How It's Made

Friday 9:00 PM on The Science Channel Premiered Jan 06, 2001 Between Seasons





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  • Not my ideal type of show

    Reminds me of being in school, science or history class. Not good memories, creepy teachers. Maybe 25% of episodes don't irritate me, boyfriend loves the show...
  • Music

    The music is so loud sometimes it is like trying to listen to the narrator shouting in a night club. Also the rhythm and beat can be so annoying. It is such a good program spoiled by mad music
  • how do you make what it's made of ?

    We are watching How It's Made and couldn't find how to suggest a show. We were watching how to make a flashlight for SCUBA divers. When we saw the plastic pellets it is made of we both asked why the pellets have a hole in the middle so my question ... How do they make plastic pellets?
  • Puzzle cutting machine

    My name is David and I would like to see the assembly and use of a puzzle cutting machine.
  • laptops

    My name is Dianne and would like to know how laptops and computers are made. Thank you
  • cell phones

    my name is Rebecca i would like to know how cell phones are made my cousin got me started watching How It's Made and i like that show thanks
  • Where Can I buy the Segment Music

    Most of the older segment music is great. I want to buy the music. Some people do not like the music and I understand. I would also like to see a How It's Made on How It's Made
  • Littlest Pet Shop

    I would like to see how littlest pet shop are made. Me and my family watch the show all the time. My daughter would love this episode if it came out. Thank you
  • MACK Trucks

    Would like to see the makings of the entire MACK Truck, made in Allentown, PA.

    LOVE THE SHOW EVERYBODY I KNOW WATCHES IT. I have a new respect for many items I have taken for granted over the years. My husband and I would love to see how the machinery is made and designed for many of the food products produced. It seems almost every product would have it's on challenges.
  • background music

    We really like your program, but your background music can get very annoying a lot of the time. Sometimes, we have to turn off the program because it is so annoying. You need to find different music for the background or just eliminate the music altogether. Thank you for your consideration.
  • Doghouse

    How are basketballs tennis balls, softballs, cricket balls, volleyballs, pool balls and soccer balls made?

    I also would like to see how playpens and doghouses are constructed.

    And I think it would be neat to see how pineapple juice and prune juice are made.

    One last request is you should show how Asian durians are grown.

  • How screwdrivers are made

    Show was old school about blade and Phillips heads. The current usage now implosion TORX and STAR drives.. I believe the viewers would like to see how modern drive heads are made!

  • nylon underpants please

    Having been a maker of custom nylon panties for men and women, I would be intrigued to see how they are made in a factory.

    There are still a couple of makers (haven't gone offshore yet) I know of. There is one in the western USA that makes nylon panties for the Vermont Country Store and one (Hanna Lingerie) in Montreal that makes Hanna brand nylon underwear (some of the best in the world).

  • bullet trains

    My name is Dev. I'd love to see how bullet trains are made!
  • crochet hooks and knitting needles

    As an avid crafter, I would love to know the process for making knitting needles and crochet hooks, my tools of the trade
  • Gatorade

    Sup. I am Emmett and I am 7 years old. Me and my Dad love your show. Can you please show how Gatorade is made. thank you.
  • perfume

    Hello my name is Madison and I am 10 years old. I love watching your show and I would like to know how perfume is made. Can you please show me on your show? Thank You
  • tungsten

    I would like to see how tungsten is melted and made into fishing lures
  • Sprockets

    Good show
  • needles for syringes

    Love your show. I would be interested in seeing how needles for syringes are made. Being so small, sharp and precise to deliver a liquid through the tip would be interesting to see what type of machinery creates this item.
  • saxophone

    hey I would love to know how tenor saxophones are made and i love your show
  • The machine that the products!

    love your show! I would Love to see how the machine are made, that make the products you review! Like processing aluminum foil, managing. GPS system, keys, etc!! Thanks for your informative show, and. For considering my suggestion!
  • Crystal Light, how light is it?

    I would love to see how Crystal Light is made. My husband and I love your show.
  • suggestion

    My granddaughter loves your show. She thinks it is "really cool". She would like to know how DVDs are
  • suggestion

    I would like to see how a sewing machine is made
  • Ty baby

    How Ty baby are made
  • my niece loves this show

    My niece is 5 and would love to see how trolley are made
  • suggestion

    Would like to see how AMUNITION is made.

    Loved your episode on antique firearm restoration. Was really cool watching a 150 year old Winchester in poor condition be turned into a museum quality show piece!
  • How matelic human heart valve are made

    How matelic human heart valve are made