How to Be a Gentleman

CBS (ended 2011)





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  • why bring back the fake laughs???


    i just saw the first episode and i have got to say that it can be a good show, but the fake laughs is killing it.
    you cant enjoy it with all theinterruptions.

    maybe if they could tone it down or cancel it completely then the show might be better.

    i stilldon'tknow if i will continue watching it

  • uhm was this a comedy???


    well where are the good jokes at?? i dont get it ... this is about a guy that tells u in the title .. how to be a gentleman? or how not to be one?? is it about the guy being ... too gentleman? and now he needs to change his ways??? honestly after the pilot... its so damn boring!!! i giggled... like once in the whole show...!! not laugh just... smiled and said .. how stupid.

  • I could only stand this nonsense for 10 minutes then deleted it.


    I could only stand this nonsense for 10 minutes then deleted it. I felt really sorry for the actors in this. Because their managers picked a pitiful project for them. Maybe Drama's (Kevin Dillon's character from Entourage) curse is still affecting him, I don't know... It seems to me there are no jokes in this show, none. Like they are talking gibberish and I feel stupid for listening to them. I think any of the comedy writers who worked on How to be a Gentleman, really need to look for a different career path.