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Now that the Upfronts are over and we've all had a taste of the networks' new schedules and shows, it's time to jump to conclusions and pick our favorite new serie of the 2014-2015 season based solely on trailers. 

I've surveyed the staff for their thoughts on the new shows, and tallied their votes for best-looking and worst-looking candidates via secret ballot in order to take the temperature taking of what might resonate with today's viewers, as executives like to say. 

Check out our results below, and play along at home in the polls and the comments!

Note: If you haven't yet watched the trailers in question, here they are:

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Best-looking new ABC show

Nick: Fresh Off the Boat

Cory: How to Get Away With Murder

MaryAnn: Fresh Off the Boat

Andy: How to Get Away With Murder

Noel: How to Get Away With Murder

Ryan: The Whispers

Kaitlin: Fresh Off the Boat

Jen: Fresh Off the Boat or Black-ish, though I can't deny I'm intrigued by The Whispers

Tim: American Crime even though it's so serious

Best-looking new CBS show

Nick: Scorpion (Nerdy do-gooding Leverage with autistic sympathizers? I'm in)

Cory: CSI: Internet (They all look zzzzz...)

MaryAnn: Scorpion

Andy: Madam Secretary

Noel: Madam Secretary

Ryan: Scorpion

Kaitlin: Madam Secretary

Jen: Ummm, Madam Secretary? (Duh it's actually Battle Creek but the trailer isn't online yet)

Tim: Battle Creek

Best-looking new CW show

Nick: The Flash

Cory: The Flash duh-doi

MaryAnn: The Flash

Andy: The Flash

Noel: The Flash


Kaitlin: The Flash, because The CW didn't release footage for iZombie

Jen: The Flash

Tim: Jane the—okay okay The Flash!

Best-looking new Fox show

Nick: Gotham, although we know that Donal Logue, great as he may be, is cursed

Cory: Empire

MaryAnn: Gracepoint and The Last Man on Earth

Andy: Empire or Mulaney

Noel: The Last Man on Earth

Ryan: Hieroglyph

Kaitlin: Gotham

Jen: The Last Man on Earth, or maybe Backstrom, since I'm eager to see what Rainn Wilson does with that role

Tim: Wayward Pines and The Last Man on Earth 

Best-looking new NBC show

Nick: A to Z (I liked (500) Days of Summer)

Cory: A to Z

MaryAnn: Constantine

Andy: A to Z

Noel: Constantine. I guess. Eh.

Ryan: Bad Judge

Kaitlin: In some misdirected HIMYM nostalgia, I'm going with A to Z

Jen: Marry Me, though I'm kind of excited to see Ben Feldman and Cristin Milioti together in A to Z, too

Tim: Constantine by default

Best-looking new show overall

Nick: Scorpion

Cory: The Flash

MaryAnn: Gracepoint

Andy: The Flash

Noel: Madame Secretary

Ryan: Hieroglyph

Kaitlin: The Flash, I guess?

Jen: Marry Me, I guess? This is a tough slate for the not-super-into-the-genre-stuff folks in the crowd...

Tim: I abstain! Okay fine, ummm, American Crime?

Worst-looking new show overall

Nick: The McCarthys (Laurie Metcalf, you're better than this!), though Selfie is a close second

Cory: Jane the Virgin

MaryAnn: Manhattan Love Story or Jane the Virgin

Andy: Stalker

Noel: Selfie and Stalker

Ryan: Stalker

Kaitlin: Manhattan Love Story

Jen: Selfie

Tim: The Mysteries of Laura, State of Affairs, Selfie, Stalker, Cristela, most of them, really...

How do your picks match up with ours? Which shows do you think look the best and which ones do you think look the worst?

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