How to Get Away With Murder

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A suspense-driven legal thriller about a defense attorney named Professor Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) and the five students from her class that she calls "How to Get Away with Murder," who begin working together in her legal office. It doesn't take long for them to get wrapped up in a world of sex, secrets, lies, drugs, and a murder plot that will begin to shake the very ground on which they stand.

  • Q&A

    How to Get Away With Murder: The Show's Boss Breaks Down the Killer Season Finale

    The man with the answers tells us all about that murder, who the shooter might be, and Annalise's future.


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    • I love this show

      I originally rated it 8.5. And then I got into this show. It really is one of the best shows ever. At most series I know what is going to happen, I can see the twists coming. And then you have this show. Brilliant cast, brilliant writing, everything is fab! I hope this one will go on for seasons on end!
    • This show Is NEW in every way!

      It certainly is not for everyone especially children. Some adults are critical of it however, those folks can watch something else! People like me appreciate the newness and modern subjects and good suspence it brings. We're looking forward to another season!! Congrat to all.
    • My guess

      Next morning, SInclair figures out Nate changed report since the guy on the report has brown hair and blue eyes. The lab worker also rats out Frank. So SInclair is loaded for bear. Phillip abducts Sinclair to Murder Mansion. Eye-gouges her. Cat gets gun from vent and shoots Phillip. Caleb & Cat get Annalise over there. Cat admits she helped Phillip with parents. (by drugging everyone not to hear shots, but says she didn't know Phillip would kill them, or some nonsense). Annalise calls Frank and he shows up with Wes, Connor, Michaela, & Lauren. Bonnie shows up with Asher. They all hatch plan to coverup. Cat hysterical so they drug her. Connor wants to bail. Bonnie and Asher toss Sinclair off roof (still not sure how this is part of cover up) and Bonnie keeps everyone there. Plan includes Bonnie shooting Annalise to make it look like Phillip did it. Frank takes Caleb to M's apt, does hospital alibi thing, Frank dumps Cat in woods as if she ran away. Bonnie & A go to gas station where she cleans up Annalise's blood on her. Asher seen going to po-po to make a statement (cliffhanger but part of plan). Mic goes home to Caleb who asks "Is she OK?" meaning Cat, not Annalise. Wes goes home and finds newly released Levi with his gun. (cliffhanger Rebecca's revenge). Lauren still has lot to learn in the "Getting to Know You" Frank department cliffhanger. Plus getting Annalise out of this mess. But as usual Michaela's relationship is doomed.

      What do you think? I can hardly wait.moreless
    • What is going on?

      I love the show, I love that I do not know where it is going, I love that it keeps me guessing. I am not a prude but I find there are a lot of sex scenes. I am not sure how all that sex is pertinent to the story, I am not shocked by the sex scenes but I wonder what is the point with these scenes, it does feel gratuitous. I feel cheated because while sex scenes are shown, the story development stalls, these scenes look like space filler.moreless
    • ABC is going too far!

      Be CAREFUL not to feed into the MESS that is being promoted on our televisions! This DISGRACEFUL television programming is going too far! I PRAY that RESPONSIBLE parents are not allowing their children to watch and/or hear television programs that are NOT for their young eyes and ears! If you've made such a from it and make the correction! PLEASE be MINDFUL of what you allow in your home through the television! Take control of your OWN home! #IJS! #Guardyourhome!moreless

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