How to Get the Guy

ABC (ended 2006)


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  • Season 1
    • Episode 104
      Episode 104
      Episode 4
      The girls learn about chemistry. The Love Coaches have an event called "The Love Lab" which has the girls sniffing for their mens' scents.
    • Episode 103
      Episode 103
      Episode 3
      Valentine's Day looms large as Alissa, Anne, Kris and Michelle struggle with what to do on the Mount Everest of romantic holidays. Love coaches Teresa and JD arrange an enlightening event, "Truth on Tap," where the ladies get inside the male mind and get the answers to some age-old questions when they ask a bunch of guys, young and old, single and married, some outlandish questions about love, sex and relationships. On a personal note, Kris gets a "love coaches' intervention" when they show her on videotape what she's been doing wrong in her dating life, and all of the women get dates for the holiday -- with the exception of "career girl" Michelle, who decides to stay home and prepare for a trial the following day.moreless
    • Episode 102
      Episode 102
      Episode 2
      JD and Teresa arrange an event that takes blind dating to a new extreme. Alissa, Anne, Kris and Michelle (and their respective dates) wear blindfolds as they dine with one prospective date for the first course and another for the second, with the decision being left up to the ladies whom they want to unmask for dessert.moreless
    • Episode 101
      Episode 101
      Episode 1
      In the premiere episode, Teresa and JD take the ladies to San Francisco's Monster Park, where they pledge to get in the game and get serious about finding not just a guy, but the guy. Later the love coaches spend a little time with girl next door Anne, giving her tips on dropping the hanky, or how to show available men she's interested; support Alissa, a spiritual massage therapist, as she meets a guy who is about to ask her out; try to get party girl Kris to take dating a little more seriously; and coax trial lawyer Michelle to be less picky and give a guy --- any guy a chance. The four get to put the advice into play when they go to a signal party, an event chock full of single folks looking to hook up.moreless