How the Universe Works

Discovery Channel Premiered Apr 25, 2010 In Season


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  • Good show, but it's time to get your ducks in a row

    Overall this is a really good show that explains a lot of things in easy to understand ways. Mike Rowe does a great job as the narrator, keeping away from the traditional deep and eerie voice and actually telling the story with a little sense of humor in his tone.

    There are also some very prominent scientists doing a good job of explaining how things work in terms that most people will be able to understand, but there's just one little problem... In their efforts to explain some of these things, they end up using terms like "the biggest explosion" and "the most cataclysmic event" about multiple different things and it becomes confusing.

    First it was "an exploding star" that was the most cataclysmic event known to science. Then it was a supernova, which is a supermassive star exploding. Then it was a type 1-A supernova that was the biggest explosion we've ever witnessed. Then it was a hypernova. And the most destructive thing in the universe? Supernova! No, wait... Hypernova! No, wait... Gamma ray blasts from super- and hypernovae! No, wait... Black holes! But then again, black holes create galaxies, so they can't be ONLY destructive. But they ARE the biggest source of gravity in the universe, since they can hold whole galaxies together. But wait... They can't, actually. There's dark matter for that too...

    When you use terms like "biggest", "most violent" and other quantifying terms to express that something is beyond compare, there's usually only ONE thing or at least on type of thing that can get that label. They can't all be "the biggest", "the most cataclysmic" or "the most violent". Pick one of each and stick with it!

    This really is a great show, but you need to get all these scientists on the same page about these things if you don't want people to become confused. As science educators, I imagine confusion is one of the last things you want "your students" to come away with.
  • How The Universe Works - All of them

    To put this briefly, I find the show interesting and informative. Some of the top names in the science community give clear and understandable ways of presenting the Universe to everyone. I do find the show a little repetitive at times though, but that's only a minor issue. In general, very enjoyable.