How to Be Indie

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  • The program follows Indie - a 13 year old teen with an Indian family - as she tries to get the most out of life despite the travails of junior high school and her strict parents. She is joined by her two best friends Marlon Parks and Abigail Flores.

    As a new show on Disney, I feel I should not write a review so early - but I feel I must write something about it. I very much dislike the show. I usually watch it on Disney, but before I wrote this - I did a little 'studying' on Youtube. On Disney - it actually seems worse. It's lined up after 'Good Luck Charlie' as the new 'Saturday Mornings on Disney Channel' and I enjoy that show. But then it's over and 'How To Be Indie' comes on and you feel - I should switch the tv off. I know I'm not going to like the show. But I'll just try and watch, to see if maybe Didney can redeem themselves... - Then you sit through 10 minutes of torture before the adds come on and you feel as though a weight has been lifted. The shows as bad as you originally thought. I'll begin with the positives - 1. It's very original. Disney havent done much 'Indian'. It's new for them. Trying to reach out and make a special show just for they're Indian background-ed viewers. The 'How To...' part of the show though, has indeed been done before - in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide - a show I enjoyed, and was a help when it came to school, but How to Be Indie takes a less 'school' side and does a variety of subjects. 2. The plots in the shows are very original. They're not been there done that - as the titles show:

    #1 How to Make Your Rep
    #2 How to Have Your Samosa and Eat It Too
    #5 How to Strike a Balance
    #8 How to be Ridonkulous

    Some very original titles. And plots, too.

    3. It is good to take mixed ethnics - what with the amazing turn out of Glee and all. Now Negatives

    1.Its trying too hard to be different. They do VERY Indian-style themes. Its all about that topic. They focus right down on it till it just dull.

    2. The comedy is just been there done that. Just the small jokes that disney always use.

    3. The acting is corny and not realistic. And the actress of Indie is far too old. I was shocked to hear she's THIRTEEN. The actress herself is over 16, and completely unbelievable - wether its just a small disney show or not. I would not reccommend this show. The only reason you laugh is at how awful it is.