carolina, How they manage to keep the oils blended with what ever kind of denatured alcohol. What they use to prolong the scent, and how is the parfum clear in color verses taking on natural essential colors. PLEASE let me know if How It's Made take this on so I can tune in to watch.

  • suggestion

    would like to know how automatic lead pencils are made, if show already done on this, would love to know what date it aired so we could watch it.
  • How it's all made...

    Absolutely incredible show. Seeing how it goes from scrap to the amazing things around you on a daily basis, very very interesting!
  • How is Buckypaper / (nanotech) made

    This stuff is very interesting and could help improve life as we know it
  • How is dog and cat food

    How is dog and cat food are like to watch how it made?
  • puzzels

    id like to see how puzzels ar made
  • I want to know how video game controllers are made.

    I use at least 1 everyday and I think that it is really cool that they "communicate" with the example the PS3.
  • I would like to know how the new craze E-Cig's and E-Cigars are made.

    I see some friends of mine smoking the E-Cig's and they love it because its water vapar and they can smoke them anywhere. Just last week, my husband and I went to the local mall and noticed not only are they selling the E-Cig's but now the E-Cigars.
  • Money counting machines

    I've always wondered how bank money machines counted so fast.
  • Battries

    I want to know how Battries are made
  • awesome

    can you guys male one with garbage trucks
  • Hooked on Your Show

    I am very much a fan of your show, very informative. I would like to know if there is an episode that shows how glass figurines are made, like the ones that etch art in the center of the glass. I would love to see how it's done. Thanx
  • Spectacular Program

    I'm admittedly addicted to this program and can watch it all day with ease. I'm disappointed with some of the reviews claiming this program is boring - I suppose this particular genre is not for everyone. At times they do not provide much detail into the processes, presumably due to the fact that the processes are proprietary, but with a basic understanding of manufacturing, much can be reasonably inferred.

    The possibilities for this show are nearly endless. There are many items you will never see on this show due to the manufacturer's restrictions on depicting their process or to secure their supply chain from competitors - many very interesting items may never see the light of day on this show. I'm not the biggest fan of the handicraft items they show at times, but I can understand where others might be.

    Definitely one of the Top 5 best programs ever broadcast on TV IMHO.
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