How Do They Do It?

Thursday 9:00 PM on The Science Channel Premiered Sep 23, 2006 In Season


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  • Why did they do it!

    For the New Season of "How Do They DO It" the shows writers decided to add comments by outside personalities. These comments seem to be just fluff and break up a viewers train of thought. Time to watch a different program, like How things are made.
  • Makes boring stuff awesome!

    It's very good at explaining making even ketchup exciting. It also shows like how cheese is made and how people make super strong cars and loads of others!
  • I would like to know how Pop-Tarts ar made

    I was eating a Pop-Tart with my husband when it came to mind that no has shown us how they are made. I like the idea that we can sit down and watch this show with our kids and they will not get up or get board with it. This show and How it's made is a great family time shows. Please try to see if you can show us how Pop-Tarts are made. Thank you so much.
  • If you are looking a cool way to find out about stuff you found it!

    "How Do They Do It?" is a very fun and easy way to learn and understand how things are made and how they work. It makes seemingly boring things, fun to know about, and takes interesting things to another level. Even though it is a copy of "How It's Made" (witch was created prior to this one and has a very similar format) I like this one better. It's Slogan: "Behind the ordinary is the extraordinary." in my opinion captivates and expresses exactly the spirit of this show; they take simple things and guide you through the marvel of their creation, a journey interesting and worthwhile!