How the States Got Their Shapes

Season 1 Episode 6

Use It or Lose It

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jun 14, 2011 on The History Channel



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    • Brian: Ohio, the heart of America. It's clearly a state, right? Well, according to some ... No. Why not? Well, Ohio was the first state created out of the new territory in the West; but to be an official state, you need some documents. It all came out in 1953. Ohio wanted to celebrate its 150th birthday - but the festivities took a strange turn. Officials discovered they'd never received something important : an official proclamation of their statehood. They wanted one - and fast.
      Dr. Kern: So you actually had Dwight David Eisenhower himself signing this, this document retroactively making Ohio a state in, in 1803.
      Brian: So, so what you're saying is that Ohio was missing its birth certificate?